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Mughlai Paratha Recipe – 3 Easy Step Of Making Delicious Mughlai Paratha


Mughlai Paratha is a special kind of Paratha which is loved by everyone, the Mughlai Paratha consist of the most thickest layer of staffing than any other Parathas.

In this I will take you to the ride lane full of Flavours that’s Makes the most perfect Mughlai Paratha in just 3 Easy Steps.

What are content that you will read in the blog

  1. History Of Origin
  2. Categories Of Parathas
  3. Types Of Parathas
  4. Ingredients
  5. Method Of Preparation
  6. Nutritional Information
  7. FAQ

1. History of Origin

The Hindustani Word Paratha has been derived from a Sanskrit word Parasth which denotes victory.

Manasollasa a Sanskrit encyclopedia of 12th century written by Someshvara have mentioned several recipes different types of Puranpolis which Acharya describes as the Paratha,

in the book Punjabunder the Sultan written by Nijjar mentioned that during the time of 1000 to 1526 A.D.

Parauthas were common with the nobility and aristocracy in Punjab.

According to Banerji though Parathas are associated with mostly North Indian and Punjabi cooking,

But Mughals were also found of Parathas which might give raise to the Dhakai Paratha the multi-layered Paratha which take it’s from the place of Origin Dhaka now in Bangladesh and then in India.

However Mughlai Paratha is Originated from Kolkata it have entered the Kolkata when Bahadur Shah was exiled in Metiabruz Mughlai Paratha at the time of British Indian Empire it’a became a popular snacks.

2. Categories of Parathas

Parathas are mainly categorized into two categories Unstuffed Parthas and Stuffed Parathas.

The difference between Stuffed Parathas and Unstuffed Parthas is that in Unstuffed Parthas we make dough using oil, salt, sugar and ajwain and fry the thick round disc of dough with ghee or oil,

Where as in the case of Stuffed Parathas we will prepare the dough same as as we used to prepared in the case of non Stuffed Parathas but in this case we will also prepare a stuffing for Parathas and we first fill the dough balls with the stuffing and then prepare the thick round disc out of the dough balls and then we will fry the round disc with oil or ghee,

We should remember that we should not make the disc too thick but it should be comparatively thicker than Chapatis. Mughlai Paratha is categorized under Stuffed Paratha.

3. Types of Parathas

There are severa types of both Stuffed and non Stuffed Parathas some of them are

Ajwain Paratha, Aloo Ka Paratha, Aloo Cheese Paratha, Anda or Egg Paratha,

Patta Gobi Ka Paratha, Batuha Paratha, Boondi Paratha, Ceylon Paratha,

Chana Paratha, Channa Dal Paratha, Chicken Paratha, Mirch Paratha, Dal Paratha,

Dhakai Paratha, Dhaniya Paratha, Gajar Paratha, Gobi Ka Paratha, Jaipuri Paratha,

Kerala Paratha, Lachha Paratha, Lasuni Paratha, Lauki Paratha, Makka Paratha, Mattar Paratha,

Meethi Paratha, Mughlai Paratha, Murthal Paratha, Mutton Paratha, Papeetey la Paratha,

Mix Paratha, Panner Paratha, Papad Paratha, Parton Wala Paratha, Petai paratha,

Plain Paratha, Podeema Paratha, Putthay Tawwae Ka Paratha, Piyaz Ka Paratha,

Qeema Paratha , Roti Paratha, Tandoori Paratha, Sattu Paratha, Shrimp Paratha,

Sugar Paratha and Tomato Paratha etc.

But recently in western Countries and in India also we could see there packed readymade versions of Parathas

where we oly have to fry it and the become ready to be served

However it is not as healthy as homemade Parathas as it contains preservatives and artificial Flavouring.

4. Ingredients

  1. Whole Wheat Flour
  2. Ghee
  3. Eggs
  4. Onions
  5. Green Chilies
  6. Chicken Keema or minced Chicken
  7. Coriander Leaves
  8. Bread Crumbs
  9. Salt
  10. Nuts
  11. Garam Masala
  12. Oil

5. Method of Preparation

The method of Preparation of Mughlai Paratha is basically divided into three

First parts making the dough,

Second preparing the Stuffing and

The Third and the last stage frying the Mughlai Parathas.

Preparing The Dough

Making the dough of the Mughlai Paratha is Very Easy at first we have to take an empty bowl then put the whole wheat flour and pour some oil and salt into it and pour some water and make a soft dough out of it.

Preparation Of The Stuffing

After the dough is hear comes the second stage where we will prepare the Stuffing of the Mughlai Paratha

For preparing the Stuffing we have to first take an empty bowl and breaks the eggs into it and

Add little bit of ghee, garam Masala, Chicken Minced, chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves, nuts, chopped green chilies, nuts and breadcrumbs and salt and mix it well so that it have a nice texture.

After Stuffing is ready the last and final stage will come where we will fry the Mughlai Paratha

Frying The Mughlai Parathas

Here comes the last stage after making our Stuffing where we fry our Mughlai Parathas

For that we first have take an empty Pan and turn on the gas stove flame and let it be heated and

Then pour oil in it then a big ball from the dough and dip it well into the oil and then make a very thin and large disc of it then pour the stuffing in it fold it completely from the four sides and then carefully release it into the oil and deep fry it

now the Mughlai Paratha is ready to be severed with Dum Aloo, Chutney and Salad.

If you love reading this recipe you can also read the recipe of Laal Maans, Butter Chicken, Aloo ka Paratha and Shami Kebab.

6. Nutritional Information

One Mughlai Paratha contain almost 175 calories,

6 g to 7 g of Carbohydrates,

11 g to 15 g of Fats and

11 g to 12 g of Protein.

7. FAQ

1. What are the types of Parathas ?

Parathas are of two different types Stuffed Parathas and Non Stuffed Parathas.

2. What are the alternatives of Chicken in Mughlai Paratha ?

Panner, Soyabeans, Praws, Fish, Mutton are the alternatives of Chicken in Mughlai Paratha.

3. What is the speciality of Mughlai Paratha ?

Mughlai Paratha is the Thickest Stuffed Paratha.



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