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How to Build a Badass Morning Routine in 2020 (DEFINITIVE GUIDE)


Building a morning routine is one of the best things that you can do for setting up your life for career growth and mental health.

Here we are going to LEARN:

  1. What is a Morning Routine?
  2. Is Morning Routine Important?
  3. What makes a kick-ass morning routine?
  4. How do I start my morning routine?
  5. My Complete Blueprint to get started!

What is a Morning Routine?

A Morning routine is simply a set of actions you perform in the morning, just before your day’s work, job, or school.

Is Morning Routine Important?

Yes. Having some sort of a morning routine for yourself is important to a more structured and successful life. It just sets up the tone for the day.

Many millionaires and billionaires have spoke about the impact of a good morning routine many times.

What makes a kick-ass morning routine?

I believe there are certain things that everyone should include in their morning routine.

When you are creating your morning routine, make sure you work on these four important aspects of your life:

  1. Physical Aspect
  2. Mental Aspect
  3. Emotional Aspect
  4. Spiritual Aspect

There are various activities you could do for yourself and to target all the aspects listed above in your morning routine.

How do I start my morning routine?

The main purpose of building a morning routine is to add structure to your day, get some extra time for yourself, and set you for the day coming ahead!

So ideally you should start your morning routine with organising your bed, drinking lots of water and freshening up!

Complete Blueprint to get started

So, I have talked about what is a morning routine, why it is important, how to start your morning routine and what aspects you should include in your morning routine.

Now, I will dig deep down into all the things you can do and you should do in your morning routine.


The start of a good morning routine starts the night before.

A few things to tick off the night before:

  1. Silent or DND all your devices and keep them away from you. (Preferably on a table or in the other room)
  2. Clean and organize your space for tomorrow
  3. Create a To-do List for tomorrow (A basic one, one less thing to worry in the morning)
  4. Keep your outfits for tomorrow ready (90% of the people waste time in front of their closet worrying what they are going to wear.)
  5. Decide what you are going to have as your breakfast the night before.
  6. Get 7-8 hours of sleep. (have a consistent sleep cycle)

Follow these tips every single night and you would be able to have an even better morning routine.

2. WAKE UP EARLY: (5 mins)

I believe waking up early is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. I have normally been not so good with this but still, I try my best to wake up as early as possible.

Yes, many people are night owls, but there’s something about waking up early which just sets up your whole mood for the rest of the day.

Many authors like Hal Elrod and Robin Sharma have also written in their respective books, The Miracle Morning and the 5 A.M morning about the benefits of waking up early and how to use the time for yourself.

I know it’s not easy to wake up early and I am not asking you to wake up at 4 in the morning. You can wake up at anytime between 6 to 7 A.M.

Note: Please don’t snooze. It has a huge negative effect on your brain. It’s small but the effect is massive. It was the first thing you had to do, but you failed at doing that (waking up).

Set your alarm to time, when you can wake up. Not some unrealistic time. It’s critical for your morning routine!

3. MAKE YOUR BED: (3 mins)

Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment right of the back in the morning. It’s small but you completed a task just upon waking up.

That’s a good start to a productive day. Most people will underestimate this point, but it’s equally important as the other points.


Drink lots of water. Ideally you should drink as much water you want in the morning at that moment you wake up. You were asleep for 6-8 hours and had nothing. Water is just the need of the hour.

Drink copper charged water if possible (in a copper jug).

Drinking water also freshens you up and energises you!

5.FRESHEN UP (10 mins)

Freshen up. Brush your teeth. You don’t need to rush things the moment you wake up. Do it slowly, consciously.


Freshen up and get your caffeine boost if you drink tea or coffee on a regular basis.

7. EXERCISE OR YOGA (10-60 mins)

It depends on you if you want to do an entire 1-hour workout or just do a 10-20 minutes run or a full-body workout. It all depends on your routine.

But ideally, you should exercise for at least 10 minutes in your morning routine and it becomes a must if you don’t exercise again the entire day.

Just go for a run or walk in the park. You can do a short abs workout or a bodyweight full-body workout. It all depends on you.

If exercise is not your thing, then do yoga. Yoga has been proven to increase concentration and body flexibility.

It also energizes your body. You can even do yoga and exercise on alternative days and take benefits of both these activities.


Getting some sun exposure in the morning is crucial. Sun has impeccable powers to heal your body in many ways. Use the morning to get the benefits.


Body Massage is a great way to relax your body and muscles. Just massage your body for 5 minutes before going for your bath.

You can Coconut Oil, Almond Oil or the King of Oils, The Sesame Oil to massage your body in the morning.

10. TAKE A COLD SHOWER (5 mins)

Cold showers just feel like a punishment, but trust me, cold showers have numerous benefits for your body.

Try to take cold showers in the mornings. If you are not able to take cold showers, then take your normal showers and end your shower with cold water.


Wear your outfit you kept yesterday night and complete your skincare and hair care routine.


How can you miss your breakfast in your morning routine?

Get some food in your belly. Ideally, the meal should be protein-rich and include complex carbohydrates.

You can listen to your favourite music or a podcast episode while preparing and eating your breakfast.

13. JOURNALING (10 mins)

Journaling is a great way to put down your thoughts and ideas for the day. There are many journaling methods but I ideally use these three journaling methods:

  • 5-Minute Journal by Tim Ferris
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • 5-Second Journal by Mel Robbins

All these methods are great ways to put your thoughts on paper in an organized way. Gratitude Journaling is also included in the 5-Second Journal by Mel Robbins, so you can do that too.


You should make it a habit of learning something new every single day. And I think you should include that time in your morning routine.

You can learn almost anything. Here are a few ways to get you started:

  1. Read a Book
  2. Listen to Podcasts
  3. Listen to TED Talks
  4. Watch a Youtube Video

It is just one of the best things you can do in your morning routine.

15. MEDITATE (10-20 mins)

I personally don’t meditate a lot in the morning. I keep my meditation time to the evening routine. Many successful people meditate twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

I like to meditate before bed as it helps me to sleep faster with a calm mind. See what suits you. But you should meditate every day, whether it’s morning or evening.


Just hug your child or spend some time with your parents wishing them good morning or even making them some coffee/tea if possible.

It just elevates your mood to another level.


Ok, so you have done quite a few things in the morning routine. You have already done enough things to calm your mind and are having a positive vibe about the day.

Now it’s time to get to work. Take a look at your to-do list and look for the “BIG THREE”

Steve Jobs used this hack, He identified the three most important tasks for the day, which he had to accomplish. If he would accomplish these three goals in the day, his day would be an entire win.

This is a fantastic trick to prioritize your tasks and work on stuff that matters.


Brian Tracy wrote an entire book on this one tip, EAT THAT FROG. Always finish the most difficult task in your to-do list first.

And that’s a wrap to my ultimate blueprint to a great morning routine!

Ideally it would take you anywhere from 1:30 hours to 2:30 hours to complete this entire morning routine.

I just hope you apply this blueprint in your life and it helps you to get better at what you do and grow in life.

Comment down below which tip are you going to apply first!



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