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Rakuten Affiliate program: Earn extra cash in 2021

Firstly consider this, you are introduced to a website where you have unlimited stores to choose and in reality, it is your call which products you want to promote. So such websites are often called AFFILIATE NETWORK WEBSITE and one such program is Rakuten Affiliate Program

So Affiliate network website is an online portal where numerous companies register and it is up to us which merchant to choose and what products to sell.

Many companies are offering such services but one of the greatest websites is Rakuten and it’s an affiliate program. Know about other amazing Affiliate websites.

Rakuten in text

In addition to being the best, Rakuten affiliate program, it brings forth thousand of products and merchants. The only catch is you need to get registered as an affiliate on the website and that is just simple.

What You’ll Learn

  8. FAQ

For instance, you’re suddenly thrown into a world that uniquely has an abundance of products.

To put it differently, there are new products and old products. Furthermore, the products that you need and the products that your parents need.

Similarly, products that your pets need or literally anything regardless of your needs.

So you find a few products very interesting. Later on, you go to the shopkeeper and tell him that you will help him sell this product on one condition that you will take a certain amount of commission$.

Sales commission in Rakuten Affiliate Program

Since the shopkeeper agrees. Now you go to another shopkeeper and you get him to do the same, So now you have products you can sell and market full of buyers! and all you got to do as a result is sell and make a profit.

Above all You don’t manufacture the product, you don’t order the stock, all you do is move the product and keep your commission.  That is the concept of affiliate marketing.

So let’s start the amazing venture and dive straight into the pool of affiliate marketing.

What is Rakuten affiliate?

Rakuten is an affiliate network program that means instead of offering affiliate services of one particular company, it offers the affiliate program for companies ranging with a wide array of choice.

All things considered, it is to be noted that each of these company has different affiliate rates and might and might not be interested in you.  

However the company itself started in 1996 in New York and the company, in 2005, claimed it was the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

Infographics on Rakuten Affiliate Program

 Chiefly, with such an amazing performance in affiliate marketing, the company seems to have grown pretty much. So the company is beyond a doubt trustworthy.

Know about best affiliate website for digital products.

How to join Rakuten Affiliate?

Rakuten affiliate process is rather simple. In fact, it is a one-step process and all you have to do precisely is go to the Rakuten website and click on get started.

Click on get started

Once you click on get started then you will be directed to a form where you’ll be asked to fill your details. Your name, your email address, your company’s name, your company’s online revenue and your mobile number.

Make sure Rakuten Affiliate program is an international program but is not global. Here’s a list of countries, Rakuten Affiliate program works:

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Italy
  7. Japan
  8. United States
  9. United Kingdom

So if you are a resident of these countries, Rakuten affiliate program is one of the best to apply to and get a cheque in your mailbox.

And if not, know about other amazing Affiliate Websites.

Some good merchants in Rakuten

To give you a sense of the type of affiliate programs inside the network, here are some prominent participants:  

Booking.com4.00% last click for U.S. traffic
Hilton Hotelsvaries
Urban Outfittersvaries by region
AT&T$50.00 flat fee on selected goods
Esurance$10 flat fee
Izod3% commission
YFT$35 flat fee
Udemy15% commission

You can see there are a variety of offers inside the network- from travel and insurance to ride-sharing and clothing.

Some great products on Rakuten

In terms of Categories, they break it down into 21 different topics: 

  1. Auto
  2. Business & Career
  3. Clothing & Accessories
  4. Computer & Electronics
  5. Department Store
  6. Entertainment
  7. Family
  8. Financial Services
  9. Food & Drink
  10. Games & Toys
  11. Gift & Flowers
  12. Health & Beauty
  13. Hobbies & Collectibles
  14. Home & Living
  15. Internet & Online
  16. Mature/Adult
  17. Miscellaneous
  18. Office
  19. Sports & Fitness
  20. Telecommunications
  21. Travel

As you can see- a pretty broad spectrum of money-making opportunities.

Here is a list of top-selling Rakuten products from 2019

Healthcare & Medical Supplies

Ever Color 1day Colored Contact Lens
Ever Color 1day Moist Label Colored Contact Lens
Neo Sight 1day Colored Contact Lens

Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrances

Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrances
Lebel proedit hair care
Lebel IAU essence MOIST
Schick Proline Blade Shaving

Diet & Health

Okinawa fucoidan supplement
Spirulina 100%
CBD Hemp oil


Assorted taste of famous ramen in Hokkaido
Hokkaido seafood POPPO YAKI IKA
Freeze dry fruits (strawberry, kyoho grape, peach)

Sweets & Snacks

Calbee POTATO FARM Jaga Pokkuru
Shiroi Koibito Chocolate biscuits

Water & Soft Drinks

MADE IN KYOTO Uji Hoji-cha powder
MARUKYU KOYAMAEN Aoarashi Matcha/Green tea – Sweescent and mellow flavor
KOYAMAEN Isuzu Matcha/Green tea – Umami and astringency

Alcoholic Beverages

Ichiro’s Malt&Grain World Blended Whisky White Label
Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia wine
Suntory – Strong zero

Sake & Shochu

100 years loneliness malt sake
Dassai Japanese Sake
Toko pure rice Japanese Sake

Women’s Clothing

harewalker skinny pants stretch
Flare sleeve design T-shirt (M – 3L size)
T-shirt with race print & stripe

Men’s Clothing

Japan made RESOLUTE tight straight jeans
Super low-rise mens swimwear
Men’s army slim fit pants



Jewelry & Accessories

K18 black pearl necklace
Akoya sea pearl necklace
K18 Akoya pearl one diamond necklace


SEIKO PROSPEX men’s watch
Casio band for GWG-1000
SEIKO Prospex blue gradation men’s watch

Home Appliances & Small Electrics

Hair iron for curling
Bio skin doll for makeup training
Oceanrich automatic drip coffee maker

Computers & Networking

Computer and internet
Computer and internet
Brother P touch label writer
Keyboard – REALFORCE S R2 TKL English 87 key ALL30g
Sanko USB 24h timer switch

Smartphones & Tablets

Genuine leather smartphone case notebook type
ROOT CO. magnet carabiner reel
Genuine leather smartphone case open type

Musical Instruments

TOMBO Polyphony harmonica premium 21 C
TOMBO Polyphony harmonica premium 21 G
Polyphony harmonica premium 21 A


AuthaGraph World Map poster
Miniature life calendar 2019
Miniature life calendar 2020

Home Decor, Housewares & Furniture

MOGU humanoid beads cushion
Point-support health pillow
Lavender potpourri pillow

Home & Office Supplies

TWSBI fountain pen ECO Japan-limited colour
Wire soap cutter
Cartier Medium Ballpoint Pen Refill

Sports & Outdoors

MADE IN JAPAN Mirror lens swimming goggles
MADE IN JAPAN Parts set for swimming goggles
Swimming caps.

This list will help you choose your best products and start with affiliate marketing.

 Commission rate

The commission rate entirely differs from merchant to merchant.

The minimum threshold is $5.

The payment is made either by cheque or by Paypal.


These are made on 15th of May, August, November and February.

They are made every three months so the payment cycle is lengthy.

You cannot rely on it for monthly cash but it surely will add money in your bank account every three months.

Join an Affiliate program that pays every month.


In conclusion, If you reside in the countries in which offer Rakuten affiliate program is available, it is a must-try.

The list of products mentioned above is surely worth a try depending upon your niche.

The commission can be taken back in case of return or refund to the customer, moreover, payments are made once every three months, which is kind of absurd but then, who does not want few extra bucks!


1.Is Rakuten Affiliate Network safe?

With over 20 years in industry and thousands of people earning big cash from it, it is indeed one of the safest and trustworthy affiliate program to join.

2. Is Rakuten affiliate program free to join?

Like most other affiliate programs, Rakuten is also free to join. The cost might be felt while creating sales like website or ads cost, other than that it is completely free to use.

3. Can Rakuten make you rich?

And. With the payment cycle of three months, it is pretty hard to say that it will make you rich but it sure will give a boost to your bank balance.

4. If you are in India, can you apply for the program?

I am sorry but if you are outside of India you cannot apply for the program since all your efforts will be a waste and you won’t receive any payments.


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