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3 Powerful Ways You need to Follow to build True Confidence?


In our life at some stages, we feel we aren’t confident doing this job, I am gonna fail in it, it’s not in my hand, can I do it?, many such self-doubts question arise in our mind.

This is because we didn’t understand what actually confidence is, or we try to be confident, trying to be confident can be called as a fake confident, which is no way going to be work.

In this blog, we are going to understand how to build true confidence, by eliminating all false beliefs regarding it.

What’s in it for me.

1. What is confidence?
2. Why is confidence important?
3. How to build confidence?
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

What is confidence?

• Many people have a misconception about confidence, they assume the ability to prove to others that we are better than them. Totally wrong.

• It is about feeling sure of our own abilities, having trust in ourselves. It is more of inner intelligence and inner knowledge.

• Qualities of confident people.

1. Be secure of our abilities. doesn’t rely on external factors to feel confident.
2. Always ready to face life challenges.
3. They believe in defeating their own yesterday, rather than proving others.
4. Confident people know their strengths and weakness.
5. They are not vulnerable to other people’s opinions.
These were the qualities that make confident

Why is Confidence important?

Before understanding how to be confident we must need to know why it is important even?

Lack of confidence in people, unable the use of their full potential, they stuck in between the two decisions of which one right or which is wrong.

This holds the person back at any stage in life, also this may ruin a whole life if necessary actions are not taken.

We fail in the challenges every time life tests us.

Remember when someone praises you, you are smart? talented? honest? It boosts our confidence.

A little doubt in our skills can ruin our self-confidence.

To truly feel confident, we must have believed in our abilities, by more learning and practicing.

When we have confidence, any challenges life throws at us, we would fearlessly face it.

I am going to guide you on how to build true confidence by developing progressively.

Not any fake or hollow confidence, not like next time somethings you face a situation where you start to self-doubt about you, and you say to yourself, “Oh! what should I do now?”, and your confidence gets ruin?

Well there is nothing wrong with affirmations, it just need to be used in right way. Read our other blogs on how to reprogram your Subconscious mind.

How to build confidence?

You can watch video here or can continue reading.

1.Relying on external factors:

Let’s say you started a business, first month you achieve your target revenue.

If next month something goes wrong and your revenue plummet more than 80%, your self-confidence destroys you from inside.

It because you got attached to your external factor (revenue), this insecure emotion may result in giving up on your business.

What would be the result if you look at the same situation from the different scenario, there could be something wrong with my skills, I need to enhance my skills by practicing more on it.

The result in future would be a lot better than by going with the first scenario.

Remember: Our internal state of mind derives from external situations.

So, we must consciously allow external factors to influence our minds.

That why we must draw confidence from the internal state rather than external factors like low revenue destroying our confidence.

True confidence comes from the internal knowingness. (Read more about State of mind)

We must never try to feel confident, by using affirmation or any other temporary methods. No evident no acceptance.

Using affirmation, you try to act like confident but your not truly. You unknowingly indicate your subconscious mind that you’re not confident. Think like this, does confident people have to say themselves, “ I am confident“.

2. Cultivate faith in yourself:

From 1st learning, we understand, to get about your inner state of knowingness. Now the question arises how you would do that?

Here the concept of the faith comes. You must have faith in yourself.

What do I mean by that??

Let’s say you have to start a business, and you don’t feel confident enough to start a business.

In this situation, instead of pushing or procrastinating by giving excuses to yourself, just start off with what you have…with what you know right now.

And having trust that the next step will be shown as you move along the path.

To get the indication of forward steps, don’t rely on inertia it will always give you excuse, rather get yourself immersed in the process and you can depend on the momentum.

Nobody got success just sitting in the comfort zone, you have to uncomfortable things get out of that zone.

So, if your feeling I’m confident to start a business, just start with what you know like you can start off with the research regarding your business.

Do the few things that will help you to move one step forward.

Do you know this 6 stages of Subconscious mind?

3. Develope Competence.

Look for the confirmation in order to make your competence strong enough.

The true sense knowingness comes from the identification of your self-realization.(Know more about Self-realization)

Self-realization is understanding more about yourself, ask about yourself this question, ” who am I, what’s my purpose”. It is a goal of spirituality.

Realize your inner source that drives your life, rather than depending on external materialistic things.

If you depend on things like money, car, status this is not permanent, at some point in time they gonna destroy you.

If you derive your confidence from your inner mind, that’s what true confidence is, that your getting from within, which is pure.

This confidence is not vulnerable to any external things.

So, develop your competence by confirmation of the very next step you take.

Always look for the confirmation that you wanted to be.

Let’s say you started a business, of course, you want to be a success in it.

So you are looking for your first deal with the client. And you got a call from the client, they are interested in your product.

That’s the confirmation of your competence, that you are moving one step ahead, your life is going your way.

1st learning: Inner knowingness happens when the comparison is abandoned, stop relying on external things.

2nd Learning: Have faith in your abilities, have trust that life will provide you the further.

3rd learning: Look for the confirmation that life is actually going your way.


1. Don’t try to be confident, indirectly it signals your mind that you are not confident.

2. Stop comparing with others, it will destroy your self-confidence.

3. Embrace your own uniqueness.

4. True confidence is derived from the inner state of knowingness.

5. Fake confidence is derived from external structures.

6. An inner knowingness comes from self-realization.

7. Cultivate faith in yourself, by taking action on the basis of what you know now.

8. Keep trust in life, as you move on your path you will get to know the next step.

9. Don’t take a leap, look for what you can do next.

10. Don’t try to change your mind, by saying I am confident, every time you try to change your mind it will always resist.

11. Look for the confirmation that can develop your competence.


1. Difference in confidence and arrogance.

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance that comes from an appreciation of our abilities or qualities.
 Arrogance is characterized by having an exaggerated sense of our importance or abilities.

2. Are self-esteem and confidence same?

Self-esteem is more about how you feel about yourself overall, your self-love.
Confidence is about how much belief you have in your abilities, this can vary from situations. Read more.

3. What is Fake confidence?

Poeple believe that just using mere affirmation such as “I am confident”, can boost their confidence, which is so not true. In order to have true Confidence you have to prove yourself by taking action towards your goal this is how you developed true confidence.



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