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Many Chat Review 2020: Is it worth using a Many Chat?


In this post, I am going to give an Idea about Many chat, which is a messenger marketing tool.

In this review, I am going to cover the following topics and you may be familiar with some of them.

If so, you can directly jump off to that section, just by clicking on it.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction about/what is Manychat
  2. Important features
  3. How to use Manychat
  4. Advantages
  5. Manychat Vs Chatfuel
  6. Pricing Plans
  7. Conclusion
  8. Related QNA or FAQ’s

Introduction about/what is Many chat:

Many chat is a Facebook messenger marketing tool which allows you to create messenger bots.

As we are going to learn about many chat which is Messenger Chatbot provider. We will look at some important information about messenger marketing here.

Let me give you small information regarding Messenger marketing.

Firstly, Messenger marketing is nothing but using different chat apps like Facebook Messenger to interact with your customer.

Messenger marketing uses robots named chat bots which serve different features.

Nowadays the Facebook messenger marketing went boom, as messenger app has 1 billion + installs.

You may have seen so many sites with a button at the bottom right corner named “Chat with us” or “Connect with us on messenger”. It means they are using messenger marketing for their business.

Fb messenger’s engagement is awesome when compared with other things like email marketing and etc.

According to some experts, the messenger marketing has not fully grown yet and it may take about more 3-4 years to evolve more and more

Which indirectly shows an opportunity.

Some interesting Information regarding this platform:

Let us look at the features:

  • They express their goal is to ” help small businesses grow by marketing simplifying their marketing stuff”
  • It has 1,000,000+ active customer base
  • 1 billion+ conversions are powered by it in the last year
  • 190+ countries use it
  • Helps you in framing your marketing strategies through their expert team
  • Allows you to become a partner and you have to build the bots for clients and revenue sharing is done
  • Also provides the affiliate program where you can earn commissions
  • Also serves SMS marketing
  • It provides both video tutorials and blog to guide their customers  

Important features of Many Chat:

Many chat allows you to build your own messenger bot and you can also use already made bots for specific purposes like lead generation.

It also provides the some pre-made Bots for specific individual purposes which you can edit and use.

According to Many chat, you can create your first chatbot within 2 minutes by using their platform.

Coming to actual Features:

Live chat:

Its live chat allows an individual business owner with your subscribers via messenger or SMS It allows you to start a direct conversation with your customer and answer their questions manually

Drag-and-drop chat bot builder:  

It is also known as Flow Builder. By this, you can form a flow sequence of messages to your subscribers

FB Ads and comments:

Facebook comments tool of it helps you to increase your subscribers from your Fb page posts

FB Ads JSON tool:

Fb Ads attract new customers to your business. JSON Growth Tool allows you to send an Opt-in message to every user who clicks on your ad.

Landing pages:

This feature allows you to create good converting landing pages by just drag and drop method.

Messenger broadcasts:

Broadcasts are messages you can send to all of your subscribers at once.

Automated sequences:

This sequence feature of allows you to send different series of messages.

Segmentation Tags:

Tags segment your audience based on actions they take

Data storage and exportation:

This feature allows you to export the subscribers from one folder to another

Apart from these features the many chat also integrates with following platforms:

Google Sheets:

Which allows you to save and retrieve subscriber data


Helps in sending messages to customers who left their transaction


Zapier’s allows you to connect the many chat with 1500+ apps using Zaps

Active campaign:

Sends the data gathered by bots to your Active campaign


Allows submit subscriber data to HubSpot forms and retrieve information from HubSpot to use.


Allows to accept payments inside of Facebook messenger

Apart from this, it also integrates with stripe, mail chimp and convert kit etc.,

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How to use Many Chat:

Before going to learn how to use many chat we will look at the requirements first. Following are the requirements you need to start:

  1. Facebook account
  2. A Facebook Business page
  3. A many chat account

Now let’s get into main procedure

  1. Create your own account

    Go to many chat website and create a free account

  2. Connect your Facebook page

    connect the Facebook business page that you want to use the bot for

  3. Set up a Default reply

    click on Default reply in the Automation tab

    default reply means, the reply given to the subscriber by the bot when an unprogrammed input is given by subscriber or user.

  4. setup welcome message

    go-to automation and then welcome message and this message is only sent to first-time users

  5. Create automated replies

    create the automated replies based on keywords used by the user

You may find it difficult to learn through the articles/posts

If it is hard to learn through text or article, then you can use free video tutorials provided by many-chat, which show the procedure of using manychat

Advantages of Many Chat:

  • Better Open Rate: According to many studies, it is proven that the open rate is more than that of emails
  • Better Engagement: A good engagement with customers boosts up your sales, bots keep the user engaged with our content.
  • It provides a personalized experience for the users.
  • Reduces your social media presence
  • Helps in gathering and analyzing the customer’s data
  • Useful in lead nurturing
  • Notifies relevant messages
  • Quick response times

Many Chat Vs Chat Fuel:

FeaturesMany chatChat fuel
User InterfaceBetter when comparedGood not bad at all
Comment auto replyAdvanced by opt-in formsYes
Fb ad in messengerYesYes
Free PlanProvides limited featuresAll pro features are provided in free but with their branding

User interface details:

Chat fuel use a user-friendly interface. It uses groups, cards, and blocks for creating a flow builder

whereas it uses two interfaces to build a bot, which are named as basic and flow builders.

Basic builders are similar to chat fuels one like using blocks and etc. and flow one means drag and drop type.

Comment auto reply:

Both many-chat and Chat fuel offer this feature which allows the bots to interact with people who comment on their post

Pricing of Many Chat:

Now coming to its pricing model. It has two different plans named Free and pro

The pic shows the required prizing details of both plans…

Free plan includes:

  • You can get Unlimited Subscribers
  • Use Basic Quick Start Templates
  • Allow Two Drip Sequences
  • Allows Audience Segmentation (10 Tags)
  • Allows to use of Four Growth Tools
  • You can use Visual Flow Builder
  • Check Rich Media Conversations
  • Allows Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Check Landing Pages & Web Widgets

Now coming to pro plan, it includes:

It offers all features of the free plan without any limits plus includes the following additional features, they are:

  • Advanced Automation
  • Integrations with CRM, Email Marketing, and more
  • Allows Email Marketing
  • 50 Free SMS

Now we will dive deep into the pricing of the pro plan. This basic Pro plan starts from $10/month

And further, it charges you, according to your subscribers. The following are the details how they charge for the different number of followers:

  • up to 500 subscribers $10 per month
  • and up to 1000 subscribers $15 per month
  • next up to 2500 subscribers $25 per month
  • then up to 5000 subscribers $45 per month
  • next up to 10000 subscribers $65 per month
  • then up to 15000 subscribers $95 per month
  • up to 20000 subscribers $125 per month
  • finally up to 25000 subscribers $145 per month


Many Chat is a good tool which offers some excellent features even in its free plan.

If you want to go with messenger marketing then you should try Many Chat for sure.

Related QnA or FAQ’s:

1. How many chat works?

It is a messenger chat bot building platform which is used by marketers to interact with their customers, to use these chat bots the marketers have to pay for many chat.

2. who uses many chat?

Anyone can use it as its user interface is very simple and mostly it is used by the marketers, and in some cases directly by the business owners.

3. what is many chat used for?

It is mainly used for Facebook messenger marketing, but it also provides SMS services also

4. Is many chat safe?

Yes, it is safe as it is used by millions of people.



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