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Manufacturing Industry-Best Guide For You

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in India. As a result, it contributes an important role in our economic growth.

If a place doing work, where any type of products are made or invented then is called the manufacturing company.

Obviously, then lots of company together called Industry.

So, Excited to know in-depth? Sure you are. At this point, we can go to the depth of this industry.

At first, tell me Do you see this blog on your mobile or computer?

Basically, a company make new products from different materials for us and that company is called a manufacturer and it is also a manufacturing company.

Not only mobile & desktop, car, accessories, electronic products such as fan, light, TV, camera and many other products like clothes and plastic goods, etc.

Above all, usage products come from the manufacturer.

Till, you do not have clear information! then let’s take a look below.

Let’s Find out :

1. What is the Manufacturing Industry
2. Manufacturing Industry in India
3. Industry Segmentation
4. Opportunities
5. Pros and Cons
6. Summary
7. FAQ

Metal manufacturing

1. What is the Manufacturing Industry

Firstly, this sector has different processes. But shortly, this industry produced goods for us.

In this case, now, what is goods? So, all those products which are used for good is technically called goods.

Likewise, whatever products you see in the local shop or online, all are coming from the manufacturer.

Working process in manufacturing industry

To clarify, the process of building new products from raw materials or substances is called manufacturing.

Because, manufacturing can be done with chemicals, mechanical, physical and similarly, also by handmade. On the other hand, different industry work in different methods of systems.

Most importantly, every manufacturer generally have their plants and factories or mills because they are huge producers.

Moreover, manufacture can not be done by a company only, because there is a supply chain established in every individual industry.

Supply Chain process in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Industry definition

So, this secondary industry involved with the other three industry.

Firstly, the primary industry gives raw materials like agricultural products and mine, ore, coal, oil etc.

Secondly, the secondary is the manufacturing industry, which creates new products or develop a product from raw materials.

After that the other two industries are tertiary(provide services like teaching and IT services).

Another is quaternary industry(provide research and development).

So firstly raw materials coming to the manufacturer.

Secondly, the tertiary Industry gives the services to the world by marketing. Also, they provide learning.

After that, the research and development industry develop new techniques or improve existing products.

2. Manufacturing Industry in India

First thing to remember, this is the fastest-growing industry in India. As a result, near about a hundred million new people will be included as workers at the end of 2022.

Manufacturing Sectors

Most important, the industry is a leading creator of leather, electronic products and textiles. But there are many more industry provides finishing products.

To begin with, automobile,

Similarly, chemical,

Then foods and drinks,

After that steel and iron,

Also, transportation equipment,

Most important, cement and bricks,

Building equipment,


Mobile and electronics,

Paper binding,



At last, Paints,

Finally, furniture and Aircraft.

Above all are the important manufacturing sectors.

Similarly, India is the largest producer and exporter of cotton and jute products. As can be seen, it is included in the textile industry.

Because Textile industry is the oldest industry. However, it does not only provide those products. But it is also the largest producer of garments. In other words, 45 million people working in this industry.

Manufacturing History

During the independence in 1947, India’s manufacturing sector grow up from time to time.

Similarly, the Indian textile sector developing from that time moreover Gandhi JI started khadi before the independence.

Not only textile but iron, steel and other industries have been started since then.

However, India earlier created hand made products like ceramics and handcrafted products. India still developing hand made things.

On the other hand, improve other industries as well. Because India has a large number of engineers. So, electrical products and larger building growing up by the time.

Additionally, after Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” appreciation, as a result, India becomes too huge manufacturing centre in the world.

Thereafter the Indian manufacturing sector provides 15% of GDP. But the service sector supports the most, approximate 40% of GDP.

You will know in detail of every manufacturing sector in segmentation section which is given below,

3. Industry Segmentation

Obviously, you already knew that there are many industries produces goods. Then, you will look at each industry.

Textile manufacturing industry

This industry creates textiles, for example, clothing fabrics and other materials. Also, this industry exports cotton and jute to the other countries. While jute and cotton both are the plant-based fibres.

Similarly, man-made fibre such as polyester, nylon and spandex are also developed by this industry.

Most important, Indian dresses are made in Cotton. Firstly, raw materials cotton, jute collect from the farmers.

Secondly, go to the mills and they make yarns after that,

Thirdly, The yarns sent to the textile mill. Where fabrics make and then sent to distributer.

In the textile industry, machine in working

Basically, all manufacturer collect fabrics from the distributor.

Therefore the fabric is in the process of manufacturing. Similarly, understand more about the Garment Industries Working Process.

After that manufacturing the finishing goods (clothing or garments).

After that, it is going to the retailers and therefore to the customer or consumer.

Electronic manufacturing industry

This industry manufacturing electronics. It gives the services, such as to provide medical, industrial, buyers electronic products development and test, manufacture.

Also, electrical services provide different circuit design, making medical electronic test products and design software etc. Above all are helpful for all of us.

Inside image of the camera

Automobile manufacturing industry

Manufacturing cars design, developing and produces car devices and then marketing and provide motor vehicle services.

For Examples – TATA, Mahindra and many others.

Cars image

Transportation manufacturing industry

So, it is a type of engineering industry and it is produced trucks, bus, two Wheeler, cycle, railway coaches, device, aircraft, shipbuilding and different vehicle goods.

Food manufacturing industry

Do you eat packaged food? Yes, we do.

So, any type of packaged food, vegetables, snacks and spices, sauces, biscuits comes from this industry.

Foods made package food after manufacturing

Also, oil(either oil mill or packaged manufacturer), juices, drinks such as soft drinks, alcohols etc.

Lastly, dairy, chocolate, ice cream and a lot more products produced by manufacturers. For examples -ITC group, TATA group.

Beer manufacturing machine
Beer manufacturing machine

Furniture manufacturing industry

Now I speak very straightaway, the manufacturer developed furniture for office and for home-usage. It can be made by following materials, wood or steel- iron made furniture used by nowadays. In other words, any type of house goods you see it is made by manufacturers.

After manufacturing pieces of furniture in the house

Rubber manufacturing industry

Another important industry is this industry and it is produced car wheel. However, it is included in the plastic industry and different plastic house usage products also developed by manufacturers.

Building equipment manufacturing

Shortly, it is included cement manufacturing, Bricks, machinery, steel, metal, iron and aluminium device etc.

Medical manufacturing industry

Lastly, this industry produces medical devices, medicine, drugs.

So, those are the important industries but there are many other manufacturing sectors established in India.

Medical equipments

Now take a quick look at the vacancy of this industry.

4. Opportunities

Manufacturing is a huge sector and it is a rising industry. So, opportunities are available.

Whenever a stable government is in any country, as a result, the investment growing up.

Obviously, after the current government support for growing the manufacturing sector,

So, India expected to become the third-largest manufacturing hub in 2025. However, foreign investment also increased time by time.

But India is still using manpower mostly. Most important the machine is largely operating in the heavy industry. Such as building, transportation and metal. So, there is opportunity for everyone.

5. Pros and Cons


Generally, India is the country full of young generation. So, there is a chance to develop the electrical and engineering manufacturing sector.

Specifically, It is the labour industry.

But moreover, there are different types of works are available in this industry.

Usually, On the positive side, heavy metal industries work with machines and digital manufacturing. But in other words, the machine operates by humans and sometimes computers.

Especially the industry does not need any special degrees to work in, except for some particular work,

Such as engineering field, legal consultant, accounting, financial advisor, marketers, product developer so anyone can work in this industry.

Undoubtedly India is the larger employment provider in manufacturing.

So without a doubt manufacturing not only done with the factory or mills, anyone can work with the supply chain.


Basically, manufacturing needs higher investment. But sometimes it is difficult to manage inside operating cost and a big manufacturer can also suffer from it.

Because if there is a crisis situation(economic crisis and natural crisis) coming in the country.

Therefore it will highly affect the manufacturing system.

According to the world data, India is faster than other countries in manufacturing. But the Indian worker still get less salary than others.

But machine working process is now growing very faster.

So in future it is expected that the machine replaces the manpower.

Also, Digital Process will be more powerful than today, it will affect the small manufacturers.


In conclusion, I must say that the industry is growing faster than the other industries.

Firstly, opportunities are for everyone whoever wants to work in this industry.

Secondly, opportunities are not for only men, women can be part of this industry in direct or indirect.

Generally, the manufacturing industry does not do their work only with the machine. On the other hand, they need manpower.

For example, the machine can be made by the manpower. Most importantly, it is not so hard to find a job in this industry.

Additionally, I indicated earlier.

I hope the above all information will courage you to go for this industry.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Manufacturing business can I start?

Any industry you are interested in, you can start a business. For example, In the textile industry(any industry), you need huge money and also garment manufacturing is a competitive sector.
If you start manufacturing business then remember 4 things – firstly, the growth rate of the industry. Secondly, the time duration of products. Thirdly the economic structure of that particular industry and at last supply chain structure.

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Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

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