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13 Simple Morning Routine To Improve Your Life in 2020

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Do you feel restless & unproductive when you wake-up late? And you wanted to wake-up early & wanted to witness the benefits of morning routine, then this blog will surely help you.

Almost everyone who wanted to improve themselves & their life, it’s all starts with one habit which can set the tone for the whole day & that habit called morning routine. If you want to get things done, wanted to be in the right frame of mind for the whole day & being productive all day long then you must inculcate this habit of morning routine.

So now let’s get to know more about how you can build morning routine & what morning rituals should we do to become productive & energetic for the rest of the day.

Table Of Contents:

1. Why did You Want to be a Morning Person?

You may have heard that many successful entrepreneurs or successful people wake up at 4 am, 5 am, earlier than anyone else & have a strong morning routine, but why? Because they can able to fully focus on their work with no presence of any distraction.

They know that they can get things done with more focus when there’s no distraction. So figure out your Why? Why you wanted to wake up early, find your reason & make a morning routines according to that.

Then after that you’ll never feel lost & lack motivation while waking up, that why do I even force myself to wake up early?

2. Make Morning Routine for the Next day:

You should make a list of the morning routine of what you need to achieve the next morning before you go to sleep & it should be very precise & detailed. For each & every task, you must assigned how much time you’ll give. Like-

  •  Wake up at 5 am
  •  Hydrate yourself
  •  Meditate(5min)
  •  Jogging(10min)
  •  Exercise(15-20min)
  • Read
  • Breakfast
  •  Work on that project

You get my point, right. But when you first going to apply it, some days you’ll be able to achieve it but some days you feel low on energy, lack motivation & you could miss out on a day or two.

At that time beat yourself for not achieving it, & don’t let your morale down, any new habits take 21 days to build, so try to be consistent & if you miss, then try the next day with more energy, but don’t give up.

Giving up is easy… but keep going is tough.

3. Change Your Mentality before Sleeping:

Building habits or routine is all depends on your own mindset. If you have this mindset before going to bed is that-I will feel tired if I sleep for only 6hrs then guess what, what’s going to happen, the same thing will turn into reality what you thought of that night before.

So bring change in your mindset & start affirming yourself that, X no. of hrs of sleep is enough for me, I’ll wake up with more energy & I’ll definitely achieve my daily goals & seize the day. And then what you thought of, the same thing will start to take shape in your reality.

So work on your mindset first, before making any morning routine or habit. For some initial days, you will face some difficulties but with time it will be like a walk in the park.

4. Use your Alarm Clock Differently:

I’ve gone through this, I’ve set the alarm daily in my college days to get up early than anyone to get things done in peace. But our brain is so smart that it can adapt to literally any situation, what I do is, when my mobile alarm clock ring, I’m in my half-awake situation turn off the alarm clock & then go back to sleep.

I got pissed after someday & I decided I just need to break this habit of getting up late & then I researched what to do about it & I get to know about many alarm clock apps which will force you to wake-up.

Another option is that old school method set an alarm in your clock or phone & keep it to another room or keep it in a place which will force you to get up from your bed to turn it off & if you don’t then you’ll get beaten for sure by your room-mates or your family with whom you live & then you’ll surely get awake.

5. Hydrate yourself:

Your body gets dehydrated while you sleep for that no. of hours, you always keep yourself hydrated in your awakened hours. Same you need to do when you awake, so drink plenty of water, because the tiredness you feel when you wake-up will vanish when you hydrate yourself.

6. Exercise:

By doing exercise in the early morning you’ll get more energetic not only that, but it also reduces stress, anxiety & also releases endorphins. By doing it for 20-30min daily, you’ll have all the energy you need to deal with different kinds of situations. And by exercise I don’t mean to join the gym, you can do basic exercise at home too.

7. Read:

You’ve heard this phrase many times “Leaders are readers” So this habit is a must in your morning routine if you want to grow in every aspect of life. Start to build this habit & gather as much information as you can.

Pick any self-help book there are many; It’s my favorite & recommended list; Deep Work-Cal Newport, Thinking Fast & Slow- (Daniel Kahneman), The Power Of Habit-(Charles Duhigg) or you can choose any informational book you like.

8. Meditate:

You don’t need to sit like a yogi to do this, just sit back in a calm & relax position & focus on your breathing. Do it for 5min daily & you’ll get clarity to think & the fogginess in your brain starts to diminish.

9. Affirmations:

Affirmations are the positive statements which if you say it daily with conviction & faith it’ll soon will become reality.

Choose whatever affirmation resonates with you & say it with conviction daily.

Like-I will make the most of this day, I believe in myself, I will become my best version, I’m fully capable of achieving that______.

10. Execution:

From your to-do list pick the toughest & important task to start, because in the morning you have more enthusiasm & more motivation to get things done. And then work according to your routine which you have made.

11. Don’t stare at your phone:

Stop using your phone at least 1hr before going to sleep, as it radiates blue light which will keep you awake & damage your sleeping cycle. And don’t use your phone even when you wake up because you don’t want that fresh energy to waste on distractions.

12. Motivate Yourself:

You can listen to anyone’s podcast, interviews who inspire you or you can read some motivational quotes in the morning. But don’t just read & listen for the sake of doing it, let it sink within you & absorb it. If you inculcate this morning routine then this will surely improve your level of productivity.

13. Sleep Early:

This is the most important one, if you’re going to sleep at 3 a.m & expecting that you’ll get wake up at 6:30 a.m then you’re being delusional now.

Forget about executing your morning routine, you won’t be able to do your daily task with full focus & you will feel unproductive for the rest of the day. Because you haven’t slept enough. So according to your body clock cycle get to bed early & rise early.


By waking up early & having a morning routine has so many benefits in your life. You can get things done with more focus on the morning, you’ll already spend half of your time productively while else is just starting getting up.

I agree that building this habit is tough, but when you’ll achieve it then you’ll get to know it’s worthwhile. You will start to feel more energetic, more productive by waking up early. So start to make a list of morning routine by applying all the above-mentioned tips.



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