Site Audit for High Search Engine Rankings 2020

There a matrix called the SEO Health Score to measure the technical aspects and the user-experience of a website for search engine optimization. The site audit is a checklist to improve the SEO health score of a website. If you are an SEO expert you need to follow a checklist to keep your website in … Read more

How technical SEO Gives you an Edge Over Google Rankings?

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Business Plan for Startups – Startup India

A startup or start-up is a company, how are in the early stage or a starting by an entrepreneur to seek, effectively develop, new business idea and also validate a scalable business model. why Innovations for business plan for startups is important. Innovations may progress more quickly in a focused startup than in an academic lab and also a … Read more

5 Tips For Natural Makeup Look for Everyday Wear

Today in this blog you will learn “No Makeup, Makeup Look”  Natural Makeup has always been considered as a likable makeup type prefer by each girl when they go college or outside in day time.  In summers, the thought about wearing heavy makeup scares each and every girl because it’s not only hard to carry but left … Read more

Top Universities in Germany in 2020

German education is a highly reputed and free education in the world. Moreover, Germany is one of the safest beautiful countries in the world. Many top universities in Germany rank in the world too. One more important factor to study in Germany is anyone can easily get admission in any German university. But their only … Read more

An Interesting fact about Mehndi

Do you know, some facts about Mehndi? Mehndi is the most favorite shringar of all females and the most important part of the Indian wedding. Do you know where the word derived? What is the history behind Mehndi? what belief associate with it? In this blog, I will discuss the history of Mehndi, and some … Read more

2 EASY Makeup Look Anyone Can Do!

There are different types of makeup look for every occasion. In day to day life, it’s not possible to carry heavy makeup, and as most of us are not a professional makeup artist. To make it easy for you, I came up with the top 2 easiest makeup styles which anybody can easily learn and … Read more