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Plants in Nature | What is Play Role For Us?


Plants and nature are the most beautiful thing in the whole world. Nature can’t be described it can only be felt. Nature has many benefits also. It gives us many things. Definitely Earth has made our planet nice and beautiful.

Nature has many things such as rivers, mountains, greenery, ocean, plants. As there is one famous line that “plants our best friend“. Firstly Plants give us fresh air to breathe. It also give us food to eat, has many benefits. People who live with trees or are surrounded by trees have a peaceful life. They live a happy life also.

So in this blog, we read how plants help nature:-

1. Grow More Plants For Help Nature
2. God Gives us Gift
3. Conclusion
4. FAQ

1. Grow More Plants For Help Nature

In this section we learned that how trees more helpful for nature.


Firstly we say that People should have at least one plant in their house so they can live a healthy life and get benefits from them. Similarly, nature and plants keep balance in the ecosystem, without them the survival is difficult. People would die due to a lack of oxygen in the air. In the same way, to save oxygen we should start growing the more and more trees.


Nature gives us healthy food and healthy drinking so that we can live a healthy life. It provides food from the trees and similarly, it provides water from rain. Plants and trees give us various things medicine, wood, leaves, food, etc. Hence we should save trees and plant and grow more trees.


Similarly, Nature helps writers and artist to write blogs about nature and many other things. Nature always gives us peace. But nowadays the whole nature is being destroyed by the people. Due to this harmful ultraviolet rays reaches the earth and we receive a very warm temperature. to decrease this we should grow more and more trees and avoid cutting trees.

Control Flood

People cut trees to build or construct roads buildings etc. Due to this carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere, it is not balanced. Along with we should learn from this and plant more trees. So as to maintain a balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. So we should plant trees to control floods.

Just like valuable as gold that’s why they are called “green gold “on the earth. They give us different fruit in a different season like mango, grapes, Apple, etc take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen thus making the air clean.

So, Trees are very important in our life. And it is a very important thing which keeps us alive. Treasure very important to us because they give us oxygen without trees we can’t breathe and as a result, we will die. Trees also give us paper, fruit, nuts, timber, etc. Which is very important for our day to day life. above all points, we say that plants and nature play a very important role for us. In Addition, I will tell you some other facts in the next para.

Maintain The Ecological Balance

Trees also maintain the ecological balance which again is an important thing. It also gives shelter too many animals and also humans. it provides a habitat for any for many animals like monkeys, snake, bird, and many more.trees also give us rain which is an important aspect of our life without rain there will be drought, no production of grains, etc. So these are very helpful and important for us it gives us fresh air to breathe and stay healthy.

2. God Gives us Gift

God has created a beautiful nature in the world. it has valleys, hills, mountains, seas, ocean, rivers, etc. Certainly, It is a precious gift to all of us living on Earth. Nature provides us with resources like air, water, sunlight. nature also have birds, plant, animal, humans in it. nature gives a basic necessity of living like food, clothing, shelter, and many more.

It has a variety of beautiful, flowers, fish, skies, mountain rivers, land, etc. All the things of nature are very useful and we must need to save this and take the use carefully. And It is our responsibility to keep nature clean and to protect it and not to damage it. It is our duty not to harm, pollute, deforestation, etc.

Gift for Future Generation

If we will save our nature it will save our future generation. Nature is our best friend which provide us with all the resources to live here for free. We think that the earth has a very clean and attractive nature.  And we all know that nature gives water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat, and land to stay.

We should fully enjoy nature. Nature is very greenery and peacefully. It has all the calmness. We should be grateful to have this nature. And we should not be disturbing the nature and its ecological balance. We should take care of our nature and make it peacefully and keep it clean and prevent it from destruction. So that we can enjoy nature forever. Nature is the most precious gift.

Colorful & Beautiful

Nature is very colorful and has both living and nonliving things. Nature consists of climate, weather, atmosphere, and it is important for us. All the insects, animals, birds are part of nature. Humans’ health is related to nature and we should be thankful for our nature. So it helps a lot.

In our whole world, there are many trees and plants. Our nature is so beautiful we can have many different types of things. We should conserve nature by taking many steps. Like, avoid the personal use of a vehicle when we can switch to public transportation.

We should walk instead of personal bikes. we can make use of solar energy. The government should be careful about the trees and should educate more and more people to grow trees. Undoubtedly The government should ban tree cuttings. Apart from this people would die if there would be no trees in the future. And mostly all schools and colleges that should be seminars and teacher should tell them the importance of trees.

Without trees, the survival of life on earth is very difficult. Due to the lack of oxygen, there would be no people alive. Please help us to live happy your fat and happier than people who are not surrounded by trees. Trees give us different fruits in different seasons like mango, Apple, Cherry, etc. In other words, we experienced all must knowledge points.

Best Friends

Trees our best friend we should also give water to them. It is our responsibility to look after them. Weekend one plant and one month this will also help a lot. Trees are important to us that we can’t ignore the importance of trees. we should plant trees around us to a clean environment.

Trees provide many benefits if trees would not be there then it would be a huge difference. There would be many difficulties. Thus there will be a lack of oxygen in the environment. Indeed trees help us in fighting pollution, flood, etc.

Trees also help us to reduce noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution besides all the foods, fruits, etc trees also provide some root, leaves, flowers which are also useful. Most importantly plants do not ask anything in return no service nothing. The plant provides many essential medicines which help in curing the disease. 

Forest is “Green Lungs”

Plants are being cut to get wood for furniture. We should not cut trees as it would be difficult in our future. And This cutting of trees would result in global warming. Trees are been cleared to make roads and buildings. Forests are also called “green lungs“.

Plants give us fruits and vegetables. It also gives us spices and masalas. There are many trees in the world. Trees are divided into shrubs, herbs, creepers, climber, etc. Nature consists of the river, mountains, moon, sun, etc. We live a healthy lifestyle by eating and drinking which nature gives us. We should fully enjoy nature without disturbing it.

Beautiful Nature For Living a Healthy Life

In this paragraph, we understand that nature is the most beautiful and attractive thing in the whole world. Our nature provides us with a variety of beautiful flowers, attractive birds, animals, green plants, blue skies, forests, mountains, rivers, etc. Our God has created a beautiful nature for living a healthy life.

So We should take the benefit of nature by go out of home for the morning walk and take a good breathe and enjoy the morning beauty of nature. People should enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Nature has everything for us but we do not see the good part of nature and just tried to destroy nature.

It is our responsibility to take care of nature and save nature forever. If we would not take any step to save nature be difficult for us to stay on earth. It would be dangerous for our future generation.

3. Conclusion:-

In conclusion, We should understand the value of nature. Above all points, we say that it is a must for us. Nature makes our life easy by providing all the daily necessities and materials required for daily use. As well as ass walking in the morning helps us to stay fit and strong it will help us to fight many diseases. It is good to see the good part of nature like the sound of early morning, the sound of birds, etc.

Have you ever seen the beautiful sketches drawn by artist all the nature drawings and all the beautiful things that they make with where do they come from nature only and so nature is very important. Most of the poets and writers feel nature and then they write their thoughts articles, poems Etc.

Therefore nature is very precious. We should not damage and harm nature. Plants are also very necessary. Hence we should not cut trees. Grow more trees. At last _ save nature save the plant.

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4. FAQ

Q.1. How do plants maintain balance in nature?

Ans. Plants and animals help to balance nature and preserve the environment through “photosynthesis” by plants and “respiration” by animals. Photosynthesis is the ability of any green plant to utilize the energy of the sun, carbon dioxide of the atmosphere, water, and minerals from the soil to produce carbohydrates.

Q.2. Why plants are important in nature and the environment?

Ans. Plants are considered a critical resource because of the many ways they support life on Earth. They release oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for wildlife and humans, and regulate the water cycle.

Q.3. Role of plants in nature?

Ans. Plants maintain the atmosphere. They produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Oxygen is essential for cellular respiration for all aerobic organisms. It also maintains the ozone layer that helps protect Earth’s life from damaging UV radiation.

Q.4. Plants in nature quotes?

Ans. Plant Sayings and Quotes
The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. …
I remember my childhood names for grasses and secret flowers. …
Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants. …
The flower will not grow if the stem doesn’t allow.

Q.5. Plants in nature, any reference book?

Ans. Plant Selection: Learning From Nature: A reference for landscape architects and designers to help select plants that are ecologically suited to the site.




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