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Learn 7 Quick Methods – How You Can Apply Foundation


Learn Step by step instructions to apply foundation flawlessly.

If you are not a pro in applying foundation and want to create a flawless look.

Don’t take tension, it’s a very common issue faced by the beginners.

It’s a very important step to clean and prep your skin before applying any foundation and base. In the market, you will find different brand foundations and bases according to skin type and tone.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Types of foundations
  2. Pancakes Foundation
  3. Pan sticks Foundation
  4. Cream base Foundation  
  5. Liquid Foundation
  6. How to Apply Foundation
  7. Correct Foundation Shade
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

There are different types of foundations available

The main function of the foundation is to give skin flawless and glowing texture.

It is very important to select the correct foundation for your skin tone.

Always use the exact color tone foundation neither lighter or too dark.

4 Types of Foundation

1) Pancakes Foundation

– It’s a cake finish foundation
– It gives a matte finish
– It is sweat-proof
– Doesn’t require powdering

2) Pan Sticks Foundation

– Cream stick base foundation.
– Waterproof but is not exactly waterproof.
– It requires powdering
– Good for body and neck

3) Cream Base Foundation  

– It’s the heaviest form of foundation.
– Full and good coverage
– Normal to dry skin
– Requires setting powder
– It can be suitable in winters
– It can be cracked if not powdered properly.
– 1-2 layers are enough

4) Liquid Foundation

– Prolong wear
– Satin finish foundation
– Studio fix foundation

5 Steps To Apply Foundation

1) Clean and Prep your skin

The first step is to clean your skin and hydrate it with any good moisturizer according to your skin type.

Then use a primer to create a base for foundation.

2) Use Color Corrector

Color corrector is used to hiding and cut down skin perfections.

Use orange corrector to conceal darkness and green corrector to cut down the redness on the face.

3) Take Small Quantity of the foundation

Start with less quantity.

You don’t need an overwhelming, hardened on the look, so it’s ideal, to begin with, a small foundation and add more if you need it more.

Touch the foundation on the focal area of your brow, under your eyes, and on your nose and jawline.

4) Apply Foundation Outward

Spread the foundation outward.

Start at the focal area of your face and spread the foundation toward your hairline and neck. You can use your fingers, a brush.

Regardless of what you pick, you need to use a texturing procedure, which implies delicately tapping it into your face, as opposed to scouring or cleaning.

5) Foundation Brush

Mix your foundation.

Use your brush to mix your foundation around your face.

There shouldn’t be any patches where your foundation starts or finishes; it should mix easily into your ears, neck, and hairline.

6) Concealer

To hide the imperfections.

Concealer to be applied after your foundation.

Conceal pimples or different flaws with a touch of concealer.

Take a less quantity onto the makeup blending palette and spot it onto the flaw with a brush.

Make certain to mix it by softly by blending brush in a tap motion.

7) Makeup Baking Powder

Apply a baking powder.

Wrap up your whole face by applying a baking powder over your foundation.

This is a translucent, matte powder that keeps your foundation long-lasting for a day.

Correct Foundation Shade

Pick a shade and product according to your skin type. It is important to know whether you have dry, oily, ordinary, or mixed skin before applying foundation or any base.

This will figure out what foundation type is preferable for you. Numerous foundations are exceptionally intended for various skin types.

A light foundation, for example, mousse base is good for oily skin. You can also pick a without oil fluid or powder foundation.

A fluid foundation with moisturizing properties for dry skin. You can also pick a hydrating powder or stick foundation. 

Get the results you need

You can use below makeup products after done with foundation application to get more natural and subtle look.

Free powder gives the lightest inclusion.

Squeezed powder gives a light addition.

Tinted lotion additionally gives light addition.

The vaporized foundation gives medium addition.

The fluid foundation gives full inclusion.

The cream foundation gives the most inclusion. 

Remember to blend your makeup well. If you are not blending your makeup properly then it can cause unnatural makeup look.

Check this blog to know why you should do a professional makeup artist course?   


In the last, I conclude that in makeup foundation plays a prominent part.

Practice to blend makes you close to achieve flawless and natural look.

Don’t take for granted any technique of makeup because art takes time but once you get the right way then no one can beat you to create a natural glowing look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between foundation and concealer?

Foundation and Concealer are two different things.
The foundation is to create an even tone on the face and on the other hand concealer is used to cover darkness and concentrated area on your skin.

Is it a good idea to mix foundation with moisturizer or sunblock cream?

Yes, you can mix your foundation with moisturizer or a sunblock cream. Just remember one thing don’t mix too much quantity.

How to make foundation perfect shade?

You can mix and match the foundation from lighter to dark range in order to get a perfect look.



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