Let’s just talk about leather belts first then go to leather belts so belts are use for protection of our trousers, pants, jeans, and many more but it is more important to just complete the texture of your apparel. 

Now when we talk about leather belts, it is usually use by formal people who wants its attire completely neat and tidy for industrial events, meeting, and office and so on.

Leather Belt

But the motive of leather is not getting in these belts that’s why leather is use in belts to give attention or attraction to public. Now as we all know that leather is made of animal skin so their texture gives an different look towards crowd

Most of the time formal texture apparel is incomplete when you don’t see the leather belts. Because without belts you don’t look like professional person.

So leather belts are much more important in men’s life as well as in women’s life. 

Here we will talk about the way of leather belts you should wear in your apparel matching combination to complete the outfit. When you wear formal clothes so black leather belts with no such design mean simple

Know more about leather belts

  1. Types of leather used in belts.
  2. Making process of leather belts
  3. Compare fake belt vs leather belt
  4. How to check quality of leather belts?
  5. Advantages & Disadvantages of leather belt
  6. Can leather belts be customize? 
  7. Belts you should have in your wardrobe for men and women
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Plain belts will glow your outfit and most important point while wearing formal clothes just try to match any accessories of your belts means your belt color should match with tie, watch, shoes etc. for formal clothes your color of your belt will be either black or brown. 

Now to maintain your leather belts as we know that skin made leather belts durability is high than any other material so if you want to maintain your leather belt.

Your single leather belt should not be used as daily used if you over used your leather belt that the pattern of leather will get loose accordingly. 

So you should always have at least 2-3 types of formals belt with different color that means your belts condition will also be good. Now for tan belts, these belts will be use for semi-formal apparels. 

Types of leather used in belts. 

There are five leather skin use in belts are as follows:-

  1. Cow skin
  2. Bull skin
  3. Pigskin
  4. Sheepskin
  5. Goatskin

Most probably all industrials experts of leather products think cow skin leather is mostly use or common to apply in any skin-type of products because the calf skin material durability is more than other animal skins

Types of leather belts

  1. Formal belts 
  2. Tanned belts
  3. Casual belts
  4. Double pin belt

Making process of leather belts

So when we get to know that how leather belts are to be made of. There are some rules to make the belts like tools to stitch all together. Materials also required like leather thread etc.

Here will be some steps to make leather belts. 

Tools required are as follows :- 

  • Measuring tape for size of your waist
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Buckle for belts
  • Polishing cloth
  • Seeing machine
  • Glue


  • Leather skin
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Marker. 
  • Long straight ruler

How to create a brand new belt ?

  1. Measure the length of belt

    While making the belt you have to take measure of length and width.

    So first take the length size and add 4 cm extra for the buckle of belts and most default measurement of width is 3 to 4 cm and another size will be depend on the clients.

  2. Mark all measure in leather skin

    Now the cow skin leather because of soft skin and comfort & durable is good and stretch the skin.

    Afterwards just take long straight ruler and mark all points for cutting purpose with knife cutter or with scissors. 

    Add one inch extra because whenever you make belt and when you choose belt you should take one size extra to don’t reach till cast whole. 

  3. Make a tip

    When your belt length gets ready you can either take tip of v- shape leather belt or D-shape leather so if you want to take V-shape leather belt just take and proper angle to look just like V.

    If you want D-shape leather belts then just take a beverage can and put it on leather then mark the edges of can and short cutting the edges to just look like a D-shape leather belt

  4. Sew all pieces together with thread

    Now when you apply same procedure with another two layers of leather then just firstly take a glue to stick all leather at proper measurement then wait for some hour to get dry.

    Stick together then just apply sewing process with needle machine to don’t get open after the effects of glue evaporate just stick that leather from all edges. 

  5. Attach buckle in belt patch.

    Now when the leather belt gets stitch just take 2-4 cm of length and fold it half to that particular patch. 

    When it gets measured apply first glue then the buckle at center of foldable edge and close the folding patch to the leather to get fit the buckle. When buckle gets stick sew those edges with thread.

  6. Make holes in belts

    There are some perfect distance should take to make hole. As we see there are mostly 5 holes as default. Less people take extra holes for tighten waist.

  7. Finishing

    When leather belts gets ready there are some minor parts which might look untidy should get remove from that particular area.

    Then to look brand new there are polishing products which gives new glossy and shiny look and proper finishing looks extra ordinary look or an eye catchy movement to buy leather belts on that particular movement.

    And every proper finishing belts looks good some belt don’t even give proper holes in leather belts and we can’t even pluck our buckle lead in hole so due to that people gets problem and that type of products does not grow the quality of our brand. 

    So after finishing first provide these ready belts for testing process of their durability, quality, any gap we forget to stitch and many more faults should be test then provide these product to their respected shops. 

Compare fake belt vs leather belts

Normal belt:-

  • Casual belt strap is made of cloth or nylon which does not have durability. 
  • Normal belts have slimmest straps so its flexibility might get break. 
  • Normal belts can be suitable for casual wear but not in formal wear because of its quality gets down. 

Leather belt:-

  • Leather belts have three types of buckle: – single pin, double pin, triple pin, buckle according to their apparel. The buckle is made up of metal for its durability. 
  • Straps of the belt are broad than normal belts
  • The leather belt is used in formals as well as casual apparel. 

How to check quality of leather belt ?

  • Check the edges of the belt if the belt edges are rough and uneven that means it is leather belts otherwise it is made of four material or fake skin . Because skin leather gives uneven texture when you touch you get the difference of skin made and normal belt. 
  • If your belt smell some type of chemical than it is not skin made leather it might be fake because when leather manufacturers make belt they wash the skin so that no smell can you get from leather. 
  • Leather gets wrinkle when you feel and push little bit hard if it has smooth surface means made of some fabric. 
  • All these type of rules you should know to check the quality of leather belts and be aware of fake product of belt.

Advantages & Disadvantages of leather belt

Advantages of leather belt:-

  • Men and women take that product to get fit and attire with apparel
  • Leather belts buckle are also very expensive and has different looks of round buckle, D-shape, V-shape, design metal buckle and so on. 
  • Main things about leather buckle is right stitching by tailor man so that it will live longer than its actual life. 

Disadvantages of leather belt:-

  • Because it is very expensive less people will buy leather products or who can afford it. 
  • When leather catch the moisture it soaks it but whenever the leather catch water for longer period of time, the life span of leather get minimize its life. 
  • Animal skin leather is not exactly free so most of people think the leather manufacturers harm the animal then remove the skin and apply of the products so people thinks it’s too bloody. 

Can leather belts be customized? 

Yes most of the leather are made by machinery. But some audiences wants their own craft so they go to handmade shops and make their own leather belt. 

Belts you should have in your wardrobe for men and women

For women:-

  • Use skinny belts in formal or casual while you pluck the shirt inside your skirt or trousers. 
  • Size of belts should be less than and half cm in broad. 
  • Single pin metal buckle will suit in formals. 
  • Bow belts:-

It is made for office wear to look stylish and professional. 

  • Leather belt:-
  • It will suit for any apparel because it looks glossy

For men:-

  • 2 leather belt of different color black & brown for alternate days to not over use in it. 
  • Size of belt should not less the 2 inch 

Casual belt:-

  • Casual belts suits in jeans, chinos, shorts etc. 
  • Your casual belts has huge variety in color, handicrafts and buckle etc.

Faux belt:-

  • It is use as semi-formal clothes
  • It is well polished and used as casual too. 


So in this topic my personal review on belt will be designs is release new design every year.

And the belt material should be always pure leather to look genuine, to check genuine i personally refer either material catches fire that means it is not genuine leather.

Try to fold in every angle of material, check whether scratches will pop up in the material means its genuine material which is made of skin made product.


1. Can leather belts can be shorten from the tip?

Its totally depend on the audience who wear, because when you can to long while wearing the belt you can shorten from the tip, you can either cut the belt from sharp knife or with the blade.

2. Are leather belts have collections of buckle?

Yes, most of the time belts have only one design but right now when we see the leather belts designs, they have a huge variety of bucket to hold .

3. Can leather belts be washed?

Yes, because if your belt is made with pure leather so you can simply take a wet soap cloth and just rub to belt and when you finish the work just simply take another wet cloth of warm water dipped that cloth and clean the leather meaterial with cloth to look brand new belt.



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