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Crucial Role of Effective communication skills in personality – (Top 6)


Personality is the individual identity of a person. Personality includes not just physical appearance but also includes mindset, effective communication skills, behavior, attitude, values, and similar traits.

A variety of factors like family backgrounds, culture, birthplace, surroundings shape the personality of an individual. But, communication skills play a crucial role in personality development. Also, a person with good communication skills gets noticed everywhere.

A person with a positive mindset achieves the most in life whereas a person with a negative personality finds a problem in every solution. It is all part of the personality. Likewise, good communication skill sets help an individual to express his thoughts, ideas, emotions in the right way.

Moreover, a person with effective communication skills shines in every aspect of life. This can bring him a lot of good career opportunities. Generally, every high paying jobs require smooth communication skillsets.

Many of us do not have good communication skills. But the good news is that you can learn these skills at any point of time. You just need to know the basics and practice them every day. Eventually, you will get better at communication skills.

In the end, you should always remember that it is not an extraordinary talent, it is a skill that can be learned.

Let’s find out a few things that are necessary for a great personality:

  1. Be selective with your words
  2. Carry confident body language
  3. Use correct pronunciation of words
  4. Be a listener for effective communication skills
  5. Correct use of non-verbal cues
  6. Be soft-spoken for effective communication skills

In this article, we will identify the key communication factors which are necessary to develop personality:

1. Be selective with your words

It is necessary to select correct words while speaking with anyone. You never know what might hurt the other person. One wrong word can affect your relationship with that person. You should always be polite for developing effective communication skills.

In case you are not good with vocabulary, then you can always learn it from somewhere. You can read magazines, storybooks, pamphlets, newspapers, or anything you like. Furthermore, you can also take the help of applications like Grammarly and power thesaurus. This will expose you to many words that you can learn. This will help you to communicate fluently.

You can read our ‘Exclusive guide to sharpen soft skills – Vocabulary skillset’. This will help you to work on the vocabulary skill sets.

2. Carry confident body language

Furthermore, an individual having a confident body language always grabs the attention of everybody. You should stand straight and in a comfortable position. Also, you should not touch your eyes, face, or hair every now and then. This conveys another person that you are awkward or nervous. Also, it may show that you want to escape from there.

Also, you should maintain comfortable eye contact while talking. A little smile on the face will send positive vibes to another person. This will make the other person comfortable. These are the signs of confident body language.

Last but not least, it is important to stay relaxed. When you get nervous, your body language also changes accordingly. In the end, all these things will improve your communication skill sets.

3. Use correct pronunciation of words

Every language has its own set of words & pronunciations. We cannot use our self-made pronunciations, otherwise, it does not sound good when you use wrong pronunciations.

You should always pronounce the words correctly. This does not mean that you have to carry a fake accent while speaking. It only creates a bad impression of yourself. Everyone has their own style. You should explore your style and use it while speaking for effective communication skills.

When you use the right pronunciations, it creates a good impression on others. Otherwise, it sounds awkward when you pronounce something wrong. People remember it for a long time. Also, it may hamper your image which you have made with lots of effort.

4. Be a listener for effective communication skills

One should always listen first and then reply. In addition, you should have an open mind while listening to others. Also, it is important to listen to the facts others are saying rather than judging them for their tone, voice, appearance, or any other things.

Listening gives you clarity about what the other person wants to say. It gives you time to think before speaking. This makes the conversation meaningful. Furthermore, it excels the communication skill sets to the next level.

5. Correct use of non-verbal cues

Moreover, the non-verbal cues include facial expressions, hand movements, eye contact, body language, touch, etc. It is said that your non-verbal cues speak more than verbal communication. It also includes other factors like proxemics, haptics, etc.

Proxemics means the distance which you have to maintain while communicating with people. Haptics includes the hand movements, gentle pat on shoulder while speaking.

These non-verbal cues discover true intentions of yourself unconsciously. It helps others to understand true feelings, emotions, and moods of yourself. These cues are necessary for effective communication skills.

It also helps people to understand the conversation in a better way. Your non-verbal cues tell others about your emotional state. It makes the conversation engaging and interesting. Also, it shows that you are confident.

6. Be soft-spoken for effective communication skills

No one likes the person who speaks rudely. You should always be soft-spoken while communicating with others. It shows that you respect another person. Also, this creates a good memory of you in the minds of other persons.

You should greet the other person whenever you meet them. It should be a flattery one but a genuine greet.

A little smile can enhance the mood of another person. This technique will help you to communicate better with people. When you will listen to others, then they will start to value you. Also, people will like you as you listen to them. Everyone wants to be heard in this world.

You can find more about verbal, non-verbal, written, and similar communication aspects in the exclusive guide on types of soft skills.


You should implement the above things in your life. Things will take time but it will give you a new skill. You will also start to feel more confident at family functions or social gatherings. This will also impact your performance at the workplace.

In addition, good communication skills will help you to deal with people. It will develop a habit of listening within you. This will lessen the chances of mistakes in the workplace. As a result, you will be able to complete the work fast.

Also, if you come across any problem, you will make efforts to resolve that problem. All these things can also give you a promotion in the workplace.

In conclusion, good communication skill sets are also useful in personal life. You will listen and understand your partner more instead of making arguments. Also, you will not judge the partner for irrelevant reasons. This will stronger your bond and bring more understanding in your relation. In the end, good communication skills will make you wiser.


1)   What are the best ways to improve personality?

Answer: At first, you should analyze your strengths and weaknesses. You may have a good physique but you may be shy. In this case, you should overcome your shy attitude. You can practice a little every day.

Also, you can take guidance from the right people to overcome weaknesses. A good personality must have nice communication skills. It grabs the attention of people.

2)   What are the qualities that a leader should possess?

Answer: A leader is someone who guides the people in the right direction. He is not the one who supervises them or is of bossy nature. A leader should have active listening skills.

He should keenly listen to his team members. Also, he should keep the unity in the team. A good leader should also make efforts to keep his team motivated. This increases the productivity of the company.

These were the few must-have skills of the leader.

3)   What qualities should an IAS officer have?

Answer: He should have good leadership qualities. Also, it is imperative to have lots of knowledge and out of the box thinking. An IAS officer should also have decision-making skills.

He should be honest, hard-working, and committed to his duty. He should listen to the needs of common people and think critically.



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