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Most important things to know about how muscle builds

Muscle is a group of soft tissues, having protein and storage of actin and myosin which moves easily over each other which helps in contraction and stretching.

This ultimately helps in changing the size and shape of muscles, and helps for our daily movement and generating force.

We will be talking on these topics in this blog,

  1. Types of muscles
  2. The science behind muscle growth
  3. How exercise helps
  4. Do males and females have different muscles?
  5. How to shock muscles
  6. Types of muscles structure
  7. How aging effects on muscle growth
  8. How cardio helps in muscle building
  9. When do muscle grow
  10. Diet for muscle building
  11. Conclusion
  12. FAQ

Types of muscles

There are three types of muscles. They are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac which is also called myocardium.

Let’s focus on them one by one

types of muscles

Skeletal Muscles

They’re voluntary muscles, which means we can control them. They are connected to the skeleton and helps in movement and maintaining posture. Like sitting, walking, or standing. These groups are used in all these activities.

An average male contains 40 to 44 % skeletal group and an average female contains 35 to 39% of the skeletal group. These are a percentage of their body mass.

Smooth Muscles

Smooth muscles are involuntary muscles, which means we cannot control them on our will. They are found inside the organs, like the stomach, blood vessels, intestines, etc.

Can be responsible of erection of body hairs.

Cardiac Muscles

They are also involuntary , they are found in heart.

Now when we know all types of muscles lets focus on the science behind the growth of tissues and everything about muscles.

Like what exercise does and how it helps to grow, the science behind muscle growth, their types, and what diet can offer for their building. Let’s start with the science behind growth.

The science behind muscle growth

Maybe you are a newbie or a pro in building muscle and strength. In any way what exactly is happening below the skin – the pain you face after chest day or the soreness after leg day could be a mystery for you till now.

Let’s dig deep into it to find it out why it happens, and is it good for our muscles.

Muscles are important for tour body and physical health as well rather than just to show. For a good metabolism and fitness muscles plays a vital role.

Muscle growth is also sometimes referred to as skeletal hypotrophy, it follows a sequence of stages which involved creating and addition of more myosin layers to each fiber of our muscles.

This involves rapture and joining of cells again and again, and whenever a layer is recovered it becomes big and wide from the original stage and which results in getting bigger and stronger day by day.

But this is not that simple, this science involves two main components which is protein and a way to build/give strain over muscles known as Mtor.

how muscle grows

How exactly it happens

Now whenever you go to the gym or do exercise which mostly including pumping iron, what you do is initiating Mtor to start its function, what it does is to regulate your body muscle and this whole process is called MPS or muscle protein synthesis.

But wait a moment science has never been this simple. Isn’t it!

Muscle requires protein to build and recover, and if your body is protein deficient then it’s an overall negative and hence you won’t gain.

You must be thinking, how to calculate how much protein one need?

Well that’s an easy calculation, it totally depends on your body weight,

Say your body weight is 80 Kgs or 176 pounds, then you require

80 * (0.1 – 02) grams of protein = 80 to 160 grams per day.

And not exceeding this value.

Well now we can say, muscles are not just to show off and or not just about aesthetics. It is a way of living healthy, improving lifestyle by building strength, especially when you will start aging you will be most benefited from this healthy lifestyle.

Now, when we have talked about the science behind, let’s start the talk on how exercise helps.

How exercise helps

There is no specific exercise of weight training which helps to build muscles, actually, almost all types of weight training can eventually contribute to building muscles.

muscle growth

It can be any type of weight either from your own body weight using gravity in the form of chin-ups, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, etc. or can be from artificial weights or resistance training which helps to stretch tour muscles and support to rapture, eventually helps to get stronger and bigger day by day.

There is a misconception that only protein contributes to building muscle. But in reality, the role of protein starts after the resistance training is over and your muscles need to get recovered.

You need carbs to push metals and to lift them, Carbs is the most important nutrient to lift metal, and this is why pre-workout is loaded with carbs to support you during your gym.

Hence, there is a good balance of carbs and protein and other nutrients like minerals and vitamins to build muscles.

And, exercise is the sole player here, which excites mtor to function and make our body to develop muscles.

Do males and females have different muscles?

Do woman and man have different types of muscles

When the comparison is about strength both males and females have similar strengths. But males do have more muscle fiber and hence are stronger than females when compared with muscle to weight ratio.

Because males have more mass when compared to females.

How to shock muscles

This concept is very important for all those pros who are pumping metals but still not getting good results, there is something called muscle memory.

What it does is retain the weight and resistance and get used to it and hence which results in stopping muscle rapture, this is like an anti muscle breaking mechanism by the body.

If you follow Arnold, which practically everyone knows and does. You will come to know about variation in exercises and the reason behind is muscle memory.

how to shock muscles

Because when you do the same 5 exercise repetition every day for a week or so, you will lose the efficiency of gain and remain questioning how muscle builds. Because there won’t be any muscle shock

Muscle shock happens when you do something unusual, which you don’t do regularly. Like everyone knows the pain we all have faced after our leg day.

Well it’s quite interesting to notice that our legs can easily carry us and helps us to do all movement throughout the day, but very soon we implement some weights it starts to get difficult.

Because our legs have developed a muscle memory or strain and weight.

Types of muscles structure

We have seen some people get shredded very easily and some people keep on bulking and getting wide and it seems to be really difficult to get shredded for those people.

The reason behind is quite simple.

It’s because of body structure, there are three types of body structure shown below,

types of muscle struture


  • They have a high metabolism and well-built muscles.
  • They are muscular.


  • They face difficulty in muscle building,
  • They are lean and long in height.


  • They have high body fat.
  • Their body has a high tendency to store fat.
  • They are big body structure.

How aging effects on muscle growth

There is a medical term related to it, which is “SARCOPENIA” which describes age-related muscle loss.

how muscle growth changes with aging

It is a natural process of ageing.

This means with aging our body has a tendency to lose muscles. For every 10 years your body can reduce up to 5% of muscles.

Anyone can lose up to 30 % to 35 % of muscle mass in an entire lifetime.

Muscle loss generally increases after the age of 30, though it depends on lifestyle and medical conditions as well. So, this number can vary from person to person and even with demographic.

Chances of fracture from fall can increase up to 3 % because of muscle loss.

Muscle loss can be because of the low level of testosterone. So, it’s recommended to get checked the levels regularly.

Well muscle loss happens after the age of 30, this doesn’t mean that you can not develop muscle after the age of 30, it’s just the response can be decreased and could be a little hard to develop muscle. But in return, it will give you a happy lifestyle and can help to reduce muscle loss.

You can even build good muscles after entering this age, as you don’t have to attend classes and run for an interview or your internship and now you can dedicate good time to training and weight lifting.

How cardio helps in muscle building

how cardio helps in muscle growth

Cardio helps to improve metabolism and reduce body weight. It supports your weight training in various ways, and ultimately plays a crucial role in how muscle builds.

When do muscle grow

As we have seen in how exercise helps the topic, when muscle grows, when we provide sufficient protein to our body, muscles to be exact, the recovery process starts and hence helps in muscle building.

Diet for muscle building

Which food builds muscle, this is one of the famous questions on how muscle builds, and even on diet for bodybuilding, please visit our blogs on both of them.

10 Best supplements for bodybuilding

10 best Supplements for Vegan diet

Best weight loss diet you should know

Nutrition facts of egg

 I hope all these blogs can help you to understand more about diet and what a healthy diet is, which food builds muscle.

Now we have covered, how muscle builds, we have talked about muscle memory and how to tackle muscle memory, what are all diet for bodybuilding, then we talked about how exercise helps and with which food builds muscle and how healthy diet help have been discussed, and ended with the diet for muscle building.

Thank you for being connected till here, hope you would have found it useful, please write back to us and let us know for any query.


To sum up, we can say to gain muscles we need to understand the science and then target them for the maximum result.

We have mentioned the types of muscle structure and their natural behavior, workout accordingly to increase the gain.


Q. how can you gain muscle fast?

Ans. Improving your diet, by including more protein and vitamins involving compound exercises in your training.

Q. What exercise helps to build muscles?

Ans. Any resistance training and weight training can help, you can try a compound exercise for fast and better results.


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