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Mechanical Engineering degree in India | A bright future?


Mechanical Engineering is all about the combination of Engineering, Physics, materials, manufacturing, design, analysis, problem-solving, and upgrading technologies.

What mechanical engineers do? They build power-producing machines such as Internal Combustion Engines, Electric motors, Gas turbines, Power plants, Elevators, and the list goes on. Anything around you observe has a big contribution by Mechanical Engineers.

Overall, we all know Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and broadest discipline in the world. So, the future scope of this branch is good as new technologies are evolving.

Here, I will discuss in detail about the Mechanical Engineering in India. From admission to job prospects and much more.

Let’s start the discussion:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Colleges
  3. Scope in India
  4. Syllabus in colleges
  5. Placements
  6. What you must do before Applying
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently asked questions about Mechanical engineering.

Eligibility for Mechanical Engineering

To pursue an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in India one has to take the Entrance exams that is JEE-mains and JEE-advance to get admission to Government or private Engineering colleges.

There are many private colleges which conduct their own entrance exams, so you must check the deadlines of each college you are applying for.

For admission in IITs one has to clear JEE-mains and then JEE-advance. For NITs and other private engineering colleges, the admission is done on the basis of only JEE-mains. Students must have at least 75% in 10+2 from any recognized board. SC/ST/OBC students must have 65% marks.

Most important, JEE-mains is compulsory to get admission in any engineering college.

Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

However, there are many colleges in India which provide undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering. But on topmost as we know IITs provide better placements, good infrastructure, and quality education. But getting into IITs is not everyone’s game.

Also, the seats are limited and all the students cannot get into IITs or top-ranked NITs.

Below I have provided a list of Colleges which have good placement and getting a seat is also much easier than IITs or NITs. As we all know in today’s world a degree or college doesn’t matter. After all, companies are looking for skills, those who have skills they got placed with high salaries.

But in core fields like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering you must have a recognized degree from a decent college.

list of some colleges except IITs and NITs-

NOTE: Every University can have different criteria for admission please specifically check on their Websites. 

BITS Pilani, Pilani
Jadavpur University, Kolkata 
Delhi Technological University, New Delhi
BITS Mesra
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
College of Engineering, Pune
Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Anna University, Chennai
Best colleges other than IITs and NITs.

Also, many colleges are available except listed above which have good placements with quality education.

Further, You can check the whole list of college ranking at this official Government website. Here you will find the top 100 institutes ranked in India.

Scope of Mechanical Engineering in India

In India, Mechanical Engineering has a good scope in future. But the amount of efforts you have to do for getting a good placement or getting into a good company will be very high. As compared to other branches like Computer Science or IT.

Don’t get me wrong I am just telling you the reality. If you are passionate about Mechanical Engineering means that you love cars, how they work, what technology is used in it, so you can go for this branch.

Although, Pollution levels are increasing at a high pace and to stop Climate change the Government of most of the countries are implementing new rules for electric vehicles. So, new technologies are evolving and the demand for Mechanical Engineers will always be there.

Don’t expect that you will get a huge package straight coming out of your college, yes students get but this only happens in top-ranked institutions like IITs. So, you have to decide what is good for you, do you love what you will opt for?

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Next, I will talk about the syllabus that is taught in most of the institutions.

Syllabus in Colleges

Most of the colleges have almost the same syllabus but it may differ in some:

Applied Physics
Computer programming-I
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Drawing
Professional communication 
Applied Chemistry
Computer Programming-II
Electronic Engineering
Energy and Environment
Engineering Project
Manufacturing processes
Optimization techniques
Solids and Structures
Mechanics of machines
Engineering materials
Numerical analysis
Machine design-I
Industrial engineering
Applied Thermodynamics
Dynamics and Vibrations
Industrial metallurgy
Manufacturing technology
Mechanics of deformable bodies
Project semester

Machine design-II
Automobile engineering
Fluid mechanics & machinery
Heat transfer Elective 1
Elective 2
Humanities for engineers
Gas dynamics and turbomachines
Machining science
Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Elective 3

NOTE: The above syllabus may be different in some universities. The internship semester may also be different, some universities provide internships in 6th semester and some in 7th or 8th semester.

Placements of Mechanical Engineers

Now, for getting placement in mechanical engineering in India you must decide in which area you want to work and make your career because mainly there are four major areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Design &
  • Thermal

It’s based upon your interest in which area you want to work and master the skill related to it. However, the design industry is the most competitive and toughest of all. You must have knowledge and skill of Software like Creo, Solidworks, AutoCAD etc.

Although, the average packages in India for mechanical engineers is around ₹3.5 lakhs per annum. The packages increase with more experience you gain.

The maximum packages straight out of college generally it is around ₹10 lakhs per annum to ₹12lakhs per annum, which are mostly seen in top-ranked colleges.

Source: payscale

For more about placements details you can check at LinkedIn, Glassdoor, indeed etc. there you will find what job options are there and salary insights in detail.

Also, read this to know soft skills every engineer must have.

Must do before Applying for Mechanical Engineering

Firstly most of colleges present in India are just here to make profits as we all know, not all, its most of them. If you are applying in any college, it would be top or low ranked doesn’t matter, here I have discussed what you should do before getting admission.

So, when you are applying for college you must go and check physically and collect information regarding infrastructure, hostel, mess, faculty, transportation etc.

Try to talk with students who are studying there and no one would better tell you than those students. Also, reach out to the alumni of that college and ask about placements, what are the pros and cons. And overall this will help you a lot. This generally most of the students are not aware.


Summing up, if you don’t like dirt, some amount of physical work and you want a desk job, work while sitting in an A.C. room for whole day, and prefer to do work from home, so mechanical engineering may not be the right career option for you. 

Although, demand is increasing and in future they will play a major role in the development of new technologies. As we all know the future is of automation and without mechanical engineers it’s not possible.

So, at last, mechanical engineering is a good career option, but you should research all the career options and go in-depth and find which one best suit you.

Frequently asked questions about Mechanical Engineering degree:

What skills are required for mechanical engineers?

You must learn software like Creo, Solidworks, Matlab etc. because software knowledge in all industries is very important and also creative and analytical thinking plays a major role.

Which are the best companies related to mechanical engineers?

Companies such as:
Maruti Suzuki
Software companies like TCS and L&T.
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
And many are there.

What are the Qualities of a good mechanical engineer?

Some of them are:
Problem-solving skills
Communication skills
Analytical skills
Technical skills
To adopt new technologies and constantly learn about them.

Can mechanical engineers work in Google?

Yes, you can work in Google, but you will need a higher education like master level, around 5-7 years of experience in your field. Then you may get a job in Google.

Can mechanical engineers get jobs in IT companies?

Yes, you can easily find a job in IT companies like Infosys, TCS they hire Mechanical engineers. But to get a job more easily you should have good programming skills.

Which is the best country to do masters in mechanical engineering?

Germany is the leader of the mechanical world. Usually, most of the technologies are developed in Germany.

Also, the US is another option which also leads in mechanical engineering after Germany, both countries have a huge demand for mechanical engineers with the best infrastructure, courses, and technologies available there. You will get endless opportunities.

Should I do mechanical engineering in India or abroad?

It depends on many factors should you study in India or abroad. So, if your parents can afford tuition fees of foreign universities or you get a scholarship then it is a good idea to study abroad. As tuition fees for international students are generally ten times higher than the citizens.



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