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Overview on Trailhead for Salesforce

Salesforce for Trailhead is a order of online tutorials that teaches all the beginners and intermediate developers who want or  need to learn how to code for in the Salesforce platform. Lessons or topics  are presented in a Desired  sequence, so that the users have a predefined path to follow and a guided, organised” experience.

Our Blog Includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Characteristics of Trailhead
  3. Highlights of Trailhead
  4. Salesforce Developer Account
  5. Editions in salesforce
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)


Salesforce Trailhead is an new and fun way of learning all the concepts in  Salesforce and therefore making the  work practices at the same time. It is just a best and perfect  platform not only for the beginners but also for the intermediate learners, making them much more learning ,making us aware and educated than before.

It has Different sets of units as well as modules which the we can easily choose what we want to learn.

  • From the developer’s eye, it is a really useful area that can help them learn different coding languages such as Visualforce,apex, sosql etc.as well, which they might need later in the development processes.
  • Generally, it is referred to as a ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to Salesforce CRM. So, if anyone are  new to it, they can easily get their hands on the same.Moreover, we can also gain respective badges and earn points on the same platform.
  • It is one of the biggest and best platforms where one can use to get started with Salesforce CRM and learning from basic procedure.
  • Therefore, After getting started we can expect many new things coming into our way to success helping in achieving our desired goals
  • Interactive or Connected sessions are always value because as, it makes the process of learning much easier,efficient and effective.
  • Thus, after all the learning and related stuff are done, one can also test their capacity by giving tests. It is going to help them test their own knowledge and skills which they have got till the present time.
  • Finally,these tests can also be done as per the level of education and experience that the users might have. Initially, it was considered as best and outstanding resource for beginners, but it is providing everyone with exceptional benefits or uses.

Characteristics of Trailhead:

There are various helpful features of this platform i.e trailhead.The features are as follows:

1) Interactive & Engaging Content

It provides its users an Chance to get engaged with some informative content in a fun way, making the learning process so much easier than before.

2) Easy Learning way

There is a specific order that needs to be followed which defines the learning paths. Hence, we can go step by step to be called a professional learner in the same field.

3) Timely Assessments

Boosting your knowledge at every step is as important as learning. So that, after the completion of each unit, users can go through an internal exam or assesment process so that we can  test our knowledge and skills.

4) Recognition of Skill

Every user is also rewarded with certain points and badges after the user is done with a specific set of modules as well as units. Hence, they are also displayed on our profiles so that other people can also get to know about us.

More about Salesforce Trailhead

Learning more about the Salesforce Trailhead, we can say that no other resource or tutorial can compare to the easy accessibility and utility of this wonderful and best platform. Each module consist along with it is easy to understand and self-help. These are simple yet informative online tutorials making you understand about Salesforce, how it works, and much more. It never leaves an opportunity to upgrade its system and provide the people with the latest technological support .It also makes sure that its users avail the maximum benefit out of it in a much easy and effective manner.

Highlights of Trailhead

  • Most importantly, It is list of online tutorial which is provided by the salesforce platform
  • As a result,It consist of many modules ever launched in back 2014.
  • Also,It comes in three different ways namely Trail, Modules, and Units
  • According to salesforce the Lessons or the topics are in arranged one in a specified sequence so that anyone cann learn with out interactions
  • However,Trailhead helps in moving or travelling from one org to another i.e classic to lightining
  • Hence,Provides great aspects in visualforce ,triggers and coding in apex etc.

How to use trailhead?

 No need of downloading any software .Then,just follow these steps

  • Visit And SIgn Up
  • Then,After visting this page signup with the basic details
  • Already have an account? Just login
Salesforce for trailhead UI
  • Then, get started with your module
Badges in salesforce for trailhead

Salesforce Developer Account

 Before we get started lets see what is Salesforce Developer ?

Why do we need?

Let us see from the basic point of view salesforce developer is an programmer or the coder one who writes the number of lines of codes who builds an application across various platforms 

Anyone can become the salesforce developer with prior to administration .One who has the background knowledge of programming basics then it will boost in becoming the salesforce developer

What if he/she doesn’t know the programming?

No worries can learn from the trailhead and need practice later can become as a salesforce developer

Generally,He/she (salesforce developer) uses  tools like Apex which is based on object oriented programming(OOPS),visualforce and lightining component so as to develop an application

creating an accout :

Salesforce Developer Console
  • Next, click on the link Signup
  • Then,Fill out the signup form with basic details including (first/lastname, role, country, email….)
  • Next, Click on Sign me Up Button
  • Check your E-mail (which you gave while signing up)

To Verify click the link

Later,You will Redirected to the Salesforce Developer Account

NOTE: If Developer version is in the Lightning Experience we need to switch to the Classic Org

  • Go to the profile and select switch to classic
Switching to salesforce classic
Switching to salesforce classic

 It will take to the classic org

Step8: later, You can just login with E-mail and can start using the developer account.

Also check out this video

The Different types of editions in salesforce:

  • Personal Edition
  • Contact manager
  • Group Edition
  • Essential Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited and performance Edition

Personal Edition: It is a  based on CRM  which is designed for small to medium scale business which needs greater CRM,security and personalization

It is the fisrt edition where we can start the development work .It provides permission to the contact management such as contacts, accounts etc

Contact Manager: It is similar to the first one which also provides the initial/starting of the small scale businessProvides the features such as accounts , calendar, notes, activities, contacts,attachments and so on..

It can be customized at a point and designed to the users appetite for good functionality

NOTE: It supports up to 5 users

Group Edition: As it says group which mainly focus on the small business and in a team of five which provides the sales and support functionality.

  • It gives entry to accounts, contacts, oppurtunities, cases etc
  • It is a paid version worth of 25$ user/month

Essential Edition: It also lookup for the small business who wants to get quick start with a CRM functionality.

It includes setup assistment easy to use  UI, navigate and tools to customize our development

Professional Edition : It is much similar to the Personal edition which is designed for the business needs who requirement is fully featured CRM

It gives integration, Custimization features and other tools.

Enterprise Edition:  When the business is large or complex/hard this version meets its requirement .

It helps you to make use of functionality tools  that can support large-scale deployments .It also have the access to API, so thaty it offers integration with back-office computers..

Unlimited and performance Edition: It is the best solution for the force.com which gives the EE and full support for the Mobile approach, and also to the unlimited custom or created apps.

  • It give access to multiple development Sandboxes.

Also See other modules in salesforce


We also know that it is not necessary that everyone is equipped with the knowledge of everything, and so as we know that there is a quote;‘There is no age for learning’. Hence, people must never stop learning and experiencing new things in their lives, whether it is personal or professional.

Moreover, if someone is looking for the Salesforce Consulting Partner, they can also use this platform for knowing more about the certifications and knowledge that they must look for in the right branch. Getting ahead with this Trailhead is always easy, you just need to start with it at the right time

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is salesforce trailhead free?

Trailhead for Salesforce’s is free online learning platform developed entirely to teaching people to use Salesforce. By using Trailhead, users develop skills and advanced users become Salesforce experts

2.Do we need a Salesforce account to use trailhead?

To complete challenges, earn badges, and to keep track of your progress, you need to create an account. To create an account, click the Sign Up button from anywhere in Trailhead. You have a few options. You can sign up for Trailhead with Salesforce, using platforms like Google, LinkedIn, or your email etc.

3.How do we get the trailhead playground?

A Trailhead Playground is created automatically and linked to your Trailhead account. In every hands-on challenge i.e the task and project step verification, there’s a drop down menu.
To create a new Trailhead Playground, click the drop down and select Create a Trailhead Playground.


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