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Rice Companies in India

Rice, unlike most other cereals, we consume it as a whole grain. No one is there who is not fond of rice. Especially, Biryani. How can anyone forget that!

There are many dishes that we prepare from rice. Also, we consume it in huge amounts. India is one of the largest exporters of rice. So rice must be of good quality.

In this article, we will see the various rice companies in India which is good in quality and consumption.

What is in it for me

  1. Types of Rice
  2. How to check the quality of the rice
  3. Rice Companies in India
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Rice


There are various types of rice and different rice companies available in the market. We all do not eat the same type of rice. It depends on the region, our culture, the society we live in, etc. For example, the type of rice we consume in Asia is very different from the rice in Africa. 

Since we consume rice in such a large quantity, therefore, its physical properties such as size, shape, uniformity, and general appearance are of utmost importance. Many rice companies in India provide different types of rice.

Let us see on what basis we choose the rice.

  • The marketing of rice is according to grains’ shape and size. We all go to the market and choose the rice depending upon the shape and size of the grains and perceive whether it is good or not.
  • Physical dimensions, weight, and uniformity are also of prime importance.
  • Grain categories are based upon these three physical qualities: length, width, and weight.

So, let us see the types of rice that we have been consuming for so long.

Rice can be classified on the following basis:

  1. Length and Shape
  2. Texture
  3. Colour
  4. Aroma

Based on Length and Shape

  • Long Grain Rice – Long rice grains are good to use when we want the grains to stay separate during cooking. When it comes to cooking dishes like biryani or pulao, we go for long-grain rice. Many rice companies provide long grain rice like basmati rice.
  • Medium Grain Rice – Medium grain rice is shorter than long grain rice but larger than short-grain rice. They have a high tendency to stick than long grain rice and have a wider kernel.
  • Short Grain Rice – Short rice grains are used to give a sticker a more viscous appearance. This type of rice is used when you want to make any desert-like kheer or pudding. 

Based on Texture

  • Sticky Rice – This type of rice is grown more in East and Southeast Asia. Sticky Rice is used to prepare sweet dishes, desserts, and many other traditional dishes.
  • Parboiled Rice – Rice is partially pre-cooked before the husk is removed so that the husks can be separated from the rice easily by hands. Parboiled rice is also known as converted rice. It goes under three processes: Soaking, Steaming, and Dying.

Based on Colour

  • Polished Rice – Polished rice is nothing but white rice. When the brown layer of bran and germs are removed from it then it becomes white and this is known as polished rice.
  • Brown Rice – When the husk is removed but the brown layer of bran and germs are not removed, it gives a tan colour to the rice. This type of rice is termed brown rice. It takes a little longer time to get cooked than white rice. Brown rice is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Black Rice – Black rice also very rich in nutritional values. It has a mild nutty flavour and is a little sticky when cooked. Black rice is mostly used for cooking Chinese and Thai dishes.
  • Wild Rice – Wild rice comprises the genus Zizania and is grown mostly in native North America. It is highly rich in protein. Also, wild rice has a little grassy flavour. We can prepare salad, pilaf, wild rice blend, wild rice soup, and wild rice casserole from it. Very few rice companies sell wild rice.

Based on Aroma

  • Basmati Rice – It is a long rice grain popular in Indian cuisines and other traditional dishes. Basmati is consumed by a huge amount of the population in Asian countries. There are various basmati rice companies in the market.
  • Jasmine Rice – It is also known as Thai fragrant rice and has long grains with a long kernel. Jasmine rice is a little sticky in texture when cooked. If you want a little bit of jasmine flavour in your dish then you can go with Jasmine Rice.

How to check the quality of the Rice


We do not check much when it comes to selecting the right quality of rice. We just go and purchase it among any rice companies available from the nearby shop or online. If the appearance is good then the rice is good for consumption. This is what we all think.

But many factors play an important role while selecting rice. Let us discuss them.

  • Colour – There are different colours of rice available in the market. For example, red rice, black rice, white rice, etc. Make sure you do not purchase the rice which is a bit yellowish. Branded rice companies do not provide yellowish colour rice.
  • Rice texture – Before buying rice, press the rice and see whether it is strong or not. Meaning, if it is breaks easily, then you must avoid such a kind of rice. They are not of that good quality. But if they don’t break easily, you can consider that rice.
  • Non – Sticky – Press the rice and check whether it is sticky or not. If they are sticky then it contains lubricant content. These contents will harm your body. Hence, avoid buying such kind of rice.
  • Rice appearance – Look carefully at the rice texture. You will get the hint as to whether they are new or old. Also, if it is leaving behind some flour or powdery substance in your hand then that indicates that it is old. While buying the rice from branded rice companies, check their manufacturing and expiry dates. 
  • Rice bugs – Nothing much to say at this point. It is crystal clear that we get to see some bugs in the rice that contaminates the rice and also make them uneatable. So keep an eye on such bugs. Sometimes it happens that we keep new and fresh rice is with the old rice and the new rice gets contaminated too.
  • Buy from a trusted store – Whenever you buy rice, buy it from any trusted store. The store does not cheat you, maintains hygiene, has a proper shelf, does not apply bad trade practices, keeps rice of branded rice companies, etc.
  • Aroma – The aroma of the rice is also a very important quality to check upon. Some of the rice contains artificial fragrance. How to identify it? It will have a very fragrant smell. Also, avoid buying rice with a musty smell. Look for those which have normal fragrance. You can go with the best rice companies mentioned later in this article.
  • Price – We all are aware of the price thing. If the price of rice is too high that means it is of very good quality. But if the price is too low, then you must be alert with it as it might indicate that the quality is low. So, pay attention to the price of the rice as well.
  • Free from impurities – Check nicely whether the rice is free of impurities or not. Those impurities will hamper your health by all means. Those kinds of rice are of poor quality and should not be considered for eating purposes.

Rice Companies in India

1. Daawat Basmati Rice


Our first brand under rice companies in India is Daawat. Daawat is a brand name under the Indian-based company LT Foods Ltd. that was incorporated in the year 1990 as a private company. Today Daawat Basmati Rice is undoubtedly one of the finest basmati in the world. 

It has its presence in 60 countries all over the world. Their unique Octa – Q process guarantees the finest grains of basmati on every pack while manufacturing.

They give quality assurance and check that their basmati rice grains be fluffy, straight, and non-sticky. This rice company not only keeps an eye on the perfection of the rice but also fulfils the global quality and safety requirements.

The rice goes through cooking tests and professional sensory analysis to meet the highest standards in basmati rice and get verified.

Let us explore the range of rice offered by Daawat Rice Company.

Everyday Meals

  • Rozana (enjoy the flavour and aroma of authentic basmati)
  • Tibar (the perfect affordable basmati)
  • Dubar (perfect basmati in affordable price)
  • Golden Sella (parboiled rice that retains vital vitamins from the original grain)
  • Daawat Sehat (everyday basmati fortified with required iron)

Special Meals

  • Brown Rice (quick-cooking and amazingly healthy)
  • Specialist (for great traditional dishes)
  • Select (for out of this world gourmet experience)
  • Festive Delight (festive cheer with double the aroma and taste)

Chefs and Caterers

  • Chef’s Secretz (a specialist range for culinary specialists)

2. Lal Qilla Basmati Rice


Our second brand under rice companies in India is Lal Qilla. It started way back in the early 1900s. The idea was born out of the sparkling vision of Late S. Amar Singh. He used to run a wholesale shop of rice distributor in Amritsar and started the company with the name ASCW (Amar Singh Chawal Wala).

In the early 1960s, Mr. Kartar Singh, the eldest son of Late S. Amar Singh joined him to make the ASCW one of the leading companies in the world. He decided to stop selling packaged rice and start milling, processing, and marketing basmati rice under the brand name Lal Qilla.

Visit their website to explore their products.

3. Kohinoor Basmati Rice


The third brand in rice companies in the India list is Kohinoor. It is a subsidiary of McCormick & Co. Inc., a global leader for the past 130 years in flavour. They manufacture spices, seasoning mixes, flavour food products for retailers, manufacturers, and foodservice businesses.

Kohinoor is a brand that manufactures packaged foods for more than four decades in branded basmati rice. Their products range from rice and spices, sauces and condiments, and other food categories.

They maintain their commitment to quality sourcing, growing, assurance, manufacturing, distributing, and eating.

They have a wide variety of products. If I talk about rice in particular then here also they provide various kinds of rice suited for your different occasions. You can visit their website and go through the product range.

4. India Gate Basmati Rice


We all know about this brand. One of the best rice companies in India is the India Gate Basmati Rice Company. It is a subsidiary of KRBL Ltd. It has established its 120 years of heritage since 1889 and maintains its quality of pearl white grain, smooth, long, and fine rice.

India Gate Rice Company is the most trusted and largest selling rice brand in India. It has always been the preference of most of the customers and retailers across the country.

All KRBL rice products adhere to quality assurance, standards, are well packaging and hygienic in every step of manufacturing.

Their product ranges are:

  • Classic
  • Super
  • Bab Al-Hind
  • Sella
  • Organic
  • Brown Rice
  • Variants
  • South Indian Rice
  • Long Grain Rice

5. Patanjali Basmati Rice


We all know the Patanjali brand, one of the best rice companies in India. It is a popular brand and was incorporated in the year 2006. Ramdev Baba is the brand ambassador of Patanjali. It is known for making its products with herbs which is very good for our health.

They maintain their quality, hygiene, and commitment to healthy products. Patanjali has a wide variety of product range. Rice is one of them. Today elders trust this brand more because they trust Ramdev Baba as he has cured a lot of diseases through yoga.

So people feel that when he can treat people with yoga and these herbal medical treatments, then the products of Patanjali will also be very good, effective, and healthy.

For exploring the product section visit their website. Check their rice product. They have varieties of rice. You will get all the information about it in detail.

6. Fortune Basmati Rice


Our second last among the best rice companies is Fortune. The brand was incorporated in the year 2000. It has established itself with a large number of loyal customers. Fortune started functioning with oil as its first product while exploring the north Indian kitchen flavours. 

Then slowly they started expanding their product range. From oil, they went to sugar, pulses, rawa, maida, suji, rice, atta, soya chunks, besan, and khichdi.

If we talk about the rice then Fortune Basmati rice has the following qualities:

  • It has the longest basmati grains
  • Has enticing aroma
  • Non – sticky after cooking
  • Very good in quality

7. Sungold Trade (P) Limited


Last but not least in the list of best rice companies is Sungold Trade. Sungold company was incorporated in the year 2009 in New Delhi, India. They manufacture, export, and import agricultural products. Their main mission is to provide the best quality of rice with 100% nutritional value.

If we talk about the products of Sungold Trade, they provide a wide range of products such as:

  • Basmati Rice
  • Non – Basmati Rice
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • Soybean Meal
  • Sesame Seed
  • Metal
  • Spices
  • Pulses
  • Gold


We have studied rice and rice companies. Rice is one of the most loved cereals all over the world. If not world then I am confident about India. People in India love eating rice.

They make varieties of dishes from it. We also show the types of rice and how to check its quality. Make sure you keep a checklist of all those quality assurance points so that next time you can pick up the best quality rice.

Then we saw the rice companies in India. We discussed the popular brands that are running their legacy for a long time and maintaining their heritage.

I hope this article was helpful to you. I tried giving all the details. Hope it was informational for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can rice make you fat?

    Rice contains high carbs. So if you will consume in large amount then yes you are going to gain weight and this will lead you to obesity.

  2. What does rice contain?

    Rice contains the following vitamin and minerals:

  3. Where rice is mostly grown in India?

    Rice is mostly grown in the east, south, and south-east parts of India. States such as West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Punjab grow most of the rice and distribute it through various rice companies.

  4. Name the best rice companies in India.

    Best rice companies in India are:
    India Gate 
    Lal Qilla


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