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8 Most important facts on egg supplement and diet

What kind of world it would be without eggs? It’s not only best for breakfast but also the main ingredients for sweet dishes and lots of snacks.

It is the best source of protein and comes under the top 4 protein sources and this makes egg supplements to be highly effective and efficient.

With low in carbs and has always been a center a focus for every bodybuilder and sports personals. It is considered to be the best to consume an egg every day. 

We will be talking on these topics in our blog

  1. How much protein in an egg?
  2. Is egg yolk good or bad?
  3. Egg white Vs. egg yolk
  4. Do eggs have lean protein
  5. How to cook
  6. How much eggs to eat
  7. Are eggs good option to include in diet for bodybuilding
  8. Benefits and facts of eggs
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

How much protein in an egg?

It changes with the size of eggs, they are shown as follow, have a glance and know what kind of eggs you’re consuming and how much protein you are getting per egg.

  • Small egg (38-40 grams): 5 grams of protein
  • Medium egg (44-46 grams): 5.5-5.7 grams of protein
  • Large egg (50-52 grams): 6.2-5.5 grams of protein
  • Extra-large egg (56-58 grams): 7.0-1.3 grams of protein
  • Jumbo egg (63-65 grams): 8.0-8.2 grams of protein

Is egg yolk good or bad?

Eggs didn’t have this wholesome reputation as it has today, because of its high cholesterol content it was considered as villainous and not suitable to consume,

and hence people started to consume egg whites only.

But days have changed in the year 2000 American Heart Association accepted its healthy consume whole egg a day. If you can limit daily intake of cholesterol to 300mg.

That means if you see cholesterol in a large egg it is somewhere around 200-220mg that is somewhere 70% of your daily limit. Intake of high cholesterol can cause various issues like heart disease and blood pressure.

yolk good or bad

Average egg yolk (large egg) contains 2.7-3 grams of protein.

So it’s better to the consumer an egg with a whole that comes under your daily limit and gives you a good amount of protein but going for more than 1 whole egg can be dangerous in the long term.

If your diet is all about limiting the cholesterol level then it’s better to skip egg yolk and consume only egg whites.

There is no cholesterol in egg whites. Be careful while separating the egg yolk from whites, there are certain techniques and appliances available to do so.

One can even opt for packed egg whites, they comes in variety of packs and brands, now people take egg supplements for gains as well.

Egg white Vs. egg yolk

As we have seen both contain some special beneficiary properties and consist of protein vitamins and nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin.

They are known for building immunity and fight against diseases.

As eggs are easily digested and can be added with almost every kind of dishes and hence it makes it suitable and very easy to involve eggs in daily diet.

Egg yolk consist of almost all fat and nutrients as well, and people who take egg supplements tend to avoid yolk.

On average it stays in 4:3 ratio of egg white protein to egg yolk protein.

white or yellow

If you have to restrict your cholesterol level and taking egg supplements, then it’s recommended to not consume egg yolk and go for only egg whites, as they don’t contain any cholesterol, fat, and also a good source to improve immunity and fight against the disease.

Do eggs have lean protein?

Are eggs a good source of lean protein? An average egg consists of 7 grams of protein when taken as a whole. The ratio of egg white protein to egg yolk protein is 4:3.

This is again a reason to choose egg supplements over whey.

Egg yolk consists of all fat and cholesterol, egg yolk contains 1 to 2 grams of saturated fat, while the egg white is low in calories and almost no fat.

eggs as lean protein

Hence adding egg white in your diet, either as breakfast or lunch is a great option, but hard boil eggs are always the best way to consume egg white to get most out of it.

Because of its high protein content and low in carbs and fat it is considered as the best cheap source and lean protein.

One can even opt for packed egg white if taking egg supplements and egg powder to prevent egg yolk.

How to cook?

Well it’s always been a question that does cooking effects protein. Well there’s a total of 9 types of essential amino acids in the perfect ration and if you are on egg supplements then you must know how to cook your meals to get the best out of it.

cooking tips for eggs

So many people are eating eggs raw, but with this they got the least amount of protein. Infect when we cook eggs we get protein ranging from 90-95 % and when consumed raw it reduces to almost 45%.

Another study says almost all protein is absorbed when cooked but when consumed raw absorption reduces significantly from 60 to 70%, so it is always recommended to people on egg supplements to cook it before consuming.

So we can say eating a cooked egg is far better and a healthy option than eating raw eggs.

Hard boil eggs are the best way to get the best out of your eggs. Since egg white are low in carbs and fat so it becomes friendly to cook and include in dishes.

We can prepare a lot of dishes out of it and fulfill protein requirements by enjoying a good taste.

Adding eggs in cakes, sweet dishes and snacks seem to be a nice option, but don’t forget to restrict the amount of sugar and the amount of oil you are using, else in either way it’d same, consuming cholesterol from oils or egg white is almost same.

The only difference is the cholesterol that we have in our egg yolk as said to be the purest and finest cholesterol in the entire world,

and hence is suitable for those who don’t have any issues in cholesterol restriction as this is the best form of cholesterol one can add in his/her diet.

How many eggs to eat?

Eggs are considered the best source of food you can add in your regular diet. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals and so many essential amino acids and has very high nutrition value.

bodybuilders on egg supplements tend to consume lots of eggs, point to be noticed is that they prefer egg whites.

how many eggs is too many

But, the question is how much to consume, well this question revolves around how much egg white and yolk you are consuming. You have to regulate and eat within your daily limit of cholesterol and protein, anything in access is unhealthy and can cause some serious issues like heart attack and blood pressure in the long term.

On average 6 to 8 egg white and 1 whole egg give you enough protein which can easily fulfill your daily protein requirement.

Are eggs a good option to include in diet for bodybuilding?

egg in bodybuilding

Yes, eggs are considered as one of the best sources of lean protein, and literally no fat and least amount of carbs makes egg supplements better than whey.

We have heard that bodybuilders and sports people consume 30 eggs a day, well in starting it seems to be intimidating and unreal. But all they are consuming is egg white.

They are really nice source of natural protein.

Our body can absorb almost all protein from eggs and hence eggs can help us to reach our daily protein requirement.

Since all fat and cholesterol is concentrated in the egg yolk, it makes it suitable for low cabs diet for bodybuilder and persons how are into strength building or sports.

Well everyone must know about Arnold egg milkshake, in which he says, eggs are always been an integral part of his diet and he consumes an entire whole egg, with eggshell,

yeah exactly he says it’s a better source of calcium and it is good for bone density.

Well, i don’t recommend such things, it’s just a matter of fact.

You can consume 2 whole egg and as much eggs white you want to complete your protein requirements. It can be an easy source and infect reliable and healthy option for protein.

Benefits and facts of eggs

A medium- size egg, consist of following nutrition

  • Calories – 80-85 (calories)
  • Protein (in grams) – 8-9 grams
  • Fat (in grams including saturated and unsaturated fat) – 5-6 grams
  • Sat. fat (in grams) – 1-2 grams

Eggs are the prime source of cheap and high-quality protein. The ratio of eggs white protein to egg yellow protein remains from 4:3. Egg white also contains a good amount of vitamin B2 and all fat is concentrated in the yolk.

Hence egg yolk contains more calories and fat than white. There is further a long list of beneficial nutrition, they are.

Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, iron, copper, and a good amount of zinc as well. Egg yolk is a good source of vitamins like, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E which is really good for hairs. Egg yolk is also the main base material of our favorite mayonnaise.

Well, contents ration and amount changes with what chicken have been fed and even with demographic locations.

Eggs provide some essential nutrition which our body cannot produce and has to be taken from outside, a vegan diet doesn’t allow us to eat eggs, so for them,

it’s better to go for supplements and fulfill daily requirements.

Further are various types of eggs,

chicken duck eggs
chicken, duck and goose egg

Duck eggs

They’re a bit bigger in size when compared to chicken eggs and look almost the same. They vary in size and colors. Unlike chicken eggs, duck eggs contain more fat.

Quail eggs

Taste and aroma similar to that of chicken eggs, but are small in size. They’re almost 20 percent of the size of a large chicken egg. They vary in colors.


To sum up, we can say eggs are really good when taken as an egg diet or as an egg supplement.

The only thing you need to understand is the amount of cholesterol, your body is allowed to take per day.

Limiting the consumption of yolk can be a best option.


Q. Is it bad to eat eggs everyday?

Ans. No, you just need to regulate your daily cholesterol intake, within the permissible range.

Q. Ia eating 2 eggs a day healthy?

Ans. If you’re eating jumbo eggs, then maybe you might intake more cholesterol which is eventually not good for your body. But, anything below jumbo eggs with 2 in number is okay!


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