Hello MBA aspirants, today in this blog I would like to introduce you all about TOP MBA colleges in Bangalore & TOP MBA colleges in SOUTH India.

As we all know that Bangalore is called as Silicon Valley of India also, we can say that IT hub, which gives a platform for all MBA aspirants to get a lot of opportunities and expertise in this field.

Also in Bangalore & SOUTH, more than 100+ B schools are there, but not all are good. So that’s why today I will tell you which college is worth as per the ROI (return of investment), and also in SOUTH India mostly Bangalore has a lot of TOP MBA colleges IN BANGALORE in, which helps to attract aspirants to come north India.

Also, lots of headquarters of top MNC’S are there so it will also beneficial for getting a job easily. So I hope you will get your answers as per why choose Bangalore & SOUTH India for MBA? Here we tell one by one about the colleges which were as best as you get a decent job means an avg of 8-10 lakhs, also here in Bangalore there is not very different process such like Mumbai, but here everything’s is upon GDPI’S (group discussion & interview) and entrance score.

Once you get a decent exam score in any of the known exams, just go to the site of the colleges and fill their form, and wait for the shortlisting. And also, you don’t have to fill for IIM ‘s college, because it is already taking place in your cat form.

I think I sorted all things, so let’s start: –


  1. Indian Institute of Management: IIM BANGALORE
  2. IIM Kozhikode: Indian Institute of Management
  3. IIM Trichy: Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
  4. SIBM Bangalore: Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
  5. TAPMI Manipal: Tapmi Management Institute
  6. Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Science
  7. Department of Management Studies (IIT Madras)
  8. Great Lakes Chennai: Great Lakes Institute of Management
  9. IFMR Graduate School of Business At KREA University
  11. FAQ’S

IIM Bangalore: Indian Institute of Management-

As we all know that one thing is that, when somebody fills the form for CAT, then they somehow target IIM’S as their first priority. so, here is the college that is consistent to be in the top 3 IIM’s college. known for its brand, and also the college is located in around the great companies, which helps the aspirants to get enough opportunity. In this college whatever the specialization you take, you definitely land in a great company. so, for all the iims, the difficulty is selection, after that everything is your cup of cake. And also, we in this blog only focus the flagship program-

Establishments- 1973

Course provided- post-graduate programme in management (PGP)

Fees- 21.45 lakhs

Placement- Avg domestic 24 -25 lakhs & avg international 62-63 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

IIM Kozhikode: Indian Institute of management-

One of the TOP MBA colleges IN BANGALORE & 6IIM’s in India. it is located in Kerala. with a huge campus, where lots of different backgrounds come to study. as we all know IIM‘ s is known for its Brand value, once you get in the college everything is sorted. so, study hard to get into college. Here we also consider their flagship program-

Establishments- 1996

Course provided- post-graduate programme in management (PGP)

Fees- 19 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 13-14 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

IIM Trichy: Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli-

It is one of the TOP MBA colleges IN BANGALORE, but as per the ranking of IIM’s, we called these lower ends college as new IIM’s. Definitely the year of experience is low as compare to top iims. But also, it is a truth that it is an iim, which known for its brand value. So it is guaranteed that you get lots of opportunities and also land in a top company. This college also some tie-ups with foreign universities. This college is located in Tamil Nadu. College also very experienced faculty and their pedagogy is brilliant.so you get this college just take it and grab every opportunity which comes.

Establishments- 2011

Course provided- post-graduate programme in management (PGP)

Fees- 14 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 14-15 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

SIBM Bangalore: symbiosis institute of business management-

This is a symbiosis league college which is also a very renowned TOP MBA college IN BANGALORE. In symbiosis ranking, this college definitely comes in the top 3-4 colleges. Due to its brand and location, it helps many students to get a good placement. and here you get an MBA degree, not a PGDM because it is a university itself. so, everything is managed by the university. due to no third-party involvement, their curriculum and pedagogy is good as compare to IIM’s. lots of top its company do visit this campus frequently.

Establishments- 2008

Course provided- MBA, MBA (business analytics, quantitative finance, family business &entrepreneurship)

Fees- 14.50 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 9-10 lakhs

Exams accepted- SNAP

TAPMI Manipal: Tapmi Management Institute-

It is the college that is mostly targeted by the average students, because of their low-cut offs throughout the exams. It is also one of the oldest colleges in India with a big alumni base. This college also provides ug & banking related courses, for all this, they made a beautiful campus with all necessary facilities. You can take this college as your back up. this college is located in Karnataka.

Establishments- 1980

Course provided- PGDM, PGDM (Banking, finance, HR., marketing)

Fees- 14.60 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 10-11 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, GMAT

Department of Management studies Indian institute of science –

This is one of the oldest campuses in India. This college offers MBA, which is only for engineers. So, if you are a non-engineer so you have no chance to join the college. This college one more specialty, they are good in a Ph.D. which shows they have lots of knowledge. So I think it helps the aspirant to know insights related to the topic.

Establishments- 1948

Course provided- master of management program (m. mgmt.)

Fees- 2.56 lakhs

Placement- median salary 23-24 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, GMAT

Department of Management studies (IIT Madras)-

This institute is majorly known for engineering, but also in this college apart is there which provides management studies or MBA which called as doms. As the name says it’s a government b school with awesome ROI.


Course provided- MBA

Fees- 8 lakhs

Placement- Median salary 12-13 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, GMAT

Great Lakes Chennai: great lakes institute of management-

This is the Chennai based B school. this college comes under great lakes league, their other campuses are Gurgaon. this college is providing two types of MBA, the first one is 1 year of MBA, and the second one is two years of MBA. Both are doing great in the market. due to the old college lots of alumni networks, this college is created, which helps the aspirants in placements.

Establishments- 2004

Course provided- PGDM (1 YEAR) & PGDM (2 YEAR)

Fees- 19.25 lakhs & 17.15 lakhs

Placement- median salary 12-13 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT.

IFMR Graduate school of business at KREA university-

It is also one of the TOP MBA colleges IN BANGALORE which have low cut off’s, that’s why lots of avg students come to this college. But also, this college puts a lot of upgradation in every year, and also clamming to give 100% placement. quite a small campus, but their priority is always learning, which helps the college to show a good pedagogy in MBA. This college also gives you different specialization to do your MBA, as per your interest.

Establishments- 2000

Course provided- MBA

Fees- 13.20 lakhs

Placement- Avg salary 8-9 lakhs

Exams accepted- CAT, XAT, CMAT, GMAT.

So here I just completed my all-time favorite list, if you target to get a top MBA colleges in Bangalore & SOUTH India. Then, I think you don’t have any confusion right now, just choose any of the above colleges and your life is sorted.

Yeah, I know there were a lot of diff b schools are also there, but in this particular blog, I want to tell you that, if you come and join any of the above b school then the quality and exposure you get is priceless. and also, one more thing that these all college are not providing their actual salary, but they provide their CTC which was a cost to the company, so for that particular thing I request you all do research with own also, because some time data may be vary.

Some More Insights

I clarify that one more thing is that someone also disagrees with the colleges that I put in my top 10, but trust me I am taking care of everything that an aspirant’s see for a top MBA college in Bangalore & south India.

And also, it’s all my opinion so opinions may vary from person to person. And at last, I just want to tell you one more crucial information is that b school never makes you rich whether it’s a tier 1 or tier 3 college. Everything that took place how much effort you put in college to get placement and also skillset because end of the day what matters is that skills, everyone is in the same platform after 2 years of MBA but the matter is how many of you put your focus on learning not in other stuffs which are like unusual in that particular moment.

On this you have to understand is that the MBA is an investment of two things money and time. So if you put lakhs of money in a particular task and also time and energy so you should thing for a large profit, but also it is a risk too so for that you have to remember that in business, we all know high-risk high profit.

So, Thank you so much for giving your valuable time to read my blog…


Q1.Which college is best for MBA in Bangalore ?

There are many Top Colleges in Bangalore But the all-time good is IIM Bangalore.

Q2. why you choose to study MBA in Bangalore?

Because Bangalore is the silicon valley of our country, which helps you to get a good job as well good package.

Q3, How much salary you expect after MBA from Bangalore?

There is not a fixed salary, it differs from college to college. So I tell you the range which is between 5-25 LPA.







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