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Men’s style and fashion | 4 remarkable insights every man should know

Men’s style and fashion | 4 remarkable insights every man should know

Your uniqueness of expression by your outfit, is style. Fashion is an art that changes over time. But what are the foundations of men’s style and fashion? If you are reading this, then I guess you must have an issue with your appearance and outfit. You might also have the experience of embarrassment.

But let me explain to you, style is self expression with your unique arts and choices of your outfits that communicate with others.

Now you can’t say I don’t have style. Because you wear clothes. Everyone has style, some people know how to express themselves best and some don’t. Men’s style is not dependent on clothing only, it also can be related to anything that makes a person stylish.

Style is an extension of fashion which does not change as fashion. On the other hand, fashion is an industry and a very versatile matter and it’s trendy also. Designers are always creating new creations that are bought by only a few people.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Different between style and fashion
  2. Why does style matter?
  3. How to be stylish?
  4. Important of grooming
  5. Final words on men’s style

Different between style and fashion

These two things are a little confusing right. Well let’s see, why do you cloth by the way? The fundamental is to cover yourself, protect from cold, sun, rain. When you mix art there, by color, design, and so on, that is fashion. And when you want to express uniquely with this art, that becomes part of you, is style, that’s how men’s style born.

Remember Salman khan’s bracelet, ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh’s blue turban. In addition these men’s styles are uniquely part of them.

Fashion is an art industry that is changing constantly with seasons, years, decades. Understanding fashion is necessary but most importantly knowing your-self, where men’s style is born, which is a part of our personality. Which comes from inside, which is not changing with trends.

Here are some key difference between fashion and style:

It is a creative and unique expression of a fashion designerIt is also a unique and creative expression of an individual person
Fashion is versatileStyle is unique
Trendy, temporaryUnique
Related to externalRelated to internal
Fashion must be accepted by society or group of peopleAn individual person is enough
Outside inInside out

Why does style matter?

Because people judge a book by its cover. As simple as that. When you go for a job interview, for sure you choose a white or blue shirt and a nice pant, nice hair-cut, a pair of nice black or brown leather polished loafer or oxford right.

But why? Why not lather jackets, jeans, boots? Because what and how you wear influences how other people think about you. Style is communication and form of expression to stimulate the audience. 

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How to be stylish?

If style is communication and expression, then every human being has style, they may or may not know the best possible way to express themselves, that’s a different topic. Now if I say I have style and you don’t, that’s a complete lie right. Here are some tips that can upgrade not only your but also every men’s style.

1. Know your body type:

According to Dr. William Sheldon, an American psychologist and physician,  there are three body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

Ectomorphs are usually slim and linear body type, skinny guy. They have light build small joints and lean muscle.

Usually, ectomorphs have long and thin limbs and stringy muscles. Because Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, they burn calories very fast. It’s very hard to gain weight and muscle for them.

These types of people need a huge amount of calories in order to gain weight. They can lose fat very quickly. The best diet for them would be one that has higher calories and carbohydrates. 

Characteristic of ectomorphs

  •  Thin
  • Small joint bone
  • Small shoulder
  • Low body fat
  • Longarm and legs
  • Lean muscle mass

Endomorphs are round and fat and soft type and they are usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs. Endomorphs gain fat very easily. They are the opposite of ectomorphs.

Endomorphs have a sluggish metabolism and have to work hard to lose body fat. They often have larger frames and tend to have wider hips than shoulders.

Characteristic of endomorphs

  • Smooth, soft and round shape body
  • Gain muscle and fat easily
  • Lose weight slowly
  • Muscle not so well define
  • Generally slow metabolism

Mesomorphs are muscular types. These types of people are genetically gifted. Often their shoulders are wider than their hips.

Mesomorphs have a naturally athletic physique with large muscles. These types are best in bodybuilding, athletic performance. But there is a downside also, they can gain fat easily than ectomorphs.

Characteristic of mesomorphs

  • Naturally lean and muscular
  • Generally hard and strong body
  •  Medium size joint and bone
  • Gain muscle easily
  • Efficient metabolism

2. Get into shape:

Now if you are out of shape, the best thing you can do to look more attractive and stylish is getting into shape, because its one of the most important factors of men’s style. If you know what your body type is, it’s become easy to guide yourself.

You probably heard the quote “you are what you eat” right. Choose a diet plan according to your current situation and body type. You also can consult with a dietician. Then you can choose to go to a gym or yoga class or join a football class or play tennis, whatever you like to do the most. Make sure it has good physical movement.

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3.Measure body:

Measure your chest, waist, hips, inseam, thigh, upper arm, and sleeve length properly. It is one of the most important parts of men’s style and you have to do it in order to look stylish and attractive. Knowing your body measurement will guide you to shop for perfect fit clothes.

4.Make sure you wear fit clothes:

Fits is the most important principle in the way you dress and look. Clothes are made for an average form and size. We all have different shapes and sizes, so when put it most likely doesn’t fit perfectly in your body.

Now tailoring is your best friend. When you buy readymade clothes, see the sizes, wear them, check them properly. So make sure what you wear fits perfectly in your body, not too tight, not too loose, fit perfectly.

5. Don’t be obsessed about the brands:

Don’t be obsessed with the brands. There are so many people who are obsessed with one or two or three brands. Value the quality rather than the brands and status that attach to the brand. Don’t be afraid to try new items. Because men’s style does not depend on brands.

6. Be confident about what you wear:

When you try something new, it could be a new color or new design, be confident about it. If you’re not it’s going to show. So be comfortable and confident about what you wear and when you know your body measurement and it perfectly fits you, it’s easy to be confident about it.

7. Don’t just buy, invest in clothes:

Don’t be afraid of spending some money on high quality. Now it doesn’t mean you buy branded clothes, it means you need a slight understanding which is good quality and which is not.

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Important of grooming

You probably heard the word “first impression is the last impression.”

Let me explain why that is. According to researchers and experts from New York University, It shows that we make eleven major decisions in the first seven-second about another person in a meeting. We judge on parameters like status, credibility, profession, trust, likeability, etc.

Your appearance and grooming say first before you say something. your physical personality has a lasting effect on the impression of a person’s memory. Your face is the index of your mind. It clearly shows the person’s interest.

If you go for a job interview without proper grooming, no matter how skilled a person you are for that job, you are already judged negatively. Because your grooming appearance says first.

Your appearance expresses motivation and professionalism. When you feel good about yourself you naturally gain confidence and a positive attitude and these qualities also show in your face. So, never underestimate your grooming with your skill, knowledge, experience. These nonverbal messages matter most.

Grooming tips

Here are some grooming tips to look more attractive.

Take care of your skin

If you do not properly take care of your skin, eventually you will get wrinkles, dark spots, blackheads, and many more and these are the enemy of your attractiveness.

Want to know more about your skin, click here

Take care of your hair

  Beautiful and shiny hair always left an impression. Don’t shampoo every day. Because it will dry out your hair. It will also remove essential oil it naturally produces.  Use natural shampoo. Shampoo alone won’t make your hair attractive and shiny, you will also need a natural conditioner.

Trim your hair and beard regularly

Trimming your beard and hair regularly makes you look cleaner and more attractive and this is the most important advice you can get from experts. With every haircut, you should trim your neckline and eyebrow also.

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Final words on men’s style

Fashion and style is not only a part of human life but it also influences our life greatly. We should give a little attention to these things and it doesn’t need much effort and time. Giving attention to style and fashion not only makes you confident but also it will improve our lives.

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