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15 Secrets and Tips to protect your skin from sun-Even without sunscreen


SUN Great source of Vitamin D, which is vital to our body. Vitamin D enhances bone formation, but too much sun exposure can cause a problem. Too much sun exposure can cause your skin serious problems. It’s important to protect your skin from sun.

Risk of Cancer-It also increases the risk of skin cancer. It also increases signs of aging like wrinkles, reduces skin elasticity.

      20 minutes not more– It is usually recommended to go out in the sun in the early morning when the sun is not so harsh for 20-30 minutes.

    A good sun-protected skin looks 10 years younger than the real age. Too much sun exposure can lead to penetrating harmful UV rays into deeper layers of skin.

What’s in it for you :

  1. Sun damage causes
  2. 12 tips for sun protection
  3. How to protect your skin from sun without sunscreen
  4. Foods to protect your skin from sun naturally
  5. Home remedies for sunburn
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ’s

 Sun damage causes:

1. It can cause skin cancer. It increases the risk of skin cancer.

2. Make your skin dull and dark. Once if your skin gets tan it very difficult to get rid of dull skin.

3. You can get tan skin. Tan is usually caused due to extra exposure to the sun UV harmful radiation.

4. It can cause early signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin and dark spots. It can make you look much older. Proper skincare is very important.

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12 Tips for sun protection


SPF is a must. It is must for sun protection. 15 minutes of direct exposure to the sun can cause tan. Wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. It is recommended to apply sunscreen before 15-20 minutes before going out. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB.

2. Reapply after 2 Hours

Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours is recommended. Applying just once is not enough, especially in summers and while swimming.

3. Avoid Harsh Hours

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is when the sun is at its highest peak. It is considered as harsh hours. Try not to directly expose to the sun during these hours. And reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours.

4. Seek Shade

SPF is not enough, avoid direct exposure to the sun, and stay in shade. Wear tightly woven fabrics clothes to block UV radiations.

5. Protect your eyes from UV exposure

Wear Sunglasses that have 99% to 100% UV absorption. It will help your eyes from UV radiations and dark circles. It will lower the risk of cataracts.

6. Stay hydrated.

Drinking enough water can help your skin cause less harm in the sun. Don’t forget to carry water along with you while going out. It will help you stay hydrated and not to lack moisture in your skin.

7. Choose broad-spectrum

Broad-spectrum sunscreen is which has both UVA and UVB protection. Most sunscreens only protect from UVA rays and not UVB rays. But protection from both is most important. Check before you buy sunscreen that it protects from all UV rays.

8. Choose sunscreen according to your skin type

As you choose products according to your skin type same you have to check whether the sunscreen will suit your skin. If you are finding difficulty finding sunscreen of your skin type choose a sunscreen that suits all skin types.

9. Keep children safe

Your children also need protection from the sun. Children are mostly all the time playing out in the harsh sun. They are at high risk of getting tan and sunburn. In east-Asian countries, parents start using sunscreen for their children at the age of 5. Recommend a dermatologist, for best sunscreen that suits your child’s skin.

10. LIP sun care

Your lips are more sensitive than your skin. It requires more care however, most of you might not be protecting your lips from the sun. There are a lot of lip balms that have SPF protection from the sun. Choose a lipstick or lip balm that contains SPF protection.

11. Don’t forget your hands and feet

Protect your hands and feet skin with sunscreen. Wear full sleeves cloth and avoid wearing shorts and skirts in summer. Wear covered sandals to avoid tanning.

12. Protect your feet by wearing covered sandals.

How to protect your skin from the sun, without sunscreen.

Not having sunscreen Don’t worry.

Many times you might be in a situation where you don’t have sunscreen with you. In such a situation you could use these tricks to protect your skin from sun.

1. Make use of a scarf or umbrella. Use scarfs with dark colors to protect from the sun. Scarfs which are made up of tightly-woven silk should be worn. Choose a white or black umbrella.

2. Carry a water bottle with you. When you are out in the sun, there are high chances of dehydration. Carry water to hydrate your skin.

3. Wear sunglasses. This is the best way to protect your eyes and skin around your eyes.

4. Finding Shade. If you can’t apply sunscreen then its best for you to stay in shade and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

5. Avoid harsh hours. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. are harsh hours when the sun is at its highest peak. Avoid going out in the sun in these hours and protect your skin from sun.

Foods to protect your skin from sun damage.

Nature has a remedy for all. These Foods can naturally provide you protection from UV rays.  These foods can help you heal sunburns and reduce the risk of getting tan.
1. Carrots

It is beta-carotene food. It has vitamins, anti-oxidants. Carrots protects you from the sun naturally. Drink a glass of carrot juice. They can do magic to your skin. It helps fight against uneven skin tone, acne, blemishes, and pigmentation. Drink carrot juice for 12-15 days and you will see visible results. Drink about 120 ml of carrot juice early morning for better results. Don’t add any sugar to juice if needed add honey instead.

2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidant, Vitamin C and A. It contains lycopene that will help you 

Protect from the sun naturally.

3. Green Vegetables

Leafy greens, fenugreek, and kale are the best option for sun protection diet. Darker the vegetable, better it is. Rich in anti-oxidant and minerals it is best to protect from the sun.

4. Vitamin C rich fruits like oranges, limes strawberry can provide better protection from the sun.
5. Herbal teas, Green teas and black teas are best to protect against UV radiation.

Home remedies for sunburn

Sunburns are caused due to excess exposure to the sun. Most common in summers, sunburns cause redness and irritation.

1. Cool packs or cold showers can help you to reduce redness and sunburn.

2. Add apple cider vinegar to maintain the pH balance of your skin.

3. You can also add essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil in water while bathing.

4. Baking soda can help. Add baking soda to the bath to help reduce redness.

5. Oatmeal for sunburn. Soak oatmeal in water or milk after about 10 minutes use oatmeal for sunburn.

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It is sometimes really hard to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. As sun is great source of Vitamin D, but it also causes tan and sunburn.

20 minutes not more- Stay in sun for 20 minutes not more than that.

No sunscreen can give you 100% protection from UV rays, so it’s important to avoid direct exposure to sun rays.

How sun damages your skin is mentioned above. Also, 12 tips for sun protection. These Tips will help you to protect your skin from sun more effectively.

Not having sunscreen- don’t worry. I have listed ways to protect your skin from sun even without sunscreen.

It is important to apply sunscreen in every season, but also don’t forget to apply sunscreen even in winters.

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Foods also can help you to protect your skin against sun naturally. Check out how .

Also, I have listed home remedies for sunburn and tan removal.

FAQ’s about sun protection

1. What sunscreen should I use?

A. Choose a sunscreen that provides Broad-spectrum protection. SPF should be high.

2. How to protect without sunscreen?

A. Use scarf, umbrella, and silk clothes. Keep your skin hydrated.

3. From which age should I start using sunscreen?

A. You should start applying sunscreen from an early age. 10- 15 years of children’s also should apply sunscreen.

4. How often should I apply sunscreen?

A. Reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours.

5, Should I apply sunscreen in winters?

A: Yes it is important to apply sunscreen even in winters.

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