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Meditation For Headache 5 Best Tips For Headache


Migraine or headache problems are one of the biggest problems in today’s world. So many people are suffering from this problem. Some of them are taking very expensive treatment, but the result is nothing. You are going to read meditation for headache tips.

But you can treat this very big problem just with a very simple therapy called meditation therapy. Yes, it is possible to cure your headache with meditation, there are so many types of meditation that can help you to cure it.

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What is headache 

Headache is a sign of pain that happens in your part of the head or somewhere in the neck. There can be many reasons for this. Tension-type meditation, migraine, cluster headache, frequent headache, etc.

Tension-type headache

It basically happens when we take stress, Pain is the whole head, pain is like pressure, have difficulties in sleeping are the main symptoms of tension-type headache.


This is a very serious type of headache. It causes serious headaches reputedly. Basically it affects the side of the head. It can be caused by a short time to a very long time.

cluster headache

cluster headache is the most painful type of headache which attacks in name cluster pattern for period frequently.

 It is seen that formerly it happens in the middle of the night with an insane pain around your eyes or one side of your head.

How meditation can help you in headache 

Meditation for headache can help you to cure your chronic pain, including headaches. The study showed that 70% of headache patients are able to get relief in their pen by just practicing meditation. By practicing meditation for headache they experience fewer migration problems and all their pains.

Meditation slows your heart rate so your blood vessel gets relaxed. It is also  Relax is your nervous system movies responsible for the headache and stress. It is effective because it relaxes your mind and body and the causes of all headaches, basically is stress.

How to start with meditation

How to meditate

You can choose any meditation that you like, you just want some time and its silent place.

Meditation for headache s can be done in these positions like crossed leg position or you can use a chair or you can consider it by standing or even walking. It need to be practice 15 to 20 minutes daily to cure headache problems.

 You can also consider meditation for headache classes like transcendental meditation or insight meditation therapy. You can also join the meditation community classes. But remember Your treatment may be less frequent or may take longer. Meditation can help to cure but sometimes it does not work.

Meditation for headache

So these are the few steps you can follow next time when you suffer from headaches.

Find a place to meditate 

When you want to meditate, find a comfortable place, something silent and a cool place to meditate.

City comfortably, close your eyes, and relax your whole body. Stay in this position for the next 5 minutes to come down your brain.

Take deep breaths

After doing free meditation then you can start your meditation session.

Start taking with a deep breath. Build your focus on your breath. It’s inhaling and exhaling as long as you can.

Focus on your head

Start focusing on your head and try to find your headache.

When you try this you find the head. You find that the point of headache is very short like in the point of a needle, try to focus on that point.

When you do this repeatedly your mind tries to fix the tension. So that your headache starts decreasing.

Feel your body

Then start to feel your whole body, your hand, and every part of your body and try to make them relax as you can.

Feel that your breath coming by your nose and then go down to touch your feet and then it comes out again.

Stay at this position

Repeat this technique to the next 15 to 20. After completing the session. Try not to open your eyes quickly. Stay in this position to calm your mind for long. Then open your eyes slowly and start walking around that place for some time.

 You can do this technique for one month two to cure headaches. I suggest you do it every day so that you can get more benefits not only about the headache but also physical benefits.

 Meditation techniques you can consider

Above we talked about the basic meditation for headache techniques, you can also use these techniques.

Other tips to cure your headache 

You can use these tips also to maintain your headache. Try these tips also, believe me, these also help you a lot.

These tips are, take a good diet, go on a walk daily, use natural therapy, etc. let’s talk about them deeply.

Take a good diet

A good diet is very important for your health and your health can also affect Your mental issues like headaches. so it is very important to take a very good diet.

Add fruits and vitamins to your diet. You can use supplements in your diet. it also helps you in meditation for headache.

Go on a walk

I must recommend you to add jogging or evening walk in yours. You can search for the benefits of walking on the web.

 It maintains your physique, and it is very good to maintain health.

natural therapy

In natural therapy basically we use the natural things like a green place ex. Garden or nature spots like a near a waterfall or a forest to reduce our mental stress.

 It is psychologically proven that nature reduces our mental tension, and it helps you to cure your headache.

Home remedies to treat headache 

These are not a permanent treatment but it helps you to reduce your stress.

  • Take an ice pack and massage that on the forehead, neck, and scalp.
  • You can also take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen.
  • Use some caffeine.

Other treatments of headache

There are many other treatments and therapy to cure headaches. You can consider them also to cure your problem.

Botulinum toxin

Also, known as botox. It is FDA approved to prevent headache in adults. You can take this once every 3 months.


It is used to manipulate the soft tissue of the head and neck to treat headaches. 


In this treatment, needles are used to relax the tissues of the tension part of the body. It can also help you.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Also known as CBT. It is a mix of meditation, yoga, and self-motivation. With the help of psychologists we can treat migraines with this therapy. This is a skill-based therapy, and you can cure a headache by learning this therapy.

these theraies are alternative of meditation for headache techniques.


In this article, we talked about meditation therapy to cure headaches.

  • Migraine problems are one of the biggest problems in today’s world
  • it is possible to cure your headache with meditation
  • You need to practice 15 to 20 minutes daily of meditation for headache to cure headache problem
  • Tension-type, migraine, cluster headache are some major types of headaches.
  • 70% of patients get relief from meditation
  •  You can also consider meditation classes like transcendental meditation or insight meditation therapy
  • You can do meditation for headache by finding a place to take a deep breath and focus on your head
  • mindfulness progressive relaxation focused attention and breathing awareness meditation are also used.
  • Consider a good diet go on a walk and use Natural Therapy to maintain your health
  • botulinum toxin, osteopathy, acupuncture are some other therapies to treat headaches

Frequently asked question 

Question 1. Does meditation help in sleep?

    Answer. Using meditation may help you to sleep better. This is a relaxation technique so it makes your mind stress free, which helps you to sleep better you can do meditation on the bed before sleep.

Question 2. Is meditation better than other techniques?

 Answer. The answer is yes and no also. All the therapies have their pros and cons. Meditation is better than other therapies in some points and other therapies are also better than meditation in some points.

Question 3. Which meditation is best to cure migraine.

 Answer. All the types of meditation are helpful to cure migraines. Best meditation depends on the person who does the meditation. In my opinion progressive relaxation meditation is the best.

Question 4. Is botox therapy safe?

Answer. In this, small doses are given. That is considered safe. But poison is poison, definitely, they affect you in the long term. It is not recommended to use botox therapy to cure headaches. There are some patients that are affected by this.
       You can use other therapies to treat, in my opinion, you should avoid this treatment.

Question 5. How much time does it take to cure a headache?

 Answer. It depends on your condition. If you have suffered from this problem for a long time, it takes some time. Basically it takes 4 to 5 months to cure.



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