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New Indian Keto Diet for Quick Fat Loss | Free Diet Plan


The ketogenic diet is so famous among Indians nowadays because of the celebrity out there trying for fast fat loss. Getting massive achievements and due to that everybody wants to do an Indian keto diet.

But let me tell you the real truth behind the scene which no one gets you aware of that. We will talk it about later.

About Me

Hi I am Sparsh and I am a fitness enthusiast but not from my childhood. I used to be very fat even on my last to last birthday my body weight was like 105kgs. I was really concerned about my body structure. But the day I make the decision not being in the body that I’m currently right now.

Then I started searching on the internet about fitness related to losing weight or burning fat .There was not much clear information on the internet even though and I try every single way of losing fat but none of the work.

Then I purchase the course and I become my own personal trainer. I want you to help with the same knowledge because I’ve already put time and my energy in this by learning and applying this on to myself.

We read books because in that book the writer puts his almost 5-10 years of experience in a few pages and you are talking all of that experience in just a matter of weeks. that’s how human beings learn, isn’t it sound commonsense? 

What’s in it

Keto diet explained

The ketogenic diet also famously known as the keto diet is where you limit or completely evacuate the amount the carbohydrates you eat. In general and adjust those calories in majorly in fats and moderate in protein.

As in simple language you’re shifting the fuel source of the body from glucose (carbohydrates) to ketones (fats).

Arjun kapoor transformation

Yes, our body can utilize the fats as a fuel source if your lever has the opportunity to turn the fats into ketones.

This is where the ketones come into play because the body has no choice when we get rid of the carbs.

The short answer is a short level of blood sugar level and low levels of insulin into the bloodstream and huge changes occur in the body composition equals you fell a lot better. The ketogenic diet is not the only diet out there to do the fat loss or for losing weight. Before applying the keto diet you have to understand why keto diet? Especially If you live in India.

This is the biggest question because there are some factors and if those factors relate to you then you can do it otherwise leave it.


If you are not a vegetarian Indian than you can go with this:

for vegetarians, there is a very limited option as food. You can do it as well with if you don’t get bored eating the same food over and over again

If you can eat meat daily:

because there are a lot of people in India despite being a non-vegetarian. They can’t have meat on like Tuesday or Saturday

Can afford a bit of expensive food

because the keto-friendly food in the market is a bit expensive in comparison to normal that we eat in general

Ready to leave any kind of junk like pizzas, burger

Even rotis in our homes and all kinds of carbs does not matter if it is complex or simple carbs.

And with these reasons there are some of the complications lies there too because don’t start this diet before checking your blood report and on doctor consultation. I’ve made an in-depth Blog in this so go and check it out for more information.

Indian Keto diet for vegetarians

A Keto diet for vegetarians is a big chunk of a problem for the majority of the people out there. I know a lot of dietician in the market tells you that they make the vegetarian keto diet plan very easy that you can do it at home but that is not a keto diet at all.

That is their marketing strategy to show you the macros and the facts which define their plan are keto on to the paper. But in general, the true ketogenic diet is something where you totally get rid of the carbs and let the body to produce ketones from the liver. So you think there is no way to do keto for the vegetarians?

The answer is “YES” you can do it but there’s the hustle you have to deal with that.


Now for the protein source you have to consume the cottage cheese (paneer).

whey protein that’s it because all other vegetarian sources contain a lot of carbs with them.

So now you know how limited the sources are there for you in the protein category. But in fats you have a variety of options like “Almonds” basically all the nuts except raisins, ghee, olive oil, creams, etc you can search on Google for the list of fats.

And for the carbohydrates it doesn’t matter you’re veg or nonveg, this section is limited for everyone out there and you need to eat fiber-rich food s that should keep your carbs under 30 grams (depending upon you calories).

The vegetables are the single best options for this, because through this not only you’re taking fiber. A lot of micronutrients that help to cope up with the deficiencies.

Vegetables for keto diet

The above vegetables have very low calories in that and they are absolutely fantastic to have. My recommendation is to make a big chunk of the bowl that will keep you full and give you a lot of macronutrients.

Not only in this diet you should have this bowl with your favorite diet mayo or with cream cheese for sure if you are doing fat loss especially

The vegetables with no go!!!

Potatoes (highly no go)

Sweet potato

Beet root

Onions (in large dosage)

Peas (matar)

Side effects of keto diet

You know this is the backstage reality of this diet and I don’t recommend this diet to most of the people for doing fat loss in general Because there are a lot of diet in the market that you can follow easily with any complications

but here’s what you are doing is shifting your body fuel source so you may have some problem,

like if you start this diet then you have to get out from it in the way you go in. Because when you start doing this diet you’ve to follow certain rules.

otherwise it can show some bad results with your body if you already dealing with some complications.

So here’s down I’ve some of the side effects that generally occur to anyone who’s new to it or just starting.


This is the general and very common problem with a lot of people.

who is starting in because they don’t eat fiber that much and fiber is the only thing which is responsible for the gut mobility. when you lack them you deal this thing named constipation?

Vitamins and mineral Deficiencies:

It is very much true that if you’re not the Vitamins and mineral-rich foods then you face some sort of problems.

We cannot have those foods on keto then we have to take the external pills for this to cope up with the diet.

Keto flu

The keto flu is very common to everyone who is starting keto for the first time or maybe starting after a very long time.

keto flu is nothing but just the false flu, you going to feel low, lethargic, and headache.

Let me tell you why I’m telling it’s a false flu.

Because your body holds 3 grams of water per gram of carbohydrates and in the first week or so you were losing that water and with that water a lot of electrolytes come from the body.

That’s why you feel like sick but in actual you’re not So to prevent this keto flu you need a good quality salt like pink Himalayan salt, mix it with water and drink at least 3 -4 a day.


So, in the end

This is the keto diet that is compatible with the Indian environment. There are some of the complication, problem that you have to deal with and can get amazing results very quickly

but keep that in mind something you get so quickly is not last long. Some times and you can achieve the results by having a flexible diet. That can also be last long because the slow the fat loss happens the harder it will be to retrieve back.

If you wan to learn more about how to make six packs abs at home quickly so check this out.


Is it really true that very difficult to do keto diet?

Nothing is easy! If you want to achieve you have to fight for it, nothing is handing over to you in the silver platter. If you want to do it you should go for it and have some experience of the unbelievably fast results.

Which is the good age to start the diet?

After 15 or 16 you can do it because you can have the access to the gym after that.

Can I do it only for fat loss?

Most of people use it for the fat loss but it can be beneficial for the bulking as well



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