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4 Best Must-Have Local Business App For Android

4 Best Must-Have Apps For Business

In this digital world, we use some applications on a daily basis that can be social media, games, or anything. But if you are in a business, then you must have some local business app that can help you to grow in your industry.

There are around 2.87 million android apps on the Google Play Store in March 2020. Remember, it includes only android apps of all categories. But we will discuss only android local business apps that users must have to install on their Android mobile phone.

We had created a shortlist of the multipurpose android local business app. We will review applications that can help to communicate with each other, help for store documents, help for creating business cards, help for getting updated, and support to not miss any meeting or any conference. Then we will take an overview of the pros and cons of the android apps that we had discussed. Then we will discuss questions and answers that users usually asked on the internet about the list of android apps. But first of all, let’s take a look at what the index says.


  1. Skype
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Business Card Maker


Skype is a web-based communication tool by Microsoft itself. It provides various communication tools like video chat, international calls, and text from the web. Skype provides almost all these services for free.

Skype provides group meetings online for up to 250 people at a time. It is the most secure communication platform who has strong authentication and encryption. Skype supports almost all types of platforms like Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, web-based, and Windows mobile. Nearly all kinds of local businesses use this android app for better communication for their business.

Users can also call from Skype to the mobile and landline. But to do this, users have to pay some money. Skype provides almost all types of appealing features. It includes sending a contact, screen sharing, sending files, voice messages, sending text messages, video messages, group video calls, forward calls, and group audio calls. Users can share their screen when he is on a group call. It will also be available for Skype to mobile calls.

To do skype calls on mobile or landline, you have to pay some money in India. It will cost around ₹625 per month. With this plan, you can make calls up to 800 minutes. If you are planning to buy this plan, you can get a free trial for a month. And if you are in the USA, then it will cost around $3 per month. And you can get unlimited minutes with this plan. It also has a plan for North America. Skype charges $7.50 for a month. In this plan, users can get unlimited Skype minutes for mobile and landline. Skype is one of the best android apps for business users that business owners should use.



LinkedIn is a social media platform, where you can develop your online network with a professional and find new work opportunities. Users can build their career with the use of LinkedIn platforms. LinkedIn is also one of the well-known android local business apps.

LinkedIn is part of three types of networking data. That is professional networking, social networking, and part of a job board. Usually, users use this app for or connect with industry professionals and grow their business connections. Users can find job vacancies with the use of this platform.

You can get lots of settings to customize and features to learn on LinkedIn. If you are in business, then you must have to be on a LinkedIn social platform. With this app, you can build your business network, connect with employees and employers, and share your knowledge.

Linkedin also allows you to share or write your own article on this platform. You can follow companies, influencers and professionals to get the latest update of activity from industry leaders. Users can update their profile with resume, certificates, and experience.

It comes with a free and paid plan both. Linkedin has five types of plants, including a free one. The cheapest paid plan is ₹2280 per month. With this plan, users can compare themself with other applicants if finding a job. And users also can learn new skills for their future. There are three other more plans for the business, sales, and hiring that cost ₹4560, ₹6080, and ₹9120 per month. You will get extra benefits as per your selected premium plan.

LinkedIn is also available on Google Play Store. Almost 500 million-plus users already have downloaded this app from Google play store. The user of this app gives a 4.3-star rating out of 5 stars.



Google Calendar is a web-based platform. That allows you to manage activity with this platform from anywhere. If you are planning to use Google Calendar on a computer, then you don’t have to install any third-party app. It will be available on any browser. But if you are planning to use this on an Android mobile phone, then you can get this android app from Google Play Store.

It is too easy to schedule any meeting quickly for your local business, and it will be done in a few taps. Google Calendar allows creating multiple calendars in a single account. It means if you want a personal account in addition to work for a family calendar that is shared with others. If you set the reminders, it will remind you to send a notification by text or email. Users can also send a specific range of email and are also able to export that range in PDF.

It may be possible that you can get a Google calendar built-in in your android mobile phone.

Google calendar has been downloaded more than 1 billion-plus times from Google Play Store. It has a 4.3-star rating out of 5-star rating. It will use various data as per your mobile device.



Sometimes you may have to give your visiting card to your prospect, but when you check your pocket, you cannot get it if you have already given it to others. In this situation, you can lose your prospect and lose your business too. But you can get out of this situation by using the app name as a Business card maker. You can create an instant business card and share it with your prospect on their mobile phone. It has more than one function that you can use.

Business card maker android app gives a variety of beautiful templates, that are made by professionals. Users can customize it in various ways. Users can add a cool sticker, text, multiple fonts, and text effects. If you choose any template, you can change the background from the gallery, or you can select the collection of backgrounds they already have in their library.

Scorce: PhotoADKing

The business card maker also provides undo and redo options, and also it allows autosaves of user’s work. Users can directly share on various social media platforms and can save on their devices. This app allows adding QR code to a business card.

This android app comes with various purchase options. You can create a business card for free, but it will contain the watermark. You can remove this watermark by paying ₹590 for lifetime access. With a premium plan, you will access all the premium templates, and you can use unlimited graphics, unlimited fonts, and unique shapes of cropping. And it will never show any ads if you purchase its premium plan.



1Skype1000,000,000+4.3Not FixBeginner
3Google Calendar1000,000,000+4.2Not FixIntermediate
4Business Card Maker500,0004.218MBBeginner
comparison table


Ok, now you have all the information about the android local business app that should be on your mobile if you are in the business. Let’s take a quick overview of all the applications that you get information on this blog. Skype is an online communication platform by Microsoft itself. Lincoln is a social media platform that you can get updated with your industry people. Google Calendar is a service with which you can set time for your business meeting and conference. Business card maker is an android app download to create a business card and share it with your contacts.

There are also some apps that you should know about if you are in business. You will get all the detail of those apps by reaching out to our blog on business apps to connect with the office. You will definitely like that blog

Now let’s talk about questions and answers usually used to ask on the internet.


Which is the best communication app for business?

Skype is the best for business communication.

How can I get in touch with my industry leaders?

You can get almost all industry leaders on the LinkedIn platform.

Can I get a reminder from Google calendar?

Yes, the Google calendar reminds you of your next meeting in your email.

What if I have to create an instant business card?

Use a business card maker app to create an instant business card for your business.



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