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Private Bank Jobs |How to Apply?|Online Scams in 2020


Private Bank Jobs are very renowned Jobs in India. India is a country where there is a job hunt in youths. Indian Youth is crazy about the jobs and when it comes to a less workload job than what better than a private bank job

Private Banks are growing in this era as India is a developing country you can find a branch of the private bank in your neighborhood as they are growing with the growing Indian economy.

The salary in a Private bank for a fresher is quite good and people prefer any private bank job after the Sarkari Jobs. 

Top private banks are always looking for a skillful candidate who can grow their bank’s finance.

What’s in it for me?

  1. How to apply for different jobs in private banks?
  2. Some top Indian private banks 
  3. Job profile in Banking Sector 
  4. Skills Required to become a good banker
  5. Frauds in private Bank Jobs
  6. Online Frauds (Social Media Frauds) 
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

How to apply for different jobs in private banks?

You can apply in private banks through the following ways:

  1. Online Portals

    There are various portals of different private banks where you can directly apply, don’t go for any placement services and other agents for placements, all of them are frauds and no bank has any placement agency.

  2. Doing a Professional Course

    Another way to have a job in certain banks, for example, Axis bank has a partnership with Amity University which gives you a diploma in banking so that candidates can directly go in the banks as a fresher and only skillful candidate get hired which makes the process easy.

  3. Direct Walk-in

    If you don’t have the money to do this type of course then you can directly apply and if there is a vacancy they will contact you and the interview will be there if you clear it then the job is yours.

Note: There are two types of jobs in a private bank either clerical job or manager level job. Clerical Jobs are for graduates and Manager level jobs are for people completing an MBA. 

The eligibilities are different for different banks you can check it in their respective sites.

Some top Indian private banks 

  • HDFC Bank
  • Axis bank 
  • DCB Bank
  • Federal bank 
  • Digi bank 
  • ICICI Bank 
  • Induslnd Bank
  • Jammu and Kashmir Bank
  • Nainital Bank 
  • Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
  • South Indian Bank
  • Bandhan Bank 

There are some small private banks in India and these are :

  • Jana Small Finance Bank 
  • Fincare Small Finance Bank
  • Equitas Small Finance Bank
  • AU Small Finance Bank
  • ESAF Small Finance Bank
  • Suryoday Small Finance Bank

Job profile in banking sector:

There are various job profiles in the banking sector you can join a bank staff even after completing 10th class in Private Bank. 

After graduation, there are various clerical jobs and probationary officer jobs (private bank jobs) in banks with a very good salary.

After post-graduation, you will be a managerial level. You can be the head of many departments such as security, IT, HR, etc.

You can even become a branch manager if you have the ability

Skills required to become a good Banker  

  1. Problem-solving attitude: A banker should have a problem-solving attitude as in a private bank there may be many situations where the chips are down and problems will be there. If you want to be a banker of any kind this attitude should be in you.
  1. Attentiveness: A banker should be aware of whats going on in his department and where is his career going. A single mistake can cost you lakhs of rupees.
  1. Discipline: It’s a key to any person’s life but especially in a banking job discipline is very important. If you are in a bigger post then your staff will look forward to you so discipline is what’s differentiating you from others.
  1. Communication Skills: This is the basic requirement as you will be handling different types of clients. Good communication skills will help you to achieve targets and incentives with ease as private banking is highly competitive and you have to bring something to the table, this job is not a regular 9-5 job.

Frauds in Private Bank Jobs:

Indians are very known for their scams and frauds in every sector possible the same goes for private bank jobs.

If you are a student and have filled some form or even you are watching a video or something on the internet or even searching for some jobs then your information is available to many and I would say that you are now considered as an opportunity

People will call you will make you buy their schemes and every manner possible without even knowing you will become prey to the predator.

Same things go for jobs and in this case private bank jobs, when I was a student I got many calls for private banking jobs starting salary 20k with incentive, the title line is so good that people just get engage and fall for it.

You must have seen an advertisement on trains and buses that job opportunity!!!!! and there is some false information written with a number, people make a call and then you are hooked.

All of these calls and advertisements are frauds and no private banks have tie-ups with any company it’s a scam.

They will organize a meeting with you in some hotel and you will be charged thousands and even a lot of lakhs.

Online (Social Media) Frauds for bank jobs

See we are living in a digital world right. Everything is digital thanks to JIO, but jokes apart, Are we aware of the fact is our Data is going?

I’m sure 99 % of people will not even have an idea of it. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. are using your data and there have been many cases that proved that your data is taken and it will be there on the internet.

Your name, address, bank account details, and any other detail is there for the taking. You must have seen a notification when you download any app that XYZ wants to use the camera, microphone. “Allow access to contacts” etc.

All these things are brought by different companies who use them as an asset.

Let me take my example, I have purchased a domain name from the big rock a couple of years back. I started my work to build a website and after 2 -3 hours I was getting calls from various small companies.

They all are pitching that we have so and so plan where we will build your website. Then there is the whole menu of things came up the SEO menu, Social media marketing, etc, etc.

So my point is don’t go to any site or Facebook page where they say a job is guaranteed and firstly you have to submit your card details. It’s a big scam and you are in it.

My friend’s father lost 80k in 2018 because of such things so I advise you to stay away from such websites and Fb posts where they are providing any kind of private bank job.

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According to me, Private Bank Jobs is a really good career if your interest is in accounting, finance, and money related issues.

If you are looking to just do a desk job then private bank jobs are not for you, as this is a target based industry, and what they want from you is sales of their products. A bank job is considered as a Safe option in our society.

It’s a safer option to many, if you want something big from your life then just being a banker will not resolve your problem


1.What is the starting salary in private banks?

It is around ₹25,000 if you join as a clerk.

2.What is the age limit in Private bank jobs?

After 18 years of age, you can apply for various jobs in Banks but most of the jobs require graduation around 20-22 years of age you will be most likely to get a job in a bank.

3.Private bank jobs vs Public bank jobs, Which are better?

See both are good in their own way, public bank jobs give you more job security though.

4.Are private bank jobs a good career option?

Yes, it’s a very good career option but you have to be very much in it because it is more of a sales job now rather than banking.



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