Critical thinking strategies – 12 Strategies To Boost Your Thinking

In this time-critical thinking makes a powerful skill. And everywhere its importance is increasing day by day. That does not matter you are a student or an employee. So it is too important to develop critical thinking by developing critical thinking strategies. Everyone should have this special skill. So what exactly is critical thinking?  There … Read more

Critical thinking – Definition, Importance, Examples, Barriers, Psychology

Critical thinking is all about asking questions in your mind. the right questions that help you in understanding both the meaning and the significance of arguments By applying this skill in your life you stay switched on and engaged in different situations. It involves stepping back from a situation to see all the angles before … Read more

Top 12 Effective Communication Skills – You Must Know

The art in which our audience understands our message, emotions, thought very well is known as Effective Communication Skills. Also Read: Communication Skills DEFINITION “Effective communication is the process where information exchanges and its needs are achieved. In simple words, it is the presentation of views by the speaker in the best way understood by … Read more

5 ways to gain competitive advantage from your invented technology

For gaining a competitive advantage in the current dynamic business landscape, technology is a quintessential part for every organization. To illustrate, be it reducing costs or improving efficiency, technology plays a vital role. It is highly important to make use of technology management tools like Roadmapping, S-Curve, etc. for achieving these milestones we set for … Read more


HELLO MBA aspirants, Today in this blog I would like to introduce you all about TOP MBA COLLEGES IN PUNE. As we all know that Pune is a place where a lot of companies are based, and also It is an Educational hub as well, that attracts lots of aspirants to do their MBA from … Read more