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15 Makeup Tricks for Beginners in 2020


15 Makeup Tricks every girl should know, If you are just entering the world of makeup, you are about to see an incredible and almost miraculous transformation. A natural face is beautiful, but makeup can help you highlight what you have, perfect your features, and even have an almost perfect appearance change. You can also use it to go out at night, during the day, for formal events, for the beach, for whatever! And all it takes is practice, skill, and a few makeup tricks.


  1. Choose the right colors
  2. Makeup Tricks To Apply eyeliner
  3. Makeup Tricks to Apply Mascara

Choose the right colors

In Makeup tricks, Not all colors stand out with your skin tone or eye color; you have to choose the correct ones and those that complement your natural tone.

Less is more

: A BB cream is all you need to replace your sunscreen, foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen. There is a reason they became so popular when they hit the market, they are amazing!

: A magnifying mirror will help you see better, but it will not give you a good perspective of the area you are applying makeup.

 Similarly, it is important that you shave and paint yourself in a good light, not at night or under a lamp.

Makeup Tricks To Apply eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look bigger, use some mascara, and line the top of your eyelid. If you are looking to the contrary, make your eyes smaller, outline the bottom of your

Makeup Tricks to Apply Mascara

If you want your lashes to be intact for a long time, warm up your lash enhancer a little before placing them.

 When painting with mascara, be sure to apply only one coat and then another pair.

 Do not saturate your eyelashes with so much product, or you could saturate your look.

Use creamy products

Creamy products tend to look more mature than powders, so they are best for teens and beginners as they are also more manageable.

Long-lasting lipstick

Very easy makeup hacks are exfoliated your lips with a little sugar and honey, use balm, apply your lipstick, put a disposable paper on your lips, apply compact powder, and voila! We assure you that makeup will last for hours.this is the best makeup tricks

Hydrate your skin

Now you know, your makeup routine begins with your moisturizer. Use it and you will see how your face will better absorb makeup and avoid irritations. Your makeup will look smooth!

Makeup Tricks To Use a BB Cream

A lot has been heard about BB Creams because they are a must-have for those looking for beginner makeup, why? Because they give you high sun protection and have a light touch of colour that unifies your skin tone and covers some imperfections.

They are so light that you will forget that you have applied them to your face, without a doubt, they will change your life because they fade easily and you will achieve a fresh, matte and natural look without having to get into the broad subject of bases, go calmly so that there will be time. now some more makeup hacks.

Take care of your eye makeup

Probably now that you have been investigating how-to put-on makeup and have tried some looks, something has not gone quite right with the duration of your shadows, right? Forget about those horrible folds! The use of primer is essential so that your eye makeup lasts much longer and the tone of your shadows looks more intense.

On the other hand, you must also take care when you will apply the eyeshadows; Ideally, you should do it before putting on the BB cream or the base -when you are an expert in makeup-, this way you will avoid that the pigments ruin your look.

Give volume to your lips

If you have thin lips or just want them to look more sensual for a special occasion, you just need to apply highlighter on the cupid’s arch and in the center of your upper and lower lip. Then, lightly apply a brown shade under your lower lip to help give the impression of greater volume.

If you have thin lips or just want them to look more sensual for a special occasion, you just need to apply highlighter on the cupid’s arch and in the center of your upper and lower lip. Then, lightly apply a brown shade under your lower lip to help give the impression of greater volume.

Then, outline your lips with a color that resembles that of your lips, and blend it with your finger or a brush. Finally, apply a gloss or a balm to achieve a natural effect.

We hope that these makeup tips and tricks are useful to you now that you are starting to apply makeup

Makeup Tricks for Hairs

Basics hairs style for beginner

Putting your hair essentially means a ponytail – one of the most common hairstyles! So, if you feel that your hair doesn’t look so great, you put it in a pony or if you need a walk to the gym, you will still put your hair in a pony! Ponytail hairstyles are so common and light that most people will go in for sports at any time of the day. But how do you make sure that the ponytail hairstyle that you play sports is not ordinary and boring? Well, we are here to help, and we have stopped some of the best and cutest ponytail hairstyles that will definitely give you an edge over others

How to make a ponytail

The easiest way to get started is to know how to make a ponytail. with makeup, hacks or makeup tricks  Comb your hair and put it all on the hair gel. But make sure that your pony is not too tight, because if your pony is too tight, you will get a severe headache.

The correct high ponytail is really a difficult task, and if you have curly hair. This is the hairstyle we recommend for those with straight and smooth hair.

it is quite difficult to do a hairstyle every day, especially if you lack the skills and styling techniques. Most often I just wash my hair and blow-dry it. Sometimes, it happens, I straighten them with a hair straightener, and if I am in an adventurous mood, I wind them up, but this happens so rarely that you cannot even mention it.

Ponytail without elastic If you often make a ponytail out of your hair, you know that then there are creases from the elastic. With this trick, you will forget about such a problem, and you can always make yourself a tail, even if you don’t have an elastic band at hand.

Tips for volumetric hairstyles


To give the volume a hairstyle, you must first give the right direction to the hair roots.
To do this, comb wet hair with a comb with rare teeth, apply a little foam
for styling or foam conditioner and dry with warm air, tilting your head down.
 Help styling with your hands, “ruffling” hair: this way their roots take on a “vertical”
direction, lifting the whole mass. For long hair use a diffuser.


 This is an old tried and tested way to get luxurious curls, but not only. In order for the hair to be only magnificent, use large diameter curlers. They will lift the hairs at the roots,
and only their ends will curl. For long hair, curlers with a soft coating are
suitable, and for short hair –

Velcro rollers.

 If you want to get curls, use smaller curlers or soft boomerang sticks. Hairdressers advise for owners of thin or not too thick hair hairstyles with a length not lower than the shoulders – too long hair “sag” under its own weight.
Haircuts in steps


 A light “permanent” with large curls will really give the hairstyle volume.
 Keep in mind, this technique is suitable for rare, but not thin hair – perming
injures fragile hairs and turns them into a frivolous “fluff”.


Using the right hair color, you can also visually increase their volume.
  If you “wear” blonde hair, then the highlight of your hairstyle will give highlighting with even lighter strands.
If you are a brunette, keep in mind that hair of a uniform dark saturated color looks “more massive”.

Diet for your healthy hairs

The stronger the thin hairs, the higher their ability to “keep in shape” styling.
  And for this, it is necessary to strengthen the hair from the inside, eating leaf lettuce, carrots,
 fish, and salmon. These products are rich in essential hair biotype, amino acids.

Golden Rules For Hairs

  • In makeup hacks or makeup tricks if you use a rinse that needs to be washed off, apply it  only to the ends of the hair
  • foam or mousse helps to create a magnificent styling if applied only at the roots of the hair
  • as styling products it is better to use foam or foam varnish, while cream,  wax, use narrow nozzles on the hairdryer for laying short hair – they deliver air
  • Carefully protect your hair from the sun.
  • Try this Makeup tricks in lockdown period


Makeup tips and tricks that can change the lives of girls. Every girl wants to look beautiful. this amazing tips and tricks will work for you



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