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Why Marathi and Tamil Cinema make Brilliant Movies?


India is the largest producer of films all around the world with 1500+ movies. They made every year ranging in 15 languages like Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil Cinema. It has every kind of genre, culture, tradition and its own element to showcase creativity in movies.

Indian Cinema is not only about Bollywood. It has a lot of regional language industries (Marathi and Tamil Cinema) that have emerged in recent years. Most of them have gained a huge fan following outside of India. Every industry is unique in its own perspective.

There are two industries that have an impact on my life and that is Marathi and Tamil Cinema. Cinema is a very challenging aspect. It is hard to create a whole new world.

You might not feel it in the theatre. Then, it is crap and is of no use. It will cost you so much in terms of money, box office collection, respect, assurance, and the chance you have got once.

The presentation of every regional cinema is different and it is hard to judge sometimes.

For example – Hollywood is always known for its sci-fi and fantasy action movies. But all these below factors are most effective to form the narration of any industry.    

What’s in it for me

  1. Realism cinema
  2. Experimentation
  3. Global Appeal
  4. Mixing of genre
  5. Technical Elements
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Realism cinema

The realism cinema is not about the showcase of biopic. It’s rather telling a story that has a more authentic story, characters, production design, music, and situations. Anyone from India could relate to that story.

It means deep diving into a presentation that could showcase the reality to get hit in the mind of the Audience.

In Marathi Cinema, “Sairat” has made its place. It shows the treatment of couples from different communities and how they are able to meet their end.

In Tamil Cinema, Bombay is really an exceptional work created by Mani Ratnam. Observe the whole movie. You will believe that the depiction of any Riots cannot be more real than this.


See, experimentation is the necessity to create something new. But what types of experiments will be able to succeed? It is hard to explain. For example, Hollywood has experimented with Hitler.

You have known about him and how brutal he was. But how he would react in a funny situation. If you have watched the Jojo rabbit, then you have got your answer.

Sometimes, experimentation can go way beyond its limits. Recently, I have a movie Vaayai Moodi Pesavum starring Dulquer Salman and Nazriya Nazim.

The movie is totally a Rom-Com but what if we add Virus and Bio-weapon in a comedy way. I can bet that you will laugh out like shit. You can feel the breath of freshness in the whole movie.

Similarly, A Marathi movie called “Kaccha Limbu has depicted the difficulty of parents. They raising an intellectually disabled child and made their sacrifice as a husband-wife. In turn, the child is having difficulty dealing with sexual desires. So, all these things make things worse.

The above examples are just one or two. But if you start watching their cinema, you will find a whole new cinema and experiments that will be hard to believe.     

Global Appeal

In recent years, people have started watching Marathi and Tamil Films. They have become more appealing than their own language films. You will find many movies are getting praise and appreciation from World Cinema.

Even Bollywood is remaking them into Hindi cinema. They churning out huge money seeing their popularity in the common audience.

A movie named “court” got praise in the movie festivals. It has shown a true portrayal of the court in a very realistic manner. You will laugh and be shocked at the same time looking at the premises.

The same has gone with Minsara Kanna, a Tamil movie which has been in news for the inspiration behind the concept of Oscar award winner Korean movie “Parasite”.

I don’t know if the allegations are true or not. The popularity can be seen in many film festivals. Many Tamil movies got praised for their execution and story.

Mixing of Genre

The genre is referred to as a type of element or Mood present in movies. It is believed that comedy movies have comedy and drama.

There is a different kind of genres present in the world cinema. The common ones like Comedy, Drama, Action, Crime, Romance Suspense, Thriller, Sex, Fiction, and Biography. The introduction of new ones like Dystopian, Utopian, Erotic, Fantasy, Neo-Noir, and Science fiction

Mainly you have seen movies mixed with different Genres. They are like Romance comedy, Sex comedy, Sci-fi fantasy, etc. There are fixed concepts related to any genre like comedy & romance that are light-hearted. The sci-fi, horror & thriller are serious,

And fantasy & action are like new worlds and new lives. But what if someone showcases the series concept in a funny way.

All these things started when Tamil cinema has started using comedy in horror movies. It resulted in a blockbuster and critically acclaimed movies. Kanchana series are examples of this genre.

Maybe someone uses the romance in the Thriller and sci-fi movies like Phuntrro. Maybe, Neo-Noir uses the fantasy and Historical comedy concept like Avane Srimannarayana. All these mixed genres have been done by Marathi and Tamil Cinema. 

Give a try to the all mentioned movies. Understand their detailed yet interesting concepts. You will be overwhelmed by their execution.

Technical Elements

What do you understand about Technical elements or technical brilliance?

Movies which tell the story in a very cinematic angle. they use camera framing, thin editing, proper, detailed, and authentic production design. the positioning of music and sound in a particular scene also used.

Matching these scenes with the depiction of colors to set the mood. The involvement of hidden clues and elements to create curiosity.

All these above-mentioned things are extremely important for making a masterpiece. You may be aware of the fact that Sholay. Sholay is not only a popular and technically brilliant movie. It has set the benchmark of brilliance in his time.

You can see the technical elements in the movies Vikram Vedhaand Sairat & Katyar Kaljat Ghusali. The prominent use of music has made these worth watching. Cinematography is able to make you feel the emotions of Characters. All these movies will be primarily remembered for their execution apart from the story.

You can watch movies like “ Ani…Dr.Kashinath Ghanekar‘. If you are present in his time, you can feel the authenticity of the set design they have built to give a proper aura to that character.

You can even watch any big starrer action movies. They have invented their own action glimpse which may break the rules of physics. At the same time, it creates the comedy even in that serious mode.


I don’t think, it would be enough to praise these industries. it is highly recommended to you watch this content-driven cinema. 

I know that it is impossible to watch every movie. you can search for realistic Marathi cinema or experiment with Tamil Movies. You will get many results and a list of movies you can watch. You can watch any movie because they are always brilliant in their craft.

So, I would like to end this article. I like this one. It will make me feel motivated if you like it and share it with your movie lover friend. 

I even like debate in the comment section. That’s it for today.




Who are the best Marathi directors?

Mahesh Kothare and Nagraj Manjule

What are the most underrated Tamil movies?

Kaaviya Thalaivan [2014]
Kanchivaram [2008]
Mayakkam Enna [2011]
Appa [2016]
Peranbu [2019]

Where can I watch Marathi Movies?

Amazon prime, Youtube, Hotstar and Zee5



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