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7 Effective Ways to Overcome Procrastination Easily

Do you procrastinate all the time? Do you always delay your important task until the deadline is near & wanted to overcome this procrastination habit? Then you’re in the right place. Let me tell you something that you’re not alone, everyone procrastinates at some point in their life & delay their task for as long as possible until the deadline is near.

I’ve read somewhere that those who procrastinate always come with creative solutions for the problem.

 I know what you guys thinking now by reading this- I knew it that I have some unique talent; it’s just that I haven’t honed my talent, but soon it will come out to the world at the right time.

But let’s come back to our reality & face the truth that you are not Einstein or Newton who pondered over a week or even a year for the formulas & theories which bring revolution & bring massive advancement to the world.

If you wanted to know the way to overcome procrastination then continue to read this blog & I have explained each & every aspect of procrastination below because if you don’t know the root cause you’ll never know what to fix, hope this tips will bring your life in track.

What Procrastination exactly is?

Most of the time people don’t even know “What procrastination exactly is? ” Generally people relate procrastination with laziness but the truth is something else.

Procrastination is that we always try to delay our task which looks mundane & bring distress with it. We always think that we have enough time to do that task & when the deadline is near then we tell ourselves that we could have started earlier & this more stress, guilt & shame of not doing that task earlier.

And Laziness is you just don’t want to do that task at all.

Why do we procrastinate?

Everyone always thinks that those who procrastinate lack will-power, but the reality is that it has everything to do with your internal motivation. “You want that thing that should happen in your life but you don’t want it bad enough.

 I’ll explain this to you, what I mean by it; Why you breathe? Because without it you’ll die, so until & unless if it’s not important for you, you’ll always find a reason that why you couldn’t be able to complete that task or achieve that status

This all might be the reason for why you procrastinate:

a) Seeking instant gratification:

hanging out with friends

You always know deep inside that what’s important for you & what’s not, like you know you need to work on your programming skills to get that job, but still you’re not improving it. Why?

Because you find instant gratification more attractive (like spending your time in social media, hanging out with friends), than working on that skill & when it’s too late & there’s no option left you started to work on that skill & then live in misery after the fact that everybody around you get a good job & you didn’t even start.

What to do?

Everything should be in moderation, your prime focus should always in your bigger goals, but take brake in the interim because you don’t want to go insane & get back onto your work.

b) Time:


We all are aware of the fact that our time is limited on this earth, but still, we waste it like we have an infinite amount of time & wasting it until it’s too late. So now you get reminded it by reading this, then why not start taking action from now on.

c) Creative beings problems:

painting & creativity

I’ve mentioned it in the beginning that those who are creative minds, they tend to have more brilliant ideas than anyone else. But the problem is brilliant ideas need brilliant execution plans, goal setting & if you don’t focus on planning & strategizing then they may lose interest on that idea & they’ll just say I’ll do it later or because of the fact they’re creative they’ll once again come up with a new idea & work on it with the vague approach.

For them I only have one suggestion, make plans before execution. Even I should also listen to my suggestion, because I also come in this category.

d) 100% of the work:

 files & work

Whatever the task with which we are dealing with, we always tend to think that I should complete that task. The problem with this approach is that you’re taking the task as a whole 100% & it may seem a lot of work & soon you’ll lose interest or motivation to complete it.

Suppose that we are in school, what’s our prime focus was then to get good grades to make proud of our parents. And how we learn? We learn each chapter of each subject at a single time & that’s how our syllabus got completed over time. That’s how we should deal with each task, we should divide that task part by part.

7 Ways To Overcome Procrastination:

7 ways to overcome procrastination

1) Figure Out Why You Procrastinate?

a man who's dealing with procrastination

As I mentioned in my previous blog, you’ll never know what’s to fix if you don’t know what’s broken. Why are you delaying that task? Is it tough, boring, complicated or you feel too overwhelmed by it?  Whatever the reason might be, create a plan of action to counter that feeling & start to implement it in your life to overcome your procrastination.

 2) Initiate:

begin doing things to get rid of procrastination

I can stress on this term all day long, whatever the task might be, it’ll never get done until & unless you initiate it. Most of the time we have to make plans & promise that from tomorrow I’ll start doing it. And that tomorrow becomes day after tomorrow & that will continue until you start to take action.

Suppose you wanted to start to build the habit of reading books but you’re delaying it always, just convince yourself that for just 5min I’m going to read that book & if you don’t like it, you will close that book immediately.

By doing this at least you started & keep doing it for a longer period of time, by increasing time & you’ll adapt to that. This 5min principle you can apply in any task with which you are dealing with.

3) Make a To-do list:

make a to-do-list to overcome procrastination

To overcome procrastination one of the best idea is to prepare a list of all the things you wanted to accomplish & with their deadlines & if they don’t have any deadlines you must put it by yourself. Then see which is in your top priority list. If they’re a large task split them into small division & set deadlines for a small division of tasks too.

At the beginning of the day start your day by doing the toughest task of your list, because when you wake-up it is full of energy so use it & if you do this you’ll feel that you accomplished something, even if you just do a part of that task. In this way you’ll get things done before the timeline.

4) Found inspiring people:

group of inspiring people

Suppose if you spend your time with Jeff Bezos or Bill gates for a single day, you’ll get amazed by their work ethics & you’ll also get inspired to do something productive. Well that’s just an imagination but on the real ground you can found inspiring people around you, those who are trying to achieve that level for which you’re striving it could be your friend or family or even if you don’t found anyone you have internet access.

Found any public figure from which you get inspired by listening to their interviews, podcasts, it’ll surely help to get you inspired.

5) Get rid of Your Excuses:

stop making excuses to overcome procrastination

Most of the procrastinator’s favorite excuses are- I will start tomorrow, I’m not in a mood, I have time, I work under pressure, If that thing I had that time then I could’ve started earlier.

Well, you can lie to everyone but not from yourself. You deep inside know that this all are excuses. So stop lying to yourself & begin to complete that task.

6) Exercise:

excercise is the best way to deal with procrastination

By doing exercise, it releases stress hormones Endorphins & Serotonin which help us to uplift our bad mood, we feel good & motivated. And this will help us to take challenge in more energetic ways.

7) Reward Yourself:

watch movies, show to reward yourself

Whatever you do to delay that important task it can be watching your favorite shows, movies, etc. Make them your reward, make a schedule & complete your daily task & get your reward after completing that task. By using this method your work is also gets done & you’re also having fun to complete the task because now you have the daily motivation of doing it.


Well, we all procrastinate sometimes but it’s only fine until & unless it’s in limit & we have control upon it. But if you’re procrastinating despite of the fact that you need to complete that task, that needed to change. Found your why? Why you’re procrastinating & then overcome the habit of procrastination by working on your why.


Q. Why do we Procrastinate?

Anyone who procrastinate this one thing in common that “I will do it tomorrow”.
People generally delay their important task because it may be too complex, they have more time.

Q. How to overcome Procrastination?

1) Figure Out Why You Procrastinate?
2) Initiate
3) Make a To-do list
4) Found Inspiring People
5) Get rid of Your Excuses
6) Exercise
7) Reward Yourself

Q) Procrastination vs Laziness?

Procrastination means you delay some important task due to complexity, or the deadline is too far or no deadline at all. But do it eventually.

Whereas, Laziness is something when you have a task to do but you choose not to do it at all.

Q) Can procrastination leads to depression & stress?

Yes, it could lead to that way, if you don’t take the initiative to work on that task which you’re delaying for eternity.
Why you’re feeling like this? Because you’re aware of the fact that you must complete it but still you are not.


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