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PETROL or DIESEL CAR: The all-time dilemma

There is a chance that you stuck between petrol or diesel cars which is common because of so many alternatives available in the market in both variants petrol and diesel.

Then this is the right place to clear all your doubts. 

We have a solution to your petrol and diesel problem. 

petrol vs diesel
petrol vs diesel

What is Petrol Engine?

Petrol engine or gasoline engine is an internal combustion engine with spark-ignition, designed to run on petrol.

Source: Wikipedia

What is Diesel Engine?

The diesel engine (also known as a compression-ignition or CI engine), named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to the mechanical compression (adiabatic compression).

Source: Wikipedia

Leave the entry-level cars which range between 2lac – 4 lacs, they didn’t offer diesel versions but when you get out of that price range.

Companies do offer some good cars in diesel versions in hatchback also like Tata Tiago, Chevrolet Beat, Maruti Zen (although its production is closed now).

Mostly SUV’s comes with diesel variant only because petrol engines don’t deliver that much of power when it comes to vehicles size. 

Everybody needs a car to commute, traveling, or as an additional vehicle, etc. But most of the people who own and willing to own cannot even differentiate between the two: petrol or diesel. 

After reading this blog thoroughly you will learn the difference between the two. 

Before starting understand the basics which can help you in understanding more clearly. 

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petrol vs diesel infographic

What you get in this blog

  1. Few attributes  
  2. Basic comparison table 
  3. Understand your need  
  4. Understand different perks 
  5. Which is best to buy? 
  6. Example of a better explanation with story and calculations 
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ’s 

Few attributes shall keep in mind before going for a diesel car: 


Surprisingly a diesel car can never satisfy you when it comes to noise and vibration. Also with dynamic technology, Gone are the times when diesel vehicles used to make sound and vibration a lot but as technology constantly changing the vibrations also reduced to a max level.

If you observe there was a time when commercial pick-up, trucks, buses make a hell lot of sound which can easily annoy a person standing nearby.  

Seating capacity:

Petrol and diesel vehicles are directly related to the seating capacity because a petrol engine delivers more rpm than diesel cars in lower gears at certain rpm.

But when it comes to diesel engines, they deliver more speed in higher gears due to higher horsepower. Seating here seen as the number of persons which is directly related to the weight and weight is the major key player in maintaining rpm. 

Understanding the Indian market:

Mostly Indians purchase their cars for family use and also the Indian market is for middle-class families because they are larger in number. That’s why companies also provide cars that are compatible with these families. 

If you see in India, mostly market share is captured by Maruti Suzuki which is around  51%. And Maruti mostly produces petrol-based cars. With this we can understand that  Indians mostly prefer petrol segment cars between 4-6 lacs. 

petrol fuel
petrol fuel type

Basic comparison of diesel and petrol engines: 

Petrol engines are worked on the Otto cycle. Diesel engines are worked on diesel cycle. 
It consumes less fuel. Consumes more fuel 
The petrol engine is found by Nikolaus August Otto. Diesel engine is named after Rudolf diesel. 
Initial and maintenance cost is high Initial and maintenance cost is less 
These engines are considered heavy-duty so these engines are used in heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, SUVs, etc. These engines are considered for light vehicles such as bikes, scooters and small cars. 
Differentiate table

I hope you get some basic knowledge of difference. But there’s a lot more difference than this. But you don’t need to worry about them because in order to buy a car the differences shared in this blog are sufficient to get the intermediate level of knowledge. 

Understand your need  

As I mentioned earlier in this blog mostly Indians prefer petrol-based cars because they are in budget and due to less maintenance cost also, but what you need is different from the market trend because the choices vary from person to person. 

If your family is big, of course, you need an SUV to fulfill your need but in other case if your family is of 4 to 6 people then hatchback or sedan is also enough. 

But that is one thing, another is some buy because they are passionate about cars like some are for shoes, watches, clothes, etc. These kinds of people have a decent amount of knowledge and are good for you if you can make them your mentor in car buying. 

Each car whether petrol or diesel has its own benefits but you have to be selective when buying because confusing mind may lead you towards bad decisions and later regret. 

diesel and petrol fuels
types of fuel

Understand different perks 

  1. Price difference: the major difference between petrol and diesel cars is their initial cost. Diesel price is more than the petrol vehicle  
  1. Mileage: Diesel cars give more mileage than petrol cars that’s why in most taxis, intercity cabs use diesel cars for traveling. 
  1. Maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of petrol vehicles is much less than diesel vehicles. The service of a diesel car is costlier than a petrol car. 
  1. Torque: diesel cars produce more torque than petrol cars. Diesel cars can catch high speed without reaching the highest gear while petrol cannot deliver the same. 
  1. Environment friendly: In this full of pollution, the world all vehicles harm the environment irrespective of petrol and diesel. But diesel produces less CO2 than petrol cars. 
  1. Tax benefits: Due to less pollution releasing, diesel cars are more ecofriendly than petrol. The government also provides some tax benefits to diesel cars as an initiative to environmentally-friendly vehicles. 
  1. Model success: Petrol vehicles are less successful in bigger models because of their engine capacity. 

Which is best to buy? 

You have seen various pros and cons, perks, attributes in the blog until now and made a basic understanding. No one can change your decision if you make your mind. 

It’s even more simple than you think. Everything is simple the complexity is in mind; our mind makes things complex. 

If you use your car in city only and won’t do any long drives then both are best for you. 

If you do a long drive, then diesel is best suitable for you. Diesel’s initial is higher but in the long run it is more benefit able than you think. 

The resale value of diesel cars is more than petrol cars. A car age between 3-5 years attracts more resale value. 

petrol engine photo

Example of a better explanation with story and calculations 

Ramesh and Suresh are two friends and owns the same car Toyota Innova but Ramesh has a petrol car version whereas Suresh has a diesel carversion. Both lived in Jaipur and plans a trip to Gujarat and decided to take both cars. 

Distance from Jaipur to Gujarat is approx. 827kms (one side) 

They roam around 400 kms in Gujarat territory. 

And return back to home again which is 827kms 

Total kms travelled in distance is: 827+400+827 = 2,054. 

Mileages of both Innova Petrol and Diesel versions: 

Innova petrol: 10kmpl 

Innova Diesel: 12kmpl 

Petrol and Diesel prices in MAY,2019. 

Petrol: 73 (approx.) 

Diesel: 65(approx.) 

Now, some basic calculations: 

Ramesh (Petrol version): total distance traveled – 2054 

Petrol approx. Price-73 

As you can see both Ramesh and Suresh ride a drive the same vehicle from Jaipur to Gujarat but there is a huge difference in terms of mileage and cost-cutting. 

These little cost cuttings play an important role in the long run. 

If you often travel, then go with the high initial cost because it is an investment in the long run. 

petrol pump


In some phases of your life, this golden moment comes when we are all set to get a car and even select a model but now confused in that situation which car to buy petrol car or diesel car? 

In this blog, we have understood some different basics of petrol and diesel which helps in making your decision. 

Let’s make it simple here both these variants are good at their own place but when it comes to cost cuttings like things, then diesel is the best option to go for. 

Take some notes before selecting, never trust a person who is unexperienced, because they cannot give you the advice as they are unskilled in this field. 

At last, if you reading this blog till now and are going to buy a car ALL THE BEST from my side. 


1. Which car is suitable if we have a small family? 

Both are suitable until you cannot define your need.
Define your need first, ask your family members for the options then comes to a decision. 

2. What if I use car in only city, then what option is best suitable for me? 

If you are riding your car in the city only then it’s not mandatory to go for a petrol-only but you can also opt for diesel as I explained in the blog.
Both have their different perks. 

3. What if I buy a car which is only available either in petrol or in diesel? 

In that case, you have no other option else going for another car which comes in both variants.
Also, every car has some features whether good or bad depending upon the user. And there is no such car in the whole world which is completely perfect. So, every car has pros and cons. 


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