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Role of spiritual awakening in growth

In this world of hustle it is very difficult to determine what’s your main goal in your life. So, are you looking to work and satisfy people around you?  That’s where spiritual awakening comes.

But the reality is many people just do it for the sake of the society. They thought what society will think if they don’t do this. Society pressure is somethings which we need to deal with on the daily basis.

Each and every people around us has a different expectation from us. If we just finish your life satisfying their expectation then we are done with it.

What you will learn:

  1. Introduction to spirituality.
  2. Why there is need of Spirituality.
  3. How to practice spirituality daily
  4. Conclusion.
  5. FAQ’s.

Introduction to Spiritual Awakening.

spirituality awakening

 Have you ever imagined what’s your real goal or motive is in this life, which are the things that really make you happy form the inside, is your inner soul satisfied from what you are doing in your day to day life?

Are you living for yourself or living for the people around you? That’s where the role of spirituality comes in once’s life, spirituality aims at achieving the inner peace in the life, which is more important.

Do you want to live in frustration just to satisfy your status in society, answer is very simple but look deep inside are doing it. Many of us are work for money, they are just doing it because they want to earn and grow in their life.

Is this life worth living, I guess answer is no.

Now the question arises what we can to do live life to our fullest potential.

Why there is need of Spirituality.

spiritual awakening will brings positivism in your life; it starts giving new perspective about the things which we have never thought of easier.

People who are spiritual awakening is achieved can remain positive in tough time as well and always ready to inspire people around them with their attitude and practices that they follow regularly.

way of living

In this world if you closely observe there is lot of negativity and hate that surrounds us. There may be times that you doubt your abilities and start thinking whether you are on the right path or not.

 It is the time where spirituality comes in to the play, and you realize tough time may come and go, and your inner peace is not disturbed.

Spirituality makes people more compassionate; they start realizing the pains and sorrows in this world, and it indirectly motivates them to work for them, spread happiness around you.

It also awakens you see this world with different perspective. It motivates you to work for people, and indirectly helping you to find the real meaning of life. You stop running for the materialistic things, as whole world is working for the materialistic thing.

People who is practicing it regularly can easily control their emotions and can take best decision with cool headed mind.

The decision-making ability of this type of people is very good, it usually seen that powerful business leader always practice spirituality in one or another way.

explore spirituality

The amount of pressure and responsibility big leaders have been huge, and if their inner soul is not relaxed then they can’t take important decisions.

Decision making involves, taking different things into the consideration and covering all perspectives to the thing or the problem. You can only take a powerful decision when your mind is fully relaxed.  

Spirituality leads you to the path of becoming a better human being. It gives you the perspective of helping, nurturing and other human beings.

Because they start realizing fact that we came alone and will leave we can’t take anything with us in this world. But to the contrary, people are still working for the materialistic pleasures.

Live life better

It is the path to evoke our inner human who is lost in this materialistic lust, and forget his social duties.

Spirituality sounds very fancy to many of the us. They don’t understand its importance. If start practicing spirituality, you start inspiring people. Your inspiration can bring huge change in once’s life.

Even you are not aware of that change.  Indirectly you are contributing towards the society, if we are contributing towards the better in one or another way it can lead to better society.

How to practice spiritual awakening daily:


Now when we understand the importance of the spirituality, now the bigger question arises how to practice it. Is it very difficult to practice or we can easily follow it. Let’s see these things in the detailed manner in a well-defined path.

Start devoting more time to loved once, in today’s era as we all know, we all are constantly busy with our day to day work. As a result, we are unable to devote precious time with our family or the loved once.

It builds better connect and show the importance of love and affection to us and indirectly giving peace to the inner soul and we start feeling satisfied in the life.

The main aim of spirituality is to achieve the inner peace in once’s life. It most important path towards the spirituality because starts sharing your feelings with your love once’s.

It is usually seen that once you share your feelings, you become much more relaxed in your life. As we all know all days can’t be same for us, there may be ups or down in our life and career.

But if you share your feeling in the tough times with your loved once’s you get lot of motivation and inner relief. Start thanking the all mighty for all the things that he has given you in your life.

Starts practicing thanks giving attitude, to each and everybody who has contributed to your life in one or another way. This thanks giving attitude will make you humble and down to earth.

Humble attitude is very important for you if you want to get succeed in the life. World top leads are excellent example of humbleness, they are never proud of what they have achieved in their life.

spiritual path

Gratitude offering is a practice, which takes time to master. But if you master it is separates you from rest of crowd. People starts looking you as their mentor. The guardian who can guide them, take them to the right path in their life.

The biggest thing you can do is bring change in once life. People will carry this legacy forward and that’s how this world will evolve and be the better place to live.

Start doing things which you love. Whether it is pursuing your hobbies or any such things that gives you happiness and joy from inside. You forget all of your fatigue, which you face along all day.

Pursuing these things gives you much more satisfaction that once need in his/her life. Always try giving your time to your hobbies and things about which you are very passionate.

There might be certain things which you want to learn and pursue, but with time and your career you are unable to do it or manage it.  It is the perfect time to start with such things start learning them, there is no age limit associated with it.

It also makes multi-dimensional person. who has the knowledge of many things and that person can apply all this skill at the same time. In order to achieve whatever he/she wants in his/her life.

Start doing things which have no return, but it brings smiles on the faces of others. Always remember in life we never make all investment in the hope of return. we make certain investment for the betterment of the society.

Such investments will give you inner peace and satisfaction in your life. These investments will be remembered, when you are no more on this planet. At the same time it acts as the path to overcome depression.

Plan for such investments as well in your life. Check what you are giving back to the society and what changes are made due to your efforts. These changes will be very small, but yet very effective and their results will be immense.

Start reading books, learn from powerful leader who has seen both highs and lows in their careers. These people share their experience of life in writing, these experiences are valuable and we can implement them.

Life live better

We can learn from their mistakes, we can implement the good things, that they have done in their life.  Reading book all gives us much more needed perspective in our life.
Try learning new things.

And we start relating to the things which they have experienced in their life. Talk to yourself, figure out your strategy check for the loop holes and see how you can make it better.

When we talk with ourselves. we get better perspective towards things going in our life and our inner soul never lie to us. Our thought becomes much clearer about the things which we are experiencing in our life.

So, make a habit to talk with one self for at least 15-20 mins a day. Because in the long term it will definitely benefit you. So, focus on self-isolation for 10-15 mins a day. And check which things are going well and which are not.


So, you all know we live in this world which is full with the mess. Spiritual awakening will help you get over it and you will grow exponentially after practicing it. So, practice spiritual awakening.

Try make it as the part of life where you can sub-consciously practice it. It is not hard core science or literature but it the way of living. It will make you a better human being going forward in the life.


1. When we can see the results.

There is no fixed time for it, depends upon devotion.

2. Is Spirituality related to religion.

No, it has no association with the religion.

3. Can Spirituality help in inspiring people.

Yes, it inspires people around you with your positivism.


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