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30 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know


You don’t have to be a professional to show off extraordinary makeup, just use a few tricks. and DIY makeup life hack Although it seems complicated and takes time to know the colours that suit you the most, how much you should put and how to apply cosmetics to look good, with daily practice you will achieve and perfect your makeup.

Looking good does not mean you have to take hours to achieve it. Once you know how to apply makeup, you can use it to your advantage.

  1. Apply Blush
  2. Blush with a little of your moisturizer
  3. Use of light powders
  4. Eye Makeup
  5. Lips
  6. Eyebrows

Apply Blush

 Apply your favourite blush on the cheeks, if you use one with a juicy texture it will seem supernatural, the pink tones are ideal for any type and colour of skin.

Use two different blush shades to achieve a sublime effect. In the center of the cheeks, any shade from the range of reds will create that attractive natural blush effect, instead of for the upper part of the cheekbone you should use a shade of peach, coral, or any of the orange family that will produce an effect hot. Apply tanning sun powders to the rest of the face.

3. When you have eternal days and you need your blush to stay in place for hours, use one in a long-lasting gel formula that will not accompany you throughout the day.

4. If you have run out of blush and you need to color your face, use your children’s facial paints (the ones leftover from Carnival). A little red paint and spread well on the cheek.

Blush with a little of your moisturizer

5. Mix your favourite blush with a little of your moisturizer to create a glossy or shiny effect on your cheeks.

6. If you have used a liquid foundation, again you can make use of your moisturizer, since mixing the two will make the base not too heavy, avoiding the hated mask effect.

7. If, on the other hand, your base is too light and you want to make it thicker, mix it with a little facial powder so that it increases in density.

8. Forget about greasy or absorbent wipes, a normal napkin or toilet paper will make the paper exactly the same.

8. Forget about greasy or absorbent wipes, a normal napkin or toilet paper will make the paper exactly the same.

Use light powder

9. To complete and unify your entire face, use light powders as a final touch.

10. If you want to achieve a brighter skin. for example, mix your makeup base with a little gold or silver eyeshadow, it will give your face a touch of unmatched luminosity.

 11.If you have very oily skin before putting on the foundation simply apply a little bit of corn-starch that will absorb all the fat.

12. Your products to hide imperfections should be the tone of the inside of your arm, not the outside of your hand. Do not forget this trick when buying your concealer and you will look perfect.

13, for example, Beat egg white on face until it had been foamy as a mask. After 20 minutes, she took it off with hot water and quickly put on makeup, thus achieving perfect skin. A simple, cheap, and very effective trick.

14. for example Take an egg white and mix it with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, apply it to the entire face, and, after waiting 20 minutes, remove it with warm water. The result is radiant, shiny skin that you’ve never seen before.

Eyes Makeup

15. Use the handle of a brush to put it on the eyelid with the lashes protruding so that you can apply mascara without fear of smearing and more precisely.

16. To reduce puffiness in the eyes,  for example put your concealer in the fridge and the cold effect will do wonders for your look before applying makeup.

17. Use the handle of a brush to put it on the eyelid with the lashes protruding so that you can apply mascara without fear of smearing and more precisely.

18. To make your mascara infallible, for example ,add a few drops of salted water inside the tube, which will lengthen its life and multiply its effects.

19. Put on mascara first and then liquid eye-liner to create a feline look.

20. To brighten your gaze, use a light eyeshadow on the tear and extend it below the lower lashes.


21. If you want to find the perfect red for your lips, first look for the exact shade with that of your lips and then the red most opposite to yours will be the ideal one for you.

22. Before putting on your lipstick put a skin tone corrector on your lips. So, after applying the lipstick it will have a much more vibrant colour and will look better. To choose your lipstick, try it on the tip of your finger, rather than on the back of your hand, since the colour of the fingertip is more similar to that of your lips.

23. Use a flesh-colored pencil to outline your lips before painting them, which will make their shape more marked.

24. Look at the colour of the inside of your lower lip and choose a shade of lipstick similar to that, you will dazzle!

25. Apply a little concealer to the corners of your lips to create the effect that they are more up.


26. The pigment powder gold is a perfect solution for the eyebrows. With the help of a small brush, apply it and you will sweeten your look.

27. Apply a nourishing balm to your eyebrows before going to bed, which will thicken them in just two weeks.

28. Apply makeup well to the forehead and around the eyebrows so that they do not lose their intensity.

29. If your eyebrows are a little rebellious put a little mascara on them so that each hair remains in place.

30. Use some tape in a circle and run your brushes back and forth on it to get rid of makeup residue from your last use


Apply the tape on the corner of the eye to get a more professional, clean look with eye shadow.


Use mascara instead! Just dip the eyeliner brush into the mascara and lines as usual. It really works!


Dip it in a cup of hot water and leave it there for about 10 min. Alternately, you can also put in some eye drops in mascara to make it juicy again.


Just bend the wand and then use it. Bending it gives you much more control over the application process.


Use red-orange lipstick under your concealer! It works like magic!


We hope you have taken note of DIY makeup life hack all the tricks to be even more beautiful!

There are few things in life more satisfying than leaving your house knowing that your makeup is absolutely in place.

 Today Bright Side.we shared with you some of the amazing tricks that will transform you.



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