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7 Best Regional Movies which change Modern Indian Cinema


Indian cinema is older than our independence in India. It will be interesting to see how cinema has evolved since 1913. It has gone through several hurdles, concepts, techniques, and actors. In modern cinema, Indian movies (and regional movies) is a medium to influence the people and their day to day life.

Most of the time when we talk about modern Indian cinema, we assign it with only Hindi movies and Bollywood. Indian has 26 regional movie industries dominating their respective places.

So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that still majorly, people watch Hindi cinema due to the language barrier but now the time has changed. With the help of technology, we can dub the voices of any movie and can add subtitles to it.

Here we are with the list of 7 regional movies that have changed the face of their industry as well as modern Indian cinema. We will not go back to the past but rather search for new cinema and how they impact their industry.

What’s in it for me

  1. KGF Series (Kannada)
  2. Bahubali movies (Telugu)
  3. Sairat (Marathi)
  4. Drishyam (Malayalam)
  5. Enthiran (Tamil)
  6. Village Rockstar (Assamese)
  7. Sajjan Singh Rangroot (Punjabi)
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

KGF Series (Kannada)

If you remember this movie, maybe you are reading this before 2022 or maybe you have watched this movie. I know maybe I will act as a biased person but hey… I like this movie so much.

KGF is a 2018 Kannada movie which is about the goldmine of KGF. I will not dig deep into the story but Will praise this movie. Hahaha…..just joking.

This is the movie that has changed the fate of actor Yash made him into Top star of India and Kannada industry where people make fun of its action scenes. The movies are best at scale.

Sometimes, I wonder if this movie won’t come out and we will not be able to see the Creativity and hard work of the Kannada industry. I think the introduction of actor and slow-motion are the best in the movie.

Well, this regional movie has also been dubbed in various languages. The movie is made at a budget of 50-80 crores. It has churned out a total of 243-270 crores at the box – office. Wait, KGF 2 is also being released in 2020 or 2021.

Bahubali movies (Telugu)

I don’t think this series needs an introduction. The question of this movie has engaged us in close to 2 years. Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali? It has made actors of movies a household name.

The movie now becomes a part of Indian culture.  This movie has made the Telugu industry so famous that people are actually learning Telugu in order to watch their movies.

Bahubali movies are a 2 part movie that revolves around the fictional kingdom and fights for the throne which resulted in revenge. The movie has given us so many lessons that you can create your Religious book on it.

The movie is filmed in a human-made kingdom. The scale of VFX and fighting scenes was way beyond any Bollywood movies. The movie also introduced too many innovations in terms of filmmaking. They took close to 4 years to make.

The whole series is created on a budget of $60 million and earning was way beyond prediction. The whole series cash out a total of $260 million. On its first day, the second movie earned 100 crore rupees. 

Sairat (Marathi)

Well, in India, people primarily watch romantic comedy movies because they are easy to make and it doesn’t put pressure on the head of the people.

But what if Someone took the genre Romantic comedy to make the movies in a realistic manner that needs guts to watch and give the horrifying end to its story.

The director Nagraj decided to take the initiative to create something that will be worthy enough to watch in this genre. He decided to take the challenge by introducing newcomers as lead actors.

And……. the result is Sairat. This regional movie has become so famous that every lead actor has become a household name and the movie has become a part of pop culture. People are giving the names of movie characters to their babies.

Technically, this movie is awesome. It has changed the way Marathi movies being produced. The music and songs have become blockbuster that other people are copying it and the whole credit goes to Ajay Atul.

If we talk about its earnings, it has broken the previous records. The movie went to earn 100 crore rupees at the box office. The amount was unimaginable earlier but this movie has broken the norm.

Every other actor apart from lead and main supporting actors has not done acting earlier.

Drishyam (Malayalam)

This movie is a prime example of how any suspense movies should be made. Drishyam is a 2013 Malayalam movie starrer Mohanlal is a tight slap to those who say India can make thriller movies. The story of this movie is something like hiding the secret of murder which is done accidentally.

Drishyam will keep you on the edge by giving glimpses of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. Jeethu Joseph has brilliantly written the script. The movie has become so popular that it is being remade in various languages.

It is well received by the Overseas market. It runs for 125 days in UAE beating the record of Titanic which runs 110 days. 

This became the first movie to collect 950 million rupees on the box office despite the budget of 30 million rupees.

Enthiran (Tamil)

Enthiran is a Tamil version of Robot movie starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai. The story revolves around Robot and its scientist which focuses the light on the issue of danger from smart robots in the future. The movie changed the face of Tamil cinema at that time. 

It had created a buzz for its god level of action and introduction of the Sci-fi genre in the mainstream Tamil cinema. The movie was made on a huge budget and grossed over 2.7 billion rupees.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t well-received overseas. The movie also promotes the encouragement of high budget cinema in Modern Indian Cinema.

Village Rockstar (Assamese)

This movie is our official selection of Academy awards in 2017. The movie is quite simple. It talked about the value of dreams and hurdles which help us to build something great.

This movie has brought a revolution in the Assamese industry which is not even ready to grow. But Rima das, who is a self-taught filmmaker, has decided to create something worth remembering.

The movies received many accolades for their unique and real portrayal. It went on to win 3 national awards along with the best feature film in 2017.

Right now, the movie is streaming on Netflix. Please watch it to feel the real and authentic Assam and their culture.

Sajjan Singh Rangroot (Punjabi)

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a 2018 Daljit Dosanjh starrer historical movie. It tells us the story of the Sikh regiment fighting on the front lines in favor of the British army in World War 1. 

Being a historical drama, it has created a sensation among youth. The way of presentation was spectacular if we keep the Punjab industry in our minds.

 Well, the Punjab industry is famous for its music in the overseas market. But this movie created a whole new market for the Punjab industry in the USA, UK, Austria, UAE, and Russia. 

They have gathered a huge box office collection. It is considered as the 3rd highest-grossing movie of 2018. Well, this has opened the gate of technical brilliance in the Punjab industry which lacks in their songs.


All these modern Indian cinema are not only great or good but these movies changed the fate of their industry. You will find many spectacular and jaw-dropping movies apart from Bollywood.

Give a try to Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Bengali cinema. You will understand their creativity and ease of storytelling. Cause Cinema is a visual image going fast with narrative storytelling.


Is South Indian cinema better than Bollywood?

Well, they have made progress in terms of storytelling, direction, and high-class action. They are trying to be more original than Bollywood movies.

What is Regional Cinema?

Regional terms is referred to the specific types of people who have different language, culture, traditions and beliefs. so mainly, the cinema is made for that specific people.



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