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Basic NFC Full Details 1.0


NFC is one type of communication technology that transfers the data between two NFC enabled devices. It is 4 times better from WI-FI.


  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Type of modes
  4. Uses
  5. Applications
  6. How to set data in NFC tags?
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Introduction of NFC’s:

NFC’s full form is (Near Field Communication), also It is near field communication device, near mines it is having only 3 to 6 CM then he is connected and then field it is connected in any type of field and then comes communication.

This time it has any type of communication device via these devices we easily communicate and easily transfer the data is one device to another device.

It has one type of technology in both then it is works similarly in this (near field communication) it both are the have to enable this technology device then both devices work.

In both devices have enabled and both are near appositely 4 – 6 CM, it is comminuted through EMW (Electro-Magnetic Webs) in their speed is 106 kb per second to 424 kb per second.

If we are going to transfer data then we are going to take in near after that it makes a field of Electromagnetic waves for communication is stabilize then we carry to near another enabled device then both are connected then we can transfer the data in both devices, and Witch data have photos, videos and images, or any of the text and files or data.

Via this technology, you can make payment by card and you can make a business card to easily give them our content information via our business card and we can also store our basic detail in tags we can store our Wi-Fi password or our any information.

When anyone comes then ask for a Wi-Fi password then you can also say note down from tags than easily, he can go and then touch the device in tag then easily connected to the Wi-Fi.

Types of NFC modes:

There are different types of modes, but I am defined via transfer and transfer speed the data are called mods. That is bellow modes and their explications.

There are three types of modes

  • Peer to peer mode
  • Read/write mode
  • Card emulator mode

1. Peer to Peer Mode:

This type of mode you should have to both NFC enables devices like smartphones are connected then it transfers data it is a very fast data transfer because it has near and uses this model. It is already made for fast transfer.

2. Read / Write Mode:

This type of mode is allowed to us we can read or write to our tags. It is made to give information or any type of password without showing the password or log in our ID and Password without any mobile typing then

Note:- This is also a very important tag. It slow because it’s their squatty purpose but it is very useful.

3. Card emulation Mode:

This type of mode is allowed us to use or share our information via this Card emulation. We can store all card-related datastore on the card and use it.

We can store the data in our card and showing this card anyone then he is easily copying your information in plain text, we understand via example we have to save our data into business card and then anyone asking for your business card.

If you are given the physical business card then hi well take then kept in our purse then in a more then more, we store 4 to 5 cards then their purse is full he will keep in our home.

You are important but you Business card then hi touches the phone with your card and then gets information and he can store more than 1000 of data on our phone and not store much more physical data in our purse.


NFC is made by Radio frequency identification technology (known as RFID) in 1983 May 17 was got a patent to be associated with RFID was granted to Charles Walton.

And after that in 2004 its form was developed by Nokia(it was the first), Philips, and Sony, and after some time in 2006-Nokia 6131 was the first phone launched but this is not an android. It is NFC enabled android phone.

Sometimes in 2010 Samsung Nexus S was the first Android phone. And then comes the revelations of this technology.

It is all about the sort of history of this technology.

Uses of NFC:

  1. It is transferring data is very fast in the pear to pear connection mode and in other, you can transfer but slowly-slowly.
  2. It is a reliable and also trustable technology.
  3. You do not have to pair devices then you simply go to the near and ten connect.
  4. You can pay through this (E.g. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay), and also It is very simple.
  5. This tag you can store the data and you do whatever from IT.
  6. The baseness Card in this card has your content info and enables tags (it is not rewriteable). You can share your information with anyone.
  7. Viewing a map by NFC tag and whatever you are going by there information. and also set your distinction address.
  8. Unlock you’re dour via this is also very important.

Applications of NFC Technology:

  1. Commerce
  2. Bootstrapping other connections
  3. Social Networking
  4. Identity and access tokens
  5. Smartphone automation
  6. NFC Tags
  7. Gamming
  8. Sports

How to set data in NFC tags?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You have expanded mixmum then 5 minute.

  1. You should have download NFC task from play store

  2. Open then Download NFC tools

  3. Open NFC task and you have got two option “Add record” “More Options”

  4. Click on the Add Record and write some record then you how much your data has and how much data your NFC support if NFC support data is big from your written data then next.

  5. You can save your data like content or many other informaction in your tags

  6. You click on your app in the option in “Write on NFC Tag” and touch the tag to your phone then you got the option of Success.

  7. for delate you click on the erase tag on your task in your app “ task” then you rewrite.

  8. The End.


NFC (Near Field Communication) it is very important to manage your daily schedule life and daily phone activity or share your information with anyone.

Use of this technology we can manage our life in a better way like via NFC tag we manage your password or any type of trigger we want like we are set tag in our bed to silent then we are going to slip then our mobile automatic silent.

Next, We are making our business card to give/share our content information easily. and also not important to make many business cards.

Thus, we need to make our life easy. Finally, Its all possibe through NFC.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: How much data store the NFC?

A: It can be storing the data 96 to 8,192 bytes and their data password can be Rewritable.

Q: What is NFC Tag?

A: You can transfer data via this technology is very easy to let’s talk about it.
if you have android 4 or above then you can try this method you can simply both NFC enable device you closed in near aporically 3 to 4 CM than you have got an option to witch file you can transfer.

Q: How to chake my device have a NFC technology or not have a NFC technology?

A: If your phone setting has an option of NFC then your phone has an enabled phone this technology or It not have NFC in setting then you do not have this technology-enabled.

Q: What are these technology Android Mobile applications?

A: NFC tags have multiple and many APPS but I can suggest two best app
1. NFC task & NFC tools.
2. Trigger.

Q: How to enable NFC technology?

A: If your phone has this technology then you can easily on or off for your notification panel but you do not have then I could help IT.

Q: Is NFC safe or not?

A: In this time this technology is very secure and also You can trust this technology and their transfer data is secure. It is a safe technology.

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