Hello MBA Aspirants, Today in this Blog we are going to know all about HR or Human Resources. HR took place a very vital role, towards the success of any company. Because if HR does not recruit the right person for the right time, then we all know that how the work takes place. so let’s see their role in detailed-

Topics To Be Covered In This Blog are-

  1. Human Resources (HR) & It’s Duties
  2. Subjects
  3. Skills Required
  4. Career and Job Profile
  5. Top B School in HR.

HR (Human Resources). & It’s Duties-

MBA in HR are a very important component in a company.

why this is important?

Because if you see wisely, then you come to know that in a company we can buy machineries, we can invest a huge chunk of money, we can buy the necessary resources, and also Buy the building or the land area for the company.

But the key difference which comes here or which differs from the rest of the company is the manpower or the working employee.

We cannot buy them directly or also cannot be made a duplicate of them.

so, to tackle all this difficulty smoothly we have a department which is called as Human resources.HR have various duties, which they have to do for their company such as –

Hiring of Employee-

It is a very important task.

Because it takes lots of time and energy of the company, after that, you have come to know that who are those employees.

Who are perfect for the job profile. this responsibility comes under HR, if it picks a wrong candidate then it’s very difficult for the company, because they bear a lot of loss with this process of rejection .so hr.

Also be very hardworking and attentive for this task. 


In HR, it is also important to take care of every employee as per their skill set and also the proper mindset.

So, to take care of all this hr. have the responsibility to conduct some training like motivational workshop, intellectual workshop etc.

This type of training helps the employee to live positively and motivate, which directly helps the company because if they are positive and motivate,

They give their 100% in the work, which implies the growth of the company.


This is a type of duty which helps the company to make a policy which makes sure that employee should get some bonuses and benefits.

This rewarding system fully dependent by HR, in this they have to analyses each employee graph to ensure their productivity.

And suggest a scheme for the management to think.

This is also one of the hectic works that HR have to take care of this.

Strategic objectives-

HR As the name itself shows it is related to some strategy. So a question comes in mind, whom objectives? this is the objective of the company.

See, every company have their plans and objectives for different time intervals such as long term and short term. to ensure the progress for these objectives, hr.

Always attentive and careful, and always check the graphs in a particular interval of time. If something goes wrong,

So the HR directly tells these situations to the top management, and accordingly takes action.

Subjects in MBA in HR

                                                       1st year MBA in HR subjects

Finance and Accounts
Operations management
Hr. management & organizational behavior

2nd year MBA in HR. subjects

Industrial relation lawInternational HR. management
fundamentals of hr. managementStrategic HRM
fundamentals of industrial relationsManaging redundancy
fundamentals of labor lawsMeasuring hr.
HR. planningOccupational testing
Performance managementOrganizational change and development
wage determination and administrationParticipative management
mergers and acquisitionsPrincipals of labor administration
HRM in-service sectorKnowledge management

Here we comes to an end of exhausted subjects list.

Which you are going to study in your 2 year of MBA in HR.

If you see, these subjects closely.

Then you find these subjects are not studied numbers, calculations, or marketing related, these subjects are more towards knowing organizations policy as well as human behavior.

So, my suggestion is if you take an MBA in HR.

Then do study wisely. some of the top recruiters who come to every campus frequently are companies who are training specifically, and also HR recruiters.

In fact, every company needs HR.

Skills Required In MBA For HR

If we see close to the human resources industry.

Then we come to know one thing that how skills are important.

We also know that, today how unemployment hit our country so badly. And due to this lots of students don’t have enough jobs to sustain.

As of my point of view, the main reason is that both students and our honorable government didn’t focus on skills, they all are trying to give a degree from any college. But when the students come out of college.

They come to know the reality, how the market works.

After understanding the whole scenario,

Students have no options to look, and this scenario helps to grow unemployment every year. so, it’s my humble request to whoever reads this blog, try to learn new skills every time, whether you are in an MBA or any degree. Because that one thing, that helps is skills only skills.

Communicational skills-

This is a type of skills which is required in any of the industry. Because we all know that everyone should have to impressive enough to share their thoughts clearly to any person.

That they all can understand one another easily.

Sometimes, it is seen that lot of time some people are so shy that don’t even talk smoothly.

So at that time it is so embarrassing to handle, that’s why communication is so important.

Decision making skills-

This is a type of skill that required lots of attention and knowledge regarding any ongoing topics. Because as an HR, you have to always ready to take the decision at any circumstances.

so in this, confidence also take a major part. 

Budgeting skills-

As an HR, you have to always take care of allocated budget to a proper task. As we know, HR is responsible for conducting lots of activities in every small span of time, so it is very important to take care of the budget.

So that the company doesn’t take any type of losses. For this I want to add some more like, analytical skills are quite important, to make a proper data for future references.

Creativity –

It is skills which I think everybody has from their birth, but due to the day to day rat race they forget.

HR Also wants everything creativity and imagination. Otherwise, there were so many brands and competitors are their they ruin you, that’s why you have to give some extraordinary imagination to their work, which helps to grow the company further.

So here I try to give you some of the basic skills which are required anyone who is planning to do their MBA in HR ever.

also, there are lots of diff skills are there, but I try to give skills which are most important and your given work is done smoothly.

Career and Job Profile Of MBA IN HR

If you are looking for your career in MBA in HR. Then I tell you that, your journey is awesome. Lots of adventurous and joyful works given to you as per your profile. But I also want to tell you an honest thing, which is that.

We all know everyone is not 100% perfect, due to which some of them join some good top-level B schools.

Some of them come to join the average one.

So due to this, the profile which is given in placements is different and your salary as well is different.

And due to all this, I tell you that lot of people who are come from average B schools lands to a low-level HR job. But it also true that you guys also getting top of the ladder after 2-3 years of experience.

You have only enjoyed and struggle with these 3 years and after that your life is sorted.

So, let’s see some of the profiles given in the b schools during placements-

HR. Generalist, Staffing Director, Technical Recruiter, Compensation Manager, Employee Relation Manager, Employment or Placement Manager, etc.

Top Business Schools Of MBA IN HR

After everything we know about MBA IN HR.

I think everyone definitely wants to know the colleges which they target to getting a top placement as well as profile.

Here I also tell you a disclaimer, no colleges are bad, the students of those colleges made the college good or bad in terms of their placement and profile.

So here it’s impossible for me to tell all the colleges, that’s why I try to give the name of some famous B schools

XLRI Jamshedpur, Tata institute so social science Mumbai, SCMHRD Pune, IMI New Delhi, IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, iim L, XIMB Bhubaneswar, etc.

so, after knowing all these colleges I tell you that salary also varies from college to college and also profile to profile, so here I want to give you some idea like the salary would be in the range of avg of 5-25 lakhs per annum.

Here we come to an end, and I hope you all are enjoying the blog.


One last thing I want to add is that whether you join a Top college or Avg, always remember that colleges give you a platform, not more than that. You have to always upgrade your skills as per the market dynamics.

Because if you see, every 1-2 years, everything changed. so how a person is not changed as per the market.

You should always go hand in hand. so, the only thing which required in any situation is skill set and also mindset. So remember one thing any situation or any profile,

You are given by your colleges just grab it, and after coming to the industry works on you and your skills, so that after 2-3 years, your life is changed.

And at the same time, your salary also be increased, and we also come to the level of a person who comes from top B schools.

So always remember to do hard work with your own and wait for the right time, when God gives you the fruitful results.

At last Best of Luck for your journey.

And Thank you to give your valuable time to read this blog.


Q1.Does Having an MBA Increase Your Salary and H.R. Job Opportunities?

The percentage increase in base income for students graduating with MBA degrees has been increasing gradually, from 63% in 2010 to 73% in 2011, up to 81% in 2012. And graduates from full-time MBA degrees showed an almost 28% increase over graduates from part-time MBA’s.

Q2.Do I Need Experience in Human Resources to be Accepted into an HR MBA Program?

There is no universal requirement that human resources MBA applicants have any amount of work experience when applying for admission. BUT practical job experience can help candidates stand a better shot at succeeding in the classroom and applying their classroom skills in real-time when they head back to the office.

Q3.Do You Need Strong People Skills to Work in Human Resources?

The simple answer to that question is yes. You have to be able to communicate with employees, have a good grasp of employment laws, and have the ability to sit in the same room as someone who is about to be terminated.







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