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Top 7 Most Effective Tips Of Meditation For Beginners


‘Meditation’, is a very broad topic to master. Meditation for beginners is very hard there are so many things you need to master it. It takes about 4 to 5 years to master but as we all know, a great man said that it is necessary to start to learn something.

If you decided to start meditation, congratulations, you took your first step to change your life. In this article, you are going to talk about effective tips of meditation for beginners in which you can improve your meditation abilities and skills.

We are going to talk about 7 Most Effective Tips Of Meditation For Beginners that can help you in your meditation.

In this article

Definition of meditation

It is a detailed topic. If I defined meditation in short then it is a mental exercise technique to relax and focus your brain and to build awareness.

This practice is generally done by a person himself. The word meditation originates from a Latin word ‘Meditari’ that means to think.

Where meditation is originated from

 it originated in India. There are so many texts that have been found in India, in which meditation has been defined. In ancient days sadhu (monks) practice meditation to get spiritual awareness, and to connect with god.

Buddhist texts have also explained the importance of meditation. God buddha and Buddhist monks have always practiced it.

Read more about history of meditation on wikipedia

Top 5 benefits of meditation

it has so many benefits like

  • helps you to reduce your stress.
  • It improves your memory power.
  • helps you to overcome your addiction
  • It helps you to cure your anxiety and depression
  • enhances your self-awareness  

you can know more about benefits of meditation here

7 Tips of meditation for beginners

Just start with two minutes

This is a very useful tip of meditation for beginners. In the beginning it is very difficult to sit in one place and make your mind focused on one place because on the beginner’s level it is very hard to stay focused and it makes sitting in one place so difficult.

So what you can do is just start with 2 minutes. Yes, do it for just 2 minutes. That makes your meditation very easy for you.

By the time you can increase your meditation time. Do two minutes for the first week and keep adding 5 more minutes to your practice time every week.

Set a reminder

It is very easy to say, I’ll do meditation every day but the reality is that it is very difficult to maintain your daily routine and it is very hard to take time off work.

So what you can do is to prioritize your time by the priority of work. You can set a reminder for your work that will help you to take time. Just decide your time when you are going to meditate and set its timer. After a couple of days, it will become your habit. 

Ignore unnecessary things

There are so many people who just start doing meditation, start wasting their time on where to sit, how to sit comfortably, yoga mat, their sitting position, and if they are comfortable or not or finding things that help to meditation for beginners.

 But in my opinion, you really don’t need to care about these unnecessary things. Just sit at one place, down or on a chair because of it for just 2 minutes. You can consider a cross leg position to sit if you sit down. Why you need to care about your comfort, it’s just two minutes.

Absolutely you can think about that thing late but not waste your time in the beginning.

Focus on breath

In the beginning, you can consider focusing on the breath. it is all about to make your mind focused on one place at a single time but it’s very easy to say but it is very hard to do.

 So you can consider to focus on your breath or just use a trick called breath counting. It is simply its name, just start counting your breath, as it comes in and comes out. It makes your mind focused on one thing, on your breath.

On the mastery level you will be able to make your mind focused on one thing. This is best practise of meditation for beginners.

Don’t worry too much, if you are doing it wrong 

No man is perfect. We all make blunders and mistakes. So you don’t really worry about it. This may be because you are a beginner. A simple trick for it is practice yes by doing the practice of meditation you will be able to do it perfectly.

So just start by don’t worry about the mistakes, just practice and try to do it perfectly and you can be a master of it.

Start knowing yourself

Meditation for beginners is not just about focusing, it is also about knowing yourself, knowing about your feelings, knowing about your thoughts and so another thing about yourself.

So start to examine your thoughts and start knowing more about yourself. But it is not that easy, maybe you start frustrating, avoid all difficulties and you can begin to understand yourself.

Do it anywhere any time

After practicing for a long time, you will be able to achieve the next level of meditation for beginners.

 In which you can be able to meditate anywhere and also anytime. If you’re traveling somewhere or you got so much work in the office, also in this situation you can meditate.

At his state, you will achieve a different state of mind, where you can meditate without being distracted by anything.  

 But achieving this stage you need to practice hard every day. It takes 4 to 5 years to achieve this stage. Buddhist monks practiced it hardcore to conquer this stage. 

bonus tip

Examine yourself

After practicing it for a couple of days you need to examine yourself. How your body has changed these days.

 How are you feeling nowadays compared to previous days? What positive changes have come in you and many other things that you can know by just checking your behavior. You will see, a lot has changed in you and you have a lot of new positive habits that you build now.

There are so many benefits you can get by examining yourself.


  You have learned many things from this article, let us talk about that shortly.

  • We need to practice 4 to 5 years consistently to master the technique of meditation.
  • In this article, we talked about 8 tips about meditation for beginners.
  • Meditation originated in India.
  • Buddhist texts have also explained the importance of meditation.
  • It improves your memory, reduces your stress, helps you to fight with your addictions, and enhance your self-awareness.
  • There are 8 tips you can consider
    • In the beginning you can start with two minutes of meditation.
    • Set a reminder for every day for meditation
    • Start your meditation by focusing on your breath
    • Don’t worry about your mistakes
    • You can achieve  master-level by practicing daily
    • Examine yourself after meditating for after a couple of days.

Frequently asked question

Question 1. Which is the best meditation for beginners?

      Answer. There are so many meditation techniques, some of them are very easy but some of them are very hard, you need to do a lot to master them.

But don’t worry you can start with some easy techniques in the beginning. In my opinion you can do mindfulness meditation in the beginning days.

This is a very easy technique: just sit in one place, close your eyes, and focus on one place.

Question 2. How to meditate in bed?

      Answer. There are many reasons to meditate in bed, pain in your back or age-related issues, etc. you can also do meditation in bed for better sleep.

You can do mindfulness meditation in bed. It also improves your quality of sleep, You will be able to sleep better by doing meditation in bed before sleep.

Or you can do meditation in bed before getting out of bed in the morning. It will affect your whole day.

Question 3. meditation for beginners to relieve stress.

      Answer. Meditation is the best medicine to relieve stress, It will help you a lot. It helps you to control your mind and its thoughts. It also relaxes your mind. 

And that will help you to overcome your stress condition. If you practice this daily, then you may be able to control your stress.

    Question 4. Meditation versus yoga for beginners.

Answer. .mediation and yoga, both are different things. Meditation is mainly focused on mental health and yoga is for your physical health. You can consider both, if you transform yourself.

 Yoga is useful for your body’s health and meditation is to change your mental thoughts. You can start your day with meditation and can do yoga as your body’s exercise. Both of them help you a lot.

Question 5. How to find a meditation center near me?

 Answer. You can find a meditation center by asking in the local community or you can find them on the web with the words meditation center near me.



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