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Men’s Shoes Everything You Need to Know


A great man once said you can tell a lot about a man through the shoes he wears.

The way a human mind is built, people are subconsciously wired to notice your footwear before anything else.

They set up a tone for your entire look, also they tone up and complete your look.

So, i will be honest, you can’t make an entire shoe wardrobe in one go.

However, good kicks are not cheap also they do not last long. So, you must know what all types of men’s kicks are out there right now in order to make a good shoe collection or just improving your shoe game.

  1. Types of men shoes
  2. Shoes that every guy must have in his wardrobe
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs

Types of men shoes

  1. Casual shoes
  2. Loafers
  3. Boots
  4. Formal shoes

1. Casual shoes

Firstly, they are the trendiest pieces of footwear of your wardrobe, New age is all about sneaker game.

However, you must be thinking that what the hell are sneakers? Right. Is that your sports shoe, No they’re two different type of footwear, Sneakers was brought by the US.

In other words have you seen those guys wearing expensive brands some very classy&elegant?

For example something classy like Adidas stan smith or a converse chuck Taylors very elegant.

They have more turned into Athleisure sneakers these types of sneakers are the most comfortable and trendiest piece of the shoe right now on earth and will probably last for the coming years perfect replacement for your sports shoe.

But there is another part of the world which not really care about these expensive kicks, they rather settle with as simple and subtle as canvas shoe and skate shoe they are categorized and other casual shoes.

For example skate shoe from VANS.

Also, this trend is very much followed in India. you must have seen these around. Also, this can be your everyday kicks.

2. Loafers

Firstly they are your slip-on casual, semi-formal, and formal pairs.

This can also be your trendiest pieces of footwear in your wardrobe. This can be your everyday footwear but I believe your footwears deserve some respect and care.

But if you can manage it every day just get a quality one so that it lasts longer, they are the most stylish footwear you can get, types of penny loafer, Horsebit loafer. So, it can be your office footwear, Mocassins loafer, tassel loafers are other types of loafers and these can be found very common in India.

3. Boots

However are you tall? Are you masculine? also are you the one who like to be a fashionista?

So, if you want to make an edge from your friends these are one to go for.

Firstly, Chelsea boots are my favorite of all time. In addition, I think these are the kicks that your girl will love or the girl you always wanted to impress will like this masterpiece, they are so versatile you can match with anything.

It can elevate your fashion game you will get compliments from both guys and girls.

However, Some other boots are your winter footwear, most stylish pieces of shoes, Milararty boots they have a moment right now these are combat, military they are comfortable the are rugged they will keep you safe.

For instance Ankle boots if you’re short it can be good for short guys. Also, Winter boots are heavy they keep you warm in very cold weather.

4. Formal shoes

Firstly, formal kicks are the gentleman’s footwear, these are office buddies, they for big or special occasion corporate events, marriages, this can help you on your big days.

There are various subcategories in this but if you want to stick to basics and you’re the man who doesn’t like to carry these a black and brown you should get for your office.

For example, you can’t wear your sports kicks that are sick most of the men do this mistake and this just looks messy and untidy.

Come on aren’t you worried about your promotion haha… of course you do. Also, a good formal shoe can enhance your complete formal look.

In addition these various types of formal shoes sub categorized as

Above all Oxford , derby’s the are bit of archetypical very old school.

Other formal footwears are not so formal but they can be your all-rounder. one which you can pair it up with jeans, you can wear them in the office also for events and other occasions, Brogues.

These are designed in such a way that it can woo anyone just when someone notices. These are currently the trendiest piece of shoes when it comes to formal wear.

Also, some other semi-formal footwears are MONK STRAPS these don’t have laces that make it semiformal it has buckle straps single buckle called single monk strap and shoe having 2 buckles are called double monk strap.

Shoes that every guy must have in his wardrobe

Firstly, If you want good quality footwear’s you have to spend some cash.

Yes, that’s the reality if you want to have a good collection here. However, I’m listing the most practical ones which you can buy and cannot be wrong.

Firstly, It’s hard to find the right shoes at the right price we shop online and stores and we end up getting the wrong item many times.

In addition look for 4 factors- Versatility, Fashion, Durability, Comfort

Casual everyday shoes

Canvas or skate shoe- Also they are the new age sneakers.

For example, you can get something like puma one 8 or Adidas continental. You should start with basic shoes when you do not know.

Firstly, stick to basic colors that can be matched with anything like Black or navy blue or white

Also, stake the shoe from vans is good if you’re on a budget get, something like VANS old school can do the job for you.

Most importantly they versatile perfect for everyday work.

Athletic shoes- This can replace your everyday boring sports shoe bonus point you can wear it almost for any casual occasion.

Get a good pair that last long. Anything like Adidas ultra boost. Such shoes last long if taken care of.

Formal shoes

Derbys or oxfords- I would suggest getting a good quality black formal shoe at least just in case you feel for a change get a brown pair as well. Basic minimalist that can do your everyday office job.

White sneakers

Most trending kicks right now on the planet and will last for the coming years. Also, get a white sneaker for a change on a casual event.

Moreover, white shoes elevate your fashion in a seconds. For example something like converse, basic yet element.

In addition, to make your casual look more interesting and stylish good material in leather. For example Adidas stan smith, that can even be matched with a blazer.

High top sneaker-like converse chuck Taylor you can’t find a better high top better than white converse chuck Taylor

It adds character and swag to your whole personality, you wear this year, next year and year after that just if you take care of it. Also, they need your extra care.

Dress shoes

Chelsea boots– My God! I can’t stop complimenting this modern age shoe. Above all the only shoe you need to get attention compliments from everyone.

Firstly, get at least black or brown Chelsea boots.

Also, they look dope in suede material but mind you have to take care of that material.

Brogues- Firstly a list of dress shoes is incomplete without mentioning brogue. Also, this can be the go-to for your semi-formal and formal occasions.

Tessel Loafers can also get your job done.

So, if you’ve scrolled down to this much and if you have some extra cash to invest you should strive to have hype shoe just like this Balenciaga speed trainers.

So, It’s not necessary it should be very expensive but it should catch attention.

In short one shoe that will make you look awesome.

However, I know some guys how well they take care of their shoes how good they organize them, and how some of them don’t care. Guess what the one who takes care of their kicks last very long.

There are some tips and a few hacks that can help you in taking care of your shoes and keep them fine for a long time.

How you can take care of your shoes

  1. Make a solution with baking soda.

    Make a solution with baking soda, any white toothpaste, and one tablespoon of dish soap to clean your white sneakers with used toothpaste and wash it over. Remove all solution, you will find stains if you don’t.

  2. Save from direct sun.

    Don’t put your shoes on direct sunlight after you wash them. It will damage your shoes.

  3. Buy shoe cream.

    Get the shoe cream for your leather shoes. Seriously, you should use appropriate and recommended shoe cleaning creams.

  4. Use tea bags.

    Use tea bags to remove bad odor from your shoes. Just put the tea bag bad into it and it will absorb all the odor and will make your shoes smell good.

  5. Get shoe trees

    Use shoe trees shaper to make sure that your shoes stay in the same shape.

Some shoes rule you should never break

1. Never buy cheap ones. Also the cheaper the shoe is the faster it will wear out.

2. Invest in good quality. The better the quality the longer it will last. But exceptions are always there.

3. Never play your socks game wrong. Loafers socks are must for loafers& sneakers. If you don’t wear socks it will be soiled up because of sweating.

4. Don’t buy replicas and copy. Therefore if they are expensive they are expensive for a reason.

check this to know you can spot replicas and fake shoes:https://www.wikihow.com/Spot-Fake-Nikes

5. Don’t spend more than you can afford. However, trends come and go value your hard earn money stick to basics and invest your cash in something good.

6. Also no more sandals and jeans, don’t expose your toes.


In conclusion, i would say first learn about shoes. Following with choosing the right pair of kicks so that you make you make your collection in a very practical way.

Also, learn about few hacks that you must know that can make your work easy in maintaining them.


1. Which men’s shoes are most comfortable?

This is very subjective it primarily depends on what lifestyle you have if your young then you must be wearing casual shoes such as sneakers if you’re working professional then formal shoes should be a part of your daily routine.
Later, you get habitual of that, the comfort of any shoes depends on the quality of shoes, depends on the brands you’re wearing. Generally, sneakers are the most comfortable shoe they’re designed for any task.

2. Which men’s shoes are in fashion/trending?

This is a sneaker era there are crazy sneakers everywhere and the companies are making more and more because of demand. There is a sneaker for everyone of every budget, it that huge market, specifically athletic sneakers they replace old school sports shoe design.

3. Where you can buy men’s shoes?

The stores are everywhere in abundance, you can get it online from some good e-commerce size just make sure you get the original ones because there are many stores and online sellers who sell replicas at the same price so, trust your source and get whatever you want.

4. Why men’s shoes are expensive?

In general, shoes are expensive because of quality and materials they used, for example, leather shoes if you buy genuine leather shoes they will cost you more money than you faux leather because of its quality, some sneakers also cost more than average that’s because the comfort they provide you.
For example, Nike focuses on bringing new technology and innovations in his shoes every time to produce more comfortable shoes. Some are priced more than the worth that is because of their brand name.

5. What kind of shoes works best with jeans and shorts?

you can almost put anything with your jeans sneakers, loafers semi-formal shoes you name it. But very specifically what you shouldn’t wear are your formal shoes. Wearing shorts gives you a very look.
So, your shoes should also match that look casual sneakers, skate shoes, casual loafer to even your flip flops.

6. What kind of shoes are best for weddings?

Dress shoes, no brainer you can wear brogues, Chelsea boots, or monk straps anything you can also give a try to tassel loafers they also look classic.
Remember if you’re really serious about your dressing then you just can’t wear your athletic sneakers or sports shoes.



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