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Most Popular Types Of Dresses

Dressing sense is as important as eating healthy food because it creates your personality. Dress does not have one category, it has more than a hundred types of variety.

I know maybe you are too selective to pick up a dress. Or a little confused, which dress is perfect for an upcoming occasion.

Before you start buying anything just take a look at each type of dresses so you get a solution for your entire life.

So,You will know;

1. Different Types of Dresses
2. Dresses by Category
3. How to Dress up for a Party
4. How to Dress up for an Interview
5. Dress to Impress!
6. Summary
7. FAQ

Women wear a type of winter dress

1. Different Types of Dresses

There are more than 100 types of dresses are available in the fashion industry but you really don’t need to know all those, why?

The reason no.1. Fashion trends change very quickly.

No.2. If you look at the history, there’s only some styles still popular today. Rest of the fade by time.

So in this topic, you’ll know some of the most impressive dresses by all time.



The cutting of the dress looks “A”. The dress has a fitted waist with straight flared. Short height person can wear so it creates an illusion on the body shape.

Baby Doll

A dress is a sweet, short dress with a fitted bodice and loosely gathered. usually used as a nightdress.


The name suggests it’s a body-hugging dress which is made of stretchy fabric. It’s a tight-fitting dress mostly preferred knee-length or above the knee. Especially the dress highlights a body shape. It looks awesome on an Hourglass body shape.


In this dress, the hemline twisted inwards with the liner so it looks like a balloon.


A ruffled long gown dress usually has tea-length or floor length.

Bandage Dress

A fitted body con dress is sewn with multiple thin cloths. Which is look like bandaged around the dress.


Something attached with a dress is called cape so the cape as part of the dress.

Cocktail Dress

A short knee-length or above the knee length dress especially for semi-formal, formal functions or a party.

Camisole Dress

A camisole worn over a dress or tops. Together called camisole dress.

Denim dress

Denim is a type of fabric and when a dress made from denim fabric is called denim dress.

Empire Waist Dress

A high waist fitting dress ends just below the bust.

Fit and Flare Dress

Fitted in the top portion and panel flared towards the end of the dress.

Handkerchief Hemline Dress

An asymmetrical hemline dress. If you put a handkerchief in the middle you can see the sides, it is called asymmetrical.

High low Dress

A dress usually has fitted bodies with a high front hemline ended with a long low back hemline.

Layered Dress

A dress with layers In the bottom. Mostly has three layers or multiple layers.

Lace-up dress

Dress includes with ribbon or chain crisscross design.

Maxi dress

Popular known as maxi length. This dress ended in the ankles. The dress mostly has loose-fitting.

Midi length Dress

The dress ended below the knee-length.

Mini dress

The bottom of the dress is just 3 or 4 inches longer from the high hip.

Off Shoulder Dress

Dress without shoulder covers but it’s not strapless.

Shift Dress

This is a loose-fitting dress. Very comfortable for any season.

Sheath Dress

A tight-fitting knee-length dress. Usually has a slit in the back.

Skater dress

Dress with fitted bodies and circular bottoms.

Slit Dresses

Long gown cut by the one side, mostly the length of the cut is hip level or crotch level or above the knee length.

Wrap Dresses

One side wrapped around the other side. Dress can be any length.

Wrap dress

2. Dresses by Category

Now you might be wondering, those dresses are just for day to day wearable dress for women.

What about for men?

So, Men and women both have Casual or Informal wear, Ethnic wear, Semi-formal and Formalwear and Garment Industry Working Process makes all types of dresses available in the market.

So, Wanted to know more by each category? Sure, here it is

Formal wear

Meno suit or formal dress

Business attire mostly known as formalwear. Which is usually used for official work, for interviews, office meeting, any conference(base on the company’s own system).

Examples, For men Suit, full shirt, tie. For women – knee-length skirt or tailored pant, blazer, full sleeve shirt.

Women's formal dresses

Colour is highly recommended for formal wear. It should be light nude, earthy or pastel shade. Example – Grey, Beige, Navy blue, sky etc. Highly dark, vibrant colour should be avoided.

Informal wear

The meaning of Informal dress is different for everyone. Basically, everyday wearable dress is called informal or casual dress. Men and women have different points of view about dress selection, depending on their own moods.

Men's informal dresses or T-shirt

So, Jeans, shirts, Hudy or t-shirt is a good choice for men and women have lots of options. They can wear any types of dresses according to an event they are going to attend.

Semi-Formal wear

A dress is neither a formal nor a casual is called a semi-formal dress. It’s basically a combination of two types of dresses, It can be formal(pant)and a t-shirt with a blazer for men.

For women, a semi-formal dress can be a ruffled neckline top with a tailored pant or a pencil skirt with a blazer.

3. How to Dress up for a Party?

I can not say how to dress up for a party, because it’s absolutely your choice right! You have your own personal choice. But as a designer, I can explain some noticeable point so you might remember then you will be the centre of the party. It’s both for men and women.

Before you go to a party check the theme of the party, is it a theme based party, casual, formal, semi-formal, traditional or a cocktail party. According to the theme, you can dress up. as you know earlier about different types of dresses.

Now a colour and pattern of the dress is very much important because the atmosphere of a party tell you the colour. In the morning celebration, you can go for a solid or printed soft, light colour dress.

Spring-summer season

In the this season, you can go with cotton, modal, Jersey, lightweight fabric-based dresses. In the fall-winter season, you can use silk, georgette, double knits, denim, woollen, heavy sweater knits base dresses.

Night atmosphere dressing

But In the night, the colour should be vibrant or dark colour with embellishment, beaded, sequin work, shimmery, glossy dress which is more preferable. Black or white is undoubtedly won everything. But don’t wear black and white together except for a particular theme based party.

If you don’t like to go with any other colours go for this evergreen lovable colour, it’s for everyone. Try to make different colour combinations for the top and bottom.

Because when you wear one single colour for top to bottom with matching jewellery, shoes and makeup and try to create an illusion, it will not look pretty but terrible.

For women, you can use dark colour dresses with soft eye shadow and lipstick should be matched with the dress colour or you can change with the matching eyes, light lipstick and vice versa. You should also know about Indian fashion Trends.

Make your own style so you can make your own identity.

Men's grooming set for Interview

4. How to Dress up for an Interview

As I mentioned before, both men and women should be wear need and tidy solid colour formal or business attire for an interview.

Minimum accessories or no accessories, light makeup, tidy hair is perfect. Men you need to be very careful about your look; should prefer a clean shave.

As per your concern, maybe you think you have a warm undertone but please don’t go with a warm tone colour such as red, orange, yellow and cool tone dark violet. Which is not for an interview. Don’t wear a mini skirt or midi length. Knee-length is best.

Any type of embellishment is not recommending. Make your attire as simple as possible. Metal belt, printed tie also not preferable for men.

If you are confused about your undertone, then go with neutral colours or pastel shades.

5. Dress to Impress

As you realize how a dress type impacts the whole look of a person, you will be able to dress up for anywhere. Different dress described a different definition(5 “D”! Lol).

Before you select any dress to make sure about your body shape. It impacts a lot.

Men and women Body shape infographic

So, according to body shape and undertone, anyone can select their suitable dress form. A comfortable, sustainable dress is best for anywhere, style is just a reflection.

Make sure your own personality reflects on your dress. It’s not about to impress it’s about express.

Fashion is all about express so no matter if you don’t follow all these words, follow your heart and express yourself. That’s it.


Now, I would like to conclude with an overview of this blog. I hope you get amazing information. So, Fashion comprising style, men and women both have their own style preference.

Different types of dresses impacts on different way.

It’s someone’s personal choice of wearing a particular style of dress. Above dresses not only make you beautiful but also, tell others of your personality. Either you are a shy like me or a cheerful person be satisfied, confident with your dressing style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of dresses are for slimming?

Dark colour always creates an illusion and straight cut dress, a dress with a partially dark colour of the both hemlines, make look slimmer than other dresses.

2. Types of dresses to wear during pregnancy?

You Can use maxi dresses or full flared dresses, cotton made underwear, a well-cut maternity Trousers, stretchy skirt (like Jersey) and most importantly every dress should be comfortable.

3. Types of dresses for pear-shaped body?

Lower body is heavier than chest is the pear-shaped body, so yolk dress is good, dark colour can create an illusion so go for it. The waist part not be highlighted. Try to highlight the chest area with embroidery work dresses.

4. Types of dresses for Apple-shaped body?

A-line dress form is literally good on this shape, high waist skirt or straight cut pant also can wear, try to wear less details on upper body dresses(chest area).

Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

Rasmi Mondal
Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

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