As we all know that an MBA in Marketing. Marketing is a vital domain for any company to sustain. In marketing, there is also a term which is quite important called “sales”. any company who wants to run a successful business, have to take care of these two things. why it is important?

Because if you made a product, and also you fix all your finances, but you don’t take care of sales and marketing, so how customers know about your product and buy your products. if you see any big company irrespective of any sector, always focus on marketing. also, we have a quote which is “jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai.

Topics To Be cover In This Blog are-

  1. Sales vs Marketing
  2. Subjects
  3. Skills Required
  4. Career and Job Profile
  5. Top Business Schools in Marketing
  6. Some More Insights
  7. FAQ’s

Sales vs Marketing

So, let’s start one by one, first we are going to understand the difference between marketing and sales-

1) Marketing is a process of identifying customer needs and satisfy them by a product.1) Sales is a process of transferring a product via shops etc. to the customer.
2) In marketing, strategies are long term because of market and customer research.2) In sales, strategies are short term like giving discounts, free gifts, etc.
3) In marketing, marketers are focusing more on after-sale services to maintain customer relations.3) In sales, sellers hardly focus on after-sale services.

Some more insights- marketing and sales always go together in any product. they are like both hands, for marketing sales are needed, and for sales marketing is needed. Marketing is also like a superset of sales.

Subjects in MBA For Marketing

1st year MBA in marketing subjects

Business statisticsOperations management
Managerial economicsCompetition and strategy
MicroeconomicsMarketing management
Corporate financeManaging organizations
Management accountingManaging people and performance in an organization.
Financial accounting 

2nd year MBA in Marketing Subjects

Marketing ManagementMarketing Law
Advertising and Sales PromotionProduct and Brand Management
Consumer BehaviorRetail Management
International MarketingRural Marketing
Internet MarketingSales and Distribution Management
Marketing Decisions ModelsService Marketing
Marketing ResearchStrategic Marketing
Pricing Management 

Here we come to an end of the exhausted subjects list, which you are going to study in your 2 years of MBA in marketing. If you see, these subjects closely, then you find these subjects are not studied numbers and calculations. Basically, in these two years, you are going to study market research and how to make strategy and all. So, my suggestion is if you take marketing, then do study wisely. Some of the top recruiters who come to every campus frequently are HDFC and all banks, TCS, cognizant, Accenture, IBM, FMCG companies, etc.

Skills Required

If we see close to the marketing and advertising industry, then we come to know one thing that how skills are important. we also know that, today how unemployment hit to our country so badly. And due to this lots of students don’t have enough jobs to sustain.

As of my point of view, the main reason is that both students and our honorable government didn’t focus on skills, they all are trying to give a degree from any college. But when the students come out of college, they come to know the reality, how the market works.

After understanding the whole scenario, students have no options to look, and this scenario helps to grow unemployment every year. So, it’s my humble request to whoever reads this blog, try to learn new skills every time, whether you are in an MBA or any degree. Because that one thing, that helps is skills only skills.

So, now I want to share some of the skills which are required in marketing and sales are-

Communicational skills-

This is a type of skills which is required in any of the industry. Because we all know that everyone should have to impressive enough to share their thoughts clearly to any person so that they all can understand one another easily. sometimes, it is seen that lot of time some people are so shy that don’t even talk smoothly, so at that time it is so embarrassing to handle, that’s why communication is so important.


It is a skill which is very common in recent times. sometimes it also shown that many people try to do a particular task in their own manner, but they have to understand that this work is not a personal work. It is given by the company.so everyone opinion is a must. so, in this situation, teamwork skills come, so that everyone can share their thoughts smoothly and done their work on time.

Creativity –

It is skills which I think everybody has from their birth, but due to the day to day rat race they forget. like in marketing, everything mostly wants creativity and imagination. otherwise, there were so many brands and competitors are their they ruin you, that’s why you have to give some extraordinary imagination to their work, which helps to grow the company further.

Analytical ability-

This skill sometimes peoples thinks that it all related to mathematics. but it is not like that. analytical means how to analyze things, whether data is in the bar graph, line graph or etc. you have to well familiar with the given data and try to know the unknowing thing from that.so this skill also comes with experience as well as practice.

So here I try to give you some of the basic skills which are required anyone who is planning to do their MBA in marketing ever. also, there are lots of diff skills are there, but I try to give skills which are most important and your given work is done smoothly.

Career and Job Profile

If you are looking for your career in marketing then I tell you that, your journey is awesome. Lots of adventurous and joyful works given to you as per your profile. but I also want to tell you an honest thing, which is that. We all know everyone is not 100% perfect, due to which some of them join some good top-level b schools and some of them come to join the average one. So due to this, the profile which is given in placements is different and your salary as well is different. and due to all this.

I tell you that lot of people who are come from average b schools land to a sales-oriented job. But it also the truth that you guys also getting top of the ladder after 2-3 years of experience, So you have only enjoyed and struggle with this 3 year and after that, your life is sorted.

So, let’s see some of the profiles given in the B schools during placements-

marketing manager, area sales manager, business development manager, business development executives, regional sales manager, brand manager, market research analyst, media planning, etc.…

Top Business Schools In Marketing

After everything we know about marketing, I think everyone definitely wants to know the colleges which they target to getting a top placement as well as profile.

here I also tell you a disclaimer, no colleges are bad, the students of those colleges made the college good or bad in terms of their placement and profile. So here it’s impossible for me to tell all the colleges, that’s why I try to give the name of some famous b schools

IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM I, FMS Delhi, SP Jain Mumbai, JBIMS, MDI Gurgaon, SIBM Pune, NMIMS, IMT Ghaziabad, great lakes, GIM, fore, LBSIM, MICA, Welingkar, Sies, etc.

so, after knowing all these colleges I tell you that salary also varies college to college and also profile to profile, so here I want to give you some idea like-

Marketing Manager – avg salary 6-7 lakhs

Regional sales Manager- avg salary- 9-10 lakhs

Marketing Executive- 2-3 lakhs

Market Research Analyst- 3-4 lakhs

Business Development Manager- 5-6 lakhs

so here we come to an end, and I hope you all are enjoying the blog.


One last thing I want to add is that whether you join a top college or avg, always remember that colleges give you a platform, not more than that. You have to always upgrade your skills as per the market dynamics. Because if you see, every 1-2 years, everything changed.

So how a person is not changed as per the market. you should always go hand in hand. so, the only thing which required in any situation is skill set and also mindset. so remember one thing any situation or any profile, you are given by your colleges just grab it, and after coming to the industry works on you and your skills, so that after 2-3 years, your life is changed.

And at the same time, your salary also is increased, and we also come to a level of a person who comes from a top B school. So always remember to do hard work with your own and wait for the right time, when God gives you the fruitful results.

At last best of luck for your journey.

And thank you to give your valuable time to read this blog.


Q1.Career Options After Getting an MBA in Marketing ?

A Master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing is intended for individuals who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. The programs focus on a variety of topics including consumer behavior, research, product development, and brand advertising.

Q2.What To Expect For An MBA in Marketing Salary ?

An MBA in Marketing salary varies by a variety of factors including type of position, education, experience, performance, and location. For example, the median annual salary for a market research analyst is $51,189. A marketing manager can earn about $86,698; and an advertising manager can expect around $80,011.

Q3.Which New Marketing Positions Are on the Rise?

There are several new marketing positions are there like-
1.Marketing Operations Specialist
2.Customer Evangelist
3.Inbound Marketing Specialist
4.Video Specialists
5.Marketing Analyst







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