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Negative Thoughts ( Killer Small tips to get rid of it )2020


This article is all about negative thought . You’re gonna discover how bad thought really comes in mind.Is that sort of thought would good for your mental health or not ?And how and when and where you can remove or we can say stop way of coming that ill thought.

What you have to know ?

  1. What is Negative Thought?
  2. Born of Thoughts
  3. How to remove Negative Thoughts
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What is Negative Thought? 

Kind of thinking is that always directed towards the negative situations and always drive some negative things from anythings. Thought of fear, fear of the unknown, not to know how to do.

Born of Thoughts

Now as we all know the birth of thoughts happened in the womb of the of our brain or we can say mind..

Generally, thoughts arise from fair self-doubt, not knowing clearly of things and the most horrible is the past negative experiences or incidents that you might think if it will happens again then what happens.

How to Remove Negative Thoughts

Reveal Positivity from within Negative Thought

It is said that every negative incident itself has a treasure of positivity lie into very deep

If you are going to focus on the positive side that plus points is even in the negative situation definitely you will get the two benefits at all what are the two benefits do you wanna know…..

First it makes for you very easy to overcome from the negative thoughts. In this way, yeah!! of course however the negative thought exist. It doesn’t disappear but that negative thought doesn’t trouble you anymore.

And, Second something very effective and productive result will come out from that.

REMEMBER- Don’t take it too serious, People don’t care

Because when you take something too seriously it will pressurize you to do that thing correctly and accurately. When you take you seriously your mind start at focusing on negative aspects or maybe let say it contract, you will not be able to think open-mindedly.

Stick you at the Present Moment

Yeah that’s my favorite, one of the most useful methods that I use whenever I enclosed within the flow of negative thoughts

Personally, I believe that most of the negative thoughts of most of the peoples come out from past experiences. Whatever that may have occurred in your life.

That means thoughts remind you that your bad past experiences and makes you very scared about the present situation.

Even you know that there has never been linked a connection between your past bad experiences and your present situation. Whatever it would be

Being in the present moment, feel the present moment, think about your present, present means- “Life full life situation it’s like a seeing live news channel or maybe something like that”

You shouldn’t have to record your past thought after which you will going to play and repeat again and again in the present moment.

Why do that is a very bad habit it deviated you from the present life experiences of your’s. It never lets you enjoy your actual life. Their actual life means your present life your’s your present moment

Basic tips to come into a Present Moment

You should do meditation at the morning. I am not talking about to become the sadhu and something like that spiritual gurus. In addition, I’m not talking about any personally,

I don’t like that life now right now. I am suggesting you two kind of tips.

First one ,Only basic meditation that is simply being focus on your breath. Sit on a comfortable state of body and make sure the environment around you should be silent somehow.

Put the earphone in your ear and start breathing very slowly and the last one,

Counting your breath when you breathe out and breathe in count one, then two, three, and so on ……..

And my second tip is to focus your brain energy on your senses yeah your five senses.

Next one is you have to do what you love to do.Anyway. It could be a funny thing or it could be reading comics. As well as it could be jokes or it could be watching movies.

Whatever it’s a very interesting way to train your brain to stuck in the present moment

Track your Thinking Pathways

Thinking is the sequential process of assembly of thoughts one by one thought adjacent to each other and make the chain of thought that it calls thinking.

So you have to set back from this web of thinking and have to think about what type of sequences your brain make. What are the makeup and structure of your thought. And once you understand the nature of thought then you will able to know.

How to control and how to manipulate your thinking on how to hack your brain from that direction to another beneficial direction.

So after now, When you will again be stuck in this way of thinking simply ask one question.

Whatever I am thinking right now, that from where have been started this sequence. What is the starting point of this thought?

Intellect over the Criticism

That is true the people always criticize that the society is like this by naturally

You have to use your intellect, who developed the skills which will help you to cope with criticism simply I call it criticism filtration skill

Whatever the criticism what type of criticism is you have to use your brain and the right type of thinking to identify.

Whether Criticism is right for you or wrong sometimes the criticism tells about your true weakness that is your’s write criticism.

You have to take it and learn from it so that you can improve yourself but sometimes. No, I should say most of the times most of the criticism are only for the satisfying ego of the society don’t take it seriously

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Away from Negatives Flows

Be away from that people which are always negative. It could be your best friend or it could be your GF(girlfriend) maybe sometimes.

It could be your parents but there is a very critical situation you don’t have to be away from your parents use your mind man but I wanna say that you should away from that people mentally not on the physical level don’t you understand?

I hope you understand

Your Action are a Reflection of your Repeatable Thoughts

Very easy way and very interesting way for you to know the thought nature thought style by tracking and observing your action what type of action you take.

Whenever when you action take what kind of action you take in what kind of situation all update because what you think you become it’s a golden statement you have to keep in mind.

See Emotion Give Name and Let it go 

Emotions play a major role in your action and also take part in the process of your thinking

Perhaps you may notice, Whenever you are high in emotion it could be any type of emotion such as anger anxiety pressure stress, and so on…….

Then you are not taking action by your brain the action automatically goes out by your emotions.

So in such a way your brain is not controlling your action. But your emotions have take over total control over your badily , unplanned actions

So this technique is whenever you feel you are high in emotion.

You lie in your high emotions,you have to describe your emotion you have to give a name for example say to yourself or maybe you can say aloud that I am feeling angry. Once you said

The door of your mind will reopen again and you become the calm you will take action by your brain not by your guts or emotions.


Negative thinking is a tornado for your health, mind and your soul. 

But don’t worry I have told some basic and easy to implementable tips to go out from the trap of negative thoughts.

SO, I sum up all of that in short , You have to change the direction of your negative .

You can also find out some positivity from negativity because most of the times there is always some positivity hidden inside negative situation.

Most Important and effective tips, You should try to bring most of focus in the present moment. Its will Blown away . That you feel you away from the world of negative thought .

One interesting tip, You don’t need to take it too seriously it just a thought it doesn’t gonna bother you that much. Although it’s an negative thought.

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1. How to stop Negative Thought?

Well personally I think, Thought is not an physical kind of thing that you can stop easily by giving any signal or command .
But yeah , you have to First understand What exactly thought is and Why its in your mind. Then you will be able to easily cope with this .
By the way, Here’s what you can do now , Keep you busy in Some positive works like do what you really love, or do fun, any of you hobby practise etc etc…

2. How Negative thoughts comes in mind?

In short, it could come from bad past experiences and any bad incident occur in your life and consiously seeing dark side of any positive thing.Because there’s is an always dark side of all thing .

3. What to do when Negative Thought comes in?

Don’t panic .Don’t hesitate. Don’t be out of control. Calm down yourself and think strategically on that.First of all , Try to figure out whether that negative thought is right or wrong.

4. What is a Bad Thought?

Bad thought is that which personally get wrong with you . That Not good fit for you at that certain time .

5. Is it bad to comes a negative thought in mind?

Thought are just only thoughts.Thought could never alter you yet you react on it. It is an natural phenomenon to come to an negative thought. suppose if you are in negative situation somebody died in your family so in that situation, obviously negative thought should come,it’s an natural phenomenon.



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