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9 Most Powerful Self Development Books to read in 2020


Self development books or books over Personal Development are some of those books which many times even change the life of a person and also the perspective he use to look at life. So, In this blog, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Self development books of all time. You can read these books to improve several aspects of your life.

Before diving deep into the list of Self Improvement and Self development books, we have to take a brief overview of Self development.

What is Self Development?

Self Development can be simply defined as “Becoming a better version of yourself”. Self Development is a way of making yourself a better person in terms of any of the areas you’d like.

Your life has several different aspects like career, fitness, money, intellect, relationships, status, and more. You must always try to keep yourself improving in these aspects and bringing out a positive change in your life.  By continuously developing yourself, you’ll ultimately become a better person in life.

Reading books is the best way to learn the life-long learnings of great and successful people. Books are a great source of knowledge and experiences and one can get by just reading it.

What someone experiences and learned in his whole life is shared in a book. So, it is a great way to know about such experiences that had already changed the life of the author. And even such knowledge can also change yours.

Now when talking about Self Development books, many great authors wrote several such books which could help you improve yourself in some or the other field of life. But, today I’m sharing you a list of those awesome self development books which are considered the best in the area, and which will definitely open your mind to all new horizons. Some of the best books of different areas of Self Development by which you can start your reading journey for improving and developing yourself are as follows. Have a look over them!

List of Self Development Books

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Financial Education is the most important skill in today’s world. And there is no better book to understand the concepts and importance of financial education than Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book tells about the life of the author, who has two fathers. One was his real father, whom he used to call his poor dad. The other one was his friend Mike’s father, whom he calls his rich dad. The poor dad was an educated man and a government employee, and the rich dad was a self-employed businessman.

Robert got the guidance and advice of both of his fathers and in this book. He shared his experience about what the rich people teach to their kids about money, which poor and middle-class people do not.

This amazing books offers you knowledge about money. Such knowledge develops your mindset and makes you build a life of financial freedom.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This self development book tells the story of a young shepherd boy, Santiago, who is looking for a worldly treasure as per his dreams. He travels to several places, meets several characters including an alchemist.

All characters played their roles in a manner to give some learning to the young Santiago and also assist him in his treasure-hunting journey. No one knows whether the young shepherd will find the treasure or not.

Several obstacles came in his journey, but he carried on his quest and finally got the treasure also. Even the treasure was hidden under the tree where he had dreamed of that treasure and from where he had started his journey.

This book is basically a tale having some great knowledge for its readers. You will get very good knowledge that the importance of the journey is no way less than the importance of the final result. Also, some great teachings by Alchemist made this book a gem.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This best-seller has millions of its copies sold till now. For the purpose of improving your communication skills, this is the book I recommend the most to you.

Author, Dale Carnegie, being a salesman at a point, learned a lot about communicating and interacting with people. In this book, he shared his best life-learnings and tells some principles and rules of communication.

This self development book has the core idea of how you can change the behavior and opinion of other people just by changing yours. Dealing with people is a big problem. But you can simply do that by applying the practical tips of this book.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book by Napolean Hill is probably the most famous Success book till date. The title of the book might sound like it’s a book over financial knowledge, but actually this book is actually not just about money but about every aspect.

The book contains the data of such 13 habits of successful people which they have in common. Napolean extracted this data by studying over 500 individuals for 20 years.

Rich is not defined only in monetary terms in this book. This book gives direction to your mind to think in such a manner that you’ll succeed in both your professional life, as well as in your personal life. This self development book offers the power of thoughts in feeding your brain to achieve financial success and personal satisfaction in life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This is a very famous Self development book. As titled, this book lays 7 common habits of highly effective people, who have achieved great success in life, and you can also achieve it by adopting those habits.

This book teaches you to improve your effectiveness in both personal and professional aspects, just by changing your perspective of looking at the world. You can change the way the world works by changing your perceptions only.

This self-help book is very much influential and that’s the reason I’m recommending it to you guys. As working upon your self development, adopting such success habits will make you really effective.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

This psychology book assists you in getting a new viewpoint towards life. This powerful and very influential book teaches you a psychological approach of logotherapy, which lets you find the meaning in your life.

In this book, Viktor Frankl shared his tragic experiences of surviving the Nazi concentration camps as a prisoner during World War II. In that war, Frankl experience that the desire for meaning in life is one of the biggest human desires. Frankl gives a detailed description of daily struggles in the camp. His psychological theories during that time give you a clear view to add a purpose or meaning on your life. The best part of this self development book is that it does not have a spiritual tone, but a practical approach to give you meaning.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

In this book, the author, Norman Peale, explained about the power and importance of positive thinking in life. This is a great self-improvement book describing how you can handle your problems, both external and internal, with a positive mindset.

You can control your life just by controlling your thoughts. This book makes you believe in yourself and gives you a positive mindset. It teaches you the ways of having peace of mind, mental satisfaction, and ongoing energy flow.

This self development book contains some practical as well as some religious illustrations to make readers understand the importance of positive thinking in life. A positive mental attitude is all you need to overcome any obstacle. And this book suggests ways to get a positive attitude.

Why We Do What We Do by Edward L. Deci

This self-help book is subtitled as “Understanding Self-Motivation”. This book asks about what motivates us all-being a student, or an employee, or an individual.

All the things we do in our life is because of some sort of motivation in some or the other way. This book is opening the layers of motivation for its readers so that they can better understand the factors inducing us to take action.

Deci explains the ways by which an individual will feel motivated by himself, rather than working by any kind of outer motivation. Deci stated two types of motivation n this book–Autonomous motivation and Controlled motivation, and describes how the first one is better than the other.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

According to the author, worrying too much in life makes your life shorter. So, he is sharing some ways to overcome worries, which ultimately makes your life more peaceful and happier.

Dale Carnegie tells that he himself was a worrier at one point of his life. He used to feel miserable all the time. Then, he slowly develops his mind and learns some ways to get rid of those worries which leads him to a great door of success in life.

In this self development book, he shared those experiences and learnings, and suggests some tools, techniques, and ways for his readers to deal with worries and to live a carefree, satisfied, and happier life.


Above mentioned are the 9 most Influential Self-Development books which I think everyone, striving to improve himself and develop his skills, should read. If you also want to change your mindset and wanna move forward on the way of improving yourself, then it is highly suggested by me to read these books at least once. This will help you find a direction in your life, and also make you a better person.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are Self development books, or Personal development books, or self-help books same?

Yeah, they are same. All of such books aims at making your life better and improving you as a person.

Does Self-help or Self development books work?

Nothing will work unless you do. These books can only provide you a direction and guidance, but you have to take the actions yourself if you want to improve your life.

What are some good Self development books for beginnners?

The list that I’ve mentioned above contains the books of almost every domain. If you’re a beginner, then you should first read these 9 books. This will help you in realizing the things or skills you’re lacking in. And after that, you can also read more books over that skill and go deeper into it to improve that skill.

Are these books available on Audible?

Most of them are available on Audible, but not all of them. But if you wanna get the audiobooks, you can find them over Internet.

Should we read these books or should we hear them on audiobooks?

No matter how you fed your mind with the knowledge of these books, the important thing that matters is how much you’ve understand it. And even more important thing is that how much you’re working upon the knowledge and following it.



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