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9 Mistakes that may crash your computer making your huge loss.


Hi there, I am Shyam Jaiswal, a web developer, and a newbie digital marketer. Today in this article, I am going to tell you what mistakes you should not do on your computer.

Mistakes that may crash your computer and make you lose your data.

If you make any of these mistakes, you’ll probably make your computer get crashed. Maybe you won’t be able to recover your computer and lose your data.  

Let’s dive in:

  1. Marking wrong partition as active.
  2. Selecting wrong format for boot able drive.
  3. Overloading computer with lots of applications.
  4. Downloading files and software from unknown sites.
  5. Trying to uninstall inbuilt applications.
  6. Updating your computer regularly.
  7. Opening any attachment in your email.
  8. Not taking backups regularly.
  9. Not making a backup of your license keys.
  10. Conclusion.
  11. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

So, let’s begin knowing which are those mistakes.

We are marking the wrong partition as active.

By windows users, this situation is faced at least once in their computing life. Here when users mark the wrong partition as active rather than system reserved partition.

This is first of those mistakes that may crash your computer   

Wrong partition active

Let me explain how users happen. Users open the disk manager to manage their partition. And when people like me who are interested in trying everything, see “Active” written in front of system partition, they decide to change it to their favorite partition as active.  

Mistakes that will crash your computer and will make you lose all your data.

And this step makes their pc to crash, as when your computer boots, it searches for partition, which has boot files (Boot files are inactive partition; hence this situation occurs).  

Boot MGR error

The above image shows the error, which is shown when you reboot your computer after making the wrong partition as active.

How to fix these mistakes. (2 Methods)  

  1. Get a USB drive.  
  2. From a friend’s computer, download the “Mini tool partition wizard” in “.iso” extensions.  
  3. Make a boot able drive using “Rufus” or any other tool.  
  4. Boot your computer with the boot able disk you made.  
Mini tool partition wizard
  1. Select the partition you want to make active.  
  2. Click “Set Active” on the sidebar.  
Mini tool partition wizard drive
  1. Click on the “Apply” button on the bottom left side.  
Mini tool partition wizard drive press yes
  1. Read the “Note” written inbox.  
  2. Press “Yes” to accept.  
Mini tool partition wizard drive press OK
  1. Click on “OK,” and that’s it you’re done.  

If this doesn’t work for you and again you see the same error, you need to clean install a new copy of windows on your computer.  

  1. Format using “Windows 10” .iso file making a DVD or USB drive bootable.  
  2. And now you’ll get your computer healthy by following the first or second method.  

We are selecting the wrong format for the boot able drive.  

When users try to clean install windows using USB Drive and make it bootable, sometimes, they choose the wrong partition scheme for their windows.  

This is the second of those mistakes that may crash your computer.

Let me first explain to you what partition scheme is?  

Partition Scheme means the partition type your computer supports.  

There two types of partition schemes, that are, MBR and GPT.  

Rufus MBR
Rufus Gpt

These partition schemes matter a lot according to your computer. If you select a wrong partition for making your drive boot able, your computer will be stuck on a black screen or sometimes black screen with some dots on the top, depending on your motherboard.  

How to fix this issue?  

Just shut down your computer, remove the bootable drive and again make the drive bootable with another format than which you used previously.  

You can try both the forms to know which format works for your computer.  

When you select the correct scheme, your computer will successfully boot from your USB drive.  

Windows 10 settings you should change for immediately.

You are overloading computer with lots of applications.  

Overloaded Computer

Are you one of those who always want to explore something new? Do you like to try everything that you see and then forget to uninstall the applications you downloaded for only trying?  

This is the third of those mistakes that may crash your computer.

You won’t be knowing about the ill effects of these mistakes, or you won’t be doing this.  

So, I am here to explain these harmful effects and what can be the outcome of these mistakes.  

Many users like me, download many apps only with the intention of only trying the features of the apps, and commonly forget to uninstall them.  

Ill-effects of many useless apps.  

But even you don’t use these apps; these apps use the resources of your computer. For example: These apps use your processor power, ram power, and your internet from the background. That’s shocking, right.  

These apps can even make your hard disk corrupt, and by this, you’ll lose all your data. But these can be stopped easily.  

Yes, I significantly recommend you uninstall all those applications you don’t use, or you don’t need. These will even make your computer faster and also have less pressure on the resources of your computer.   

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You are downloading files and software from unknown sites.  

Unsecure and Unknown Websites

Who doesn’t want to get everything for free? Of course, everyone loves it. And how do we get these? The company is not going to give they’re for free to you. You may be downloading these files from torrent websites or somewhere else.   

This is the fourth of those mistakes that may crash your computer.

But your love of getting things for free can cost you even higher.   

What I mean is that these files and software are modified by hackers who may include a virus, malware, adware, or any other malicious code.  

Which will make your computer full of viruses, or you’ll breach your essential data, which can be your banking data or something else important.  

What can be a better way to be safe from these?  

That’s easy, and you can buy the software or use it for free using the free trial. For movies, you can wait for it to be live on television or watch it in theatre.

You are trying to uninstall inbuilt applications.  

Uninstall In built Apps

Have you ever tried to uninstall Microsoft edge or any other app? If yes, you’ll be knowing that it is not possible to uninstall these apps. 

This is the fifth of those mistakes that may crash your computer. 

But some selfish people tell you some different ways on YouTube or by writing fake articles. And if you follow these articles, it may be possible that you get rid of those apps. But there are even much higher chances that your computer will get a crash, or you make some other mistake and your computer’s situation even much worse.  

The only way to become safe from these problems is to accept that in build applications in windows can be uninstalled at any cost.  

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You are not Updating your computer regularly.  

Not updated

Regularly updating your computer is said to be much important than any other work. Many users don’t have any Wi-Fi, and they use a mobile hotspot to surf the internet on their computer with deficient data availability.  

This is the sixth of those mistakes that may crash your computer. 

And they say that due to the low availability of the internet they can’t update their equipment.   

But for the problem of the internet can you compromise with your security and privacy.  

No, and you shouldn’t be. So, for making yourself safe, install the latest update of your computer now.  

And set it to auto-update.   

You are opening any attachment in your email.  

Spam Email

You may be receiving tons of emails daily. Many of them will be spam emails. These emails may have an attachment to it.

This is the seventh of those mistakes that may crash your computer. 

Please ensure that the email you are opening is from a safe source. After ensuring that the email is secure, then only open the attachment in the email.   

These emails may have many malicious files or codes. Which takes your privacy and security at high risk with various problems.

We are not taking backups regularly.  


This is the eighth of those mistakes that may crash your computer. 

Backup, what I mean by backup? At what interval of time should I take backup? Is it necessary to take complete backup? Where should I make a backup? Do I need to make multiple backups?  

All these questions come to our mind when we think of backup.  

So, here I am to give you the answer to your questions.  

Backup means to make a copy of all your essential documents and files at a safe place, from where you can recover it if needed.   

You should make a backup at regular intervals that can be made daily, weekly, or monthly or even when you make changes in an important file.  

It is not necessary to take a backup of everything on your computer. It is essential to make the backup of only vital records and documents.  

You can take the backup of your data on an external USB drive or cloud storage. But I prefer cloud storage as they are safer than USB storage as USB storage can get corrupt.  

No, you don’t need to make multiple backups if you have one reserve on a secure location, maybe cloud storage like Mega, Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon cloud storage, etc.  

You are not making a backup of your license keys.  

Product keys

This is the ninth of those mistakes that may crash your computer. 

All of you are very intelligent, and hence you have read this article till here for gaining more knowledge, and here I welcome you to the last mistake you can make.  

Many of you will be taking backup, but if you forget to make a backup of your license keys or access key, then you’ll probably lose all access to the products that you have purchased.   

You can create an encrypted file with all your license keys and product keys and also save them on cloud storage.  

This will help you to get rid of your fear of losing your subscription for any product of apps.  


Here, I have told you all the possible mistakes that may crash your computer. And I believe that it is essential that you follow all of the things that I recommended in this article.   

Thank you for reading this complete article; if you read this article by skipping some content in the middle, please read it. As it is said that “Half knowledge is more harmful than no knowledge.”  

I hope this article helped you to know something new or improved to solve your problems.   

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

What may these mistakes result in?  

These mistakes may crash your computer. And some may even make your hard disk corrupt or your ram corrupt.
You may lose all your data and may not be able to recover it.  

Which are those mistakes?  

It is noticed that these mistakes usually occur in a Windows computer.
These mistakes are only seen in Windows 7/8/10.  



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