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The Ultimate Guide To Milk Farming | Profit and Requirements Explained


This is startup and business. Animal husbandry or Milk Farming. Farmers and people from rural areas have been involved in milk farming in India since ancient times.

After the efforts of the government in India, many new startups have started. And the youth of our country are creating self-employment as well as jobs for others.

It is very important to know about any startup or business before starting it. How much profit will be made in it, how much will it cost? What will be needed, and most importantly, what will be its future.

So let me tell you today about a startup that has a very bright future. And it is always going to be a demanded thing. Because it is connected with the daily food of human beings.

And its need is increasing day by day. Because the population in India is increasing tremendously.

This is startup and business. Animal husbandry or farming of milk. Farmers and people from rural areas have been involved in farming of milk in India since ancient times.

But in today’s modern age, the field needs people who are educated and know the technology. So much money can be made from this and the growing need for milk can be met.

This business is very good for you if you belong to a rural area and you have farmland with you. All you need is a little information. Which I will give you here today. We will learn about the following questions

What’s in for me

(1) How much profit in farming of milk?
(2) What is the primary requirement for milk farming?
(3) which are the best cattle for milk?
(4) Where to sell milk for more profit?

(1) How much profit in milk farming?

Before starting any business or startup, it is very important to know how much profit it has. A non-profit business is useless.

But today I want you to know that there is a lot of money in this business and very little competition. Understand that is not the case. People here only want good quality and pure milk. If you are honest with this business you will earn a lot of money.

So let’s see what the price is in the market and how much you cost.

At present, if we go to the market to get Amul packing milk with 6% fat, it is RS 54 / liter. So if you sell it directly in the market as raw milk, you can get a liter at Rs 55-56. Because people prefer fresh milk to packaged milk.

Now it costs you an average of Rs 25-26 to produce a liter of milk.

So your profit is Rs 30 per liter. So now you think that if you start even on a small scale and sell 100 liters of milk (50 liters once a day and 2 times during the day) then your monthly income is Rs. 90,000.

So what are you thinking? Leave the city and go to the village and try milk farming business.

We have to remember that we have to work hard.

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(2) What is the primary requirement for milk farming?

Like all businesses, it has some basic requirements for starting milk farming. Such as a stable to keep cattle, a storage room to store their fodder, a farm for green fodder, and a little technology to reduce human power. Which is stated below.

            (1) farm

            (2) Cattle

            (3) Cattle Food

            (4) Men power

            (5) Technology

Please read my blog “ How to setup milk farming?” to know in-depth how to do the basic setup, and how much it will cost, what will be needed.

(3) Which is the best cattle for milk?

 If you are cultivating milk, it is very important to know which cattle are useful for milk. And which cattle milk is more in demand in the market.

So we will see in detail here which cattle are good for milk production.

Thus the mammals are camels, sheep, goats, cows and buffaloes. But cow and buffalo milk are in great demand in the market. And it’s also good for our business.

If you want to sell raw milk directly in the market, you should keep both cows and buffaloes. Because buffaloes give more milk and also have higher fat content. So you can make more money from your pure and high-fat fresh milk.

And some people in the market prefer only cow’s milk. Because it is low in fat and ayurvedically it is very good for the human body. Also some people now use the urine of the native cow as a medicine to drink daily. So you can make money from it too. It’s amazing.

Now you can make pure ghee and buttermilk from the remaining milk. Which is in great demand in the market. At present, even big brands like Amul cannot offer 100% pure ghee. So you have a huge demand for pure ghee in the market. Which you can meet.

You can use cow and buffalo dung and urine for fodder cultivation. So the cost of fodder comes down.

So buffaloes are the best cattle for farming of milk. Because it gives more milk and contains more fat in its milk. And since there is more lactose in its milk, people like it more in taste.

Cross-bred cows give much more milk than buffaloes. It gives an average of 25-30 liters of milk during the day. But it is very low in fat and lactose.

So there is no demand for it in the market as raw milk. even if you want to make a product from milk, you will get a very low yield and you have to work harder.

So don’t use cross-bred gags.

It is better to use a native cow which has a good amount of fat as well as more ammonia in its manure, which makes your farming better.

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(4) Where to sell milk for more profit?

You have produced too much high-fat milk. But it is very important to sell it in the right place. So that you can get a very good profit. So let’s see where we can make a profit by selling milk.

(1) Sell raw milk in urban areas.

Each family consumes 2-3 litres of milk during the day. And the city is very populous. So no matter how much milk you produce you can’t meet the demand of the city. So the urban area is a good place.

If you produce pure and good fat milk and sell it honestly, you don’t have to go to find a customer.

You only have to hold one society in the beginning. It will have at least 150-200 buildings. You just have to start building 40-50. You will be able to sell 100-120 liters of milk comfortably during the day and earn a good profit.

All you have to do is work hard in the morning and in the evening. Or you can keep men if you reach a large base.

(2) Fill the dairy with milk.

If you have started producing a lot of milk and you have not worked hard, you can fill that milk directly in the dairy and make a profit. But you will not get as much profit as you mentioned above.

(3) By making and selling dairy products.

If you produce high-fat milk, you can sell dairy products such as ghee, butter, buttermilk, buttermilk, and packaged milk.

Buttermilk and ghee can be made and sold at home on a small scale. At present there is a great demand for home made pure ghee.

And you can put together a small dairy with 10 to 20 people on a large scale. And can do their own branding.

But remember that if you have to give competition to a big brand like Amul, you should only do branding beyond purity.

So you think, you can start your own business. And you will certainly make a good profit.


As we have seen in this blog, by using cattle like cows and buffaloes, we can make a good profit from their milk. We can earn 90000 / – per month by selling milk in urban areas.



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