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Samsung 253l 3-star double door Refrigerator

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Are you a Samsung lover and looking for a 250 litres plus Samsung refrigerator Than Samsung 253l 3-star frost free double door refrigerator is a great option for you

 So talk about Samsung 253l 3star frost free double door Refrigerator, It’s Mainly a double door Refrigerator That works with frost-free Technology, If we talking about the compressor of this refrigerator it’s an inverter type compressor with the capacity of  253liters, so let’s talk about the key feature of this refrigerator.   

Lets find out–

  1. Specification
  2. Top Feature
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ with answer
  5. Customer ratings and reviews



  •  Power Rating- 3 stars.
  •  The capacity of the Refrigerator- 253 Litres
  •  Refrigerator- double Doors refrigerator
  •  Colour- Elegant Inox, silver, Pebble Blue, Saffron Red.
  •  Refrigerator compressor- Digital Inverter Compressor.
  •  Type Of Defrosting – Frost free
  •  Door numbers- One for Refrigerator and one for the freezer
  •  Refrigerant- Eco-Friendly refrigerant.
  •  Stabiliser- Built-in type stabiliser.
  •  Type –Double Doors.
  •  Freezer Interior Light- yes.
  •  Ice Tray – yes available and movable and twist available
  •   Air Flow Type- Multi airflow.
  •   Display- Not available
  •   Design- Solid.
  •   Handle Type- Metallic.
  •   Egg Tray- yes, available
  •   Refrigerator Doors Bins- Yes available
  •   Door lock- Not Available.
  •   Child Lock- Not Available.
  •   Door Alarm- yes, Available.
  •   Deodorizer- Yes Available
  •   Type of airflow- Multi-type airflow
  •   Temperature Control- Yes Available
  •   Moisture control- yes  Available
  •   Type of body material- Metal
  •   Refrigerator Self Material – Glass
  •   Depth- 63.7 cm
  •   Width- 55 cm
  •   Height- 154.5cm                         
  •   Weight- 46 Kg

               Warranty- One year on the whole body unit and 10 years on the refrigerator compressor

              Package Contents- main unit user manual, Warranty card, power cord and attachments.

2.Top Feature-:

Double twist ice tray

 As You Read in the title The Samsung 253 Litre Frost free double door refrigerator has a double twist ice tray that helps us quick and easy access to the ice tray when you need some ice.

Digital Inverter Technology  

 The Digital Inverter Technology is an immersive technology that helps us in reducing the temperature gap between the inside of the refrigerator and the door inside the compartment and it also calculates the amount of the food in the refrigerator and after sensing the amount of food this technology cools the fridge smarter and faster.

Smart Inverter Compressor

 This Refrigerator Has a smart inverter compressor that works silently and saves a lot of power.

All Round Cooling

This Refrigerator works with all-round cooling that works in a very specific manner and sent the airflow in the inner part of the refrigerator. This system helps us to keep food fresh and healthy for a long time

Automatic Smart Connect Inverter

It’s an outstanding feature of this Samsung 253 Litre refrigerator, it works with an auto-connecting system that helps us to keep our food for a long time, this system automatically connects your refrigerator to your home inverter. 


Fresh Room   

It’s a great feature of this refrigerator that helps us to keep all our frequently need food products fresh and safe, and this technology keeps our food fresh although frequently opens the fridge door.

Stabiliser-free operation

This Samsung 253 Litre refrigerator needs a very low power to run this why this refrigerator doesn’t need any kind of power stabiliser, you can run this refrigerator without a refrigerator or you can say you can operate this refrigerator without a Stabiliser 

Deodorizing Filter

This is a great feature of this refrigerator it helps us to reduce the bad smell of the food, The deodorizing filter mainly absorbs the bad smell of the food.  

Big Bottle Guard

The big bottle guards help us to keep big bottles in the refrigerator and help us keep a huge amount of water or any other liquid in the refrigerator.

Toughened Glass Shelves

 The toughened glass shelves help us to keep a lot of heavyweight food item in it.                                                          

3star rating

 The three-star rating helps to reduce the electric bills and save a lot of money.

Led Light

This refrigerator has a fully led light on the top side of the freezer section of this refrigerator that helps us to see our food in deep dark conditions. 

Moist Fresh  Zone

Ever fresh zone is mainly a vegetable bucket that helps us to keep our favourite vegetable fresh for a long time.

Eco-friendly Refrigerator

This Samsung 253 Litre refrigerator is emitting a very less lot amount of carbon that help us to keep our nature clean and neat, on the other hand, most of the parts of this refrigerator were made by eco-friendly plastic that also helps our nature neat and clean.  

Recess Handle

It is one of the most convenient features of this Samsung refrigerator.  it has hidden hinges that make this door handle more eye-appealing and this kind of handle help to open the door more conveniently.

Manufactured by:

  • Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.6th FloorDLF CenterSansad Marg New Delhi


After a lengthy discussion, I Can say you one thing This Samsung 253 litre Refrigerator is an excellent option for you. If you store a medium quantity of food in your refrigerator and if you have a medium family, then you can consider it. Samsung brands also have a good after-sales service, so you can buy this Refrigerator it fulfils your needs.

3.FAQ with answer

 Q: What is the energy star rating of this Samsung 253 Litre refrigerator?

A: This is a 3 Star rated refrigerator, giving you Energy Savings of up to 40% approximately.

Q: There is a cool pad in this Samsung 253 Litre Refrigerator?

A: No cool pad.

Q: Do we have to contact someone for the installation? How long does it take?

A: No, they will contact you by themselves within 48-72 hours

Q: Bottle cool airflow indoor?

A: yes

Q: Is it ok if I use a stabiliser (V Guard ECS 50) with this model?

A: it’s  recommendation using stabiliser in the Manuel

Q: According to new norms 4-star refrigerator will be 3 stars it is true or false?

A: True

Q: How many shells are there in the door?

A:2 on the top first door and 3 on the second door.. just as shown in the picture.

Q: What difference of two stars and three stars etc.?

 A: The stars represent energy saving. More the stars, less energy consumption. I have purchased 4star in LG. It is using less power and no noise at all

Q: What is the actual weight of the refrigerator,54kg or 127.43kg???

A:46 Kg 

Q: Is the freezer convertible to normal fridge

A: It’s not, but the other model is c292rpzl with many systems in it

Q: Does it requires a Stabilizer?

A: It does not require a stabiliser since it comes with a voltage fluctuation safe internal circuitry. However, if you face frequent voltage fluctuations, I recommend an external stabiliser.

Q: Is a door cooling option available..?

A: Yes, Ice beam door cooling is available…It’s good..go for it..from my experience

Q: Which compressor technology is best and efficient, inverter linear compressor or smart inverter compressor

A: Smart inverter compressor


4.Customer Ratings and Reviews

1)Wonderful, Good nice product

 By Sachin C

2) Awesome

All things are good from Samsung but installation was a little  delayed from Samsung

By Nimesh Kaushik

3) Good Product

Samsung executive came within 2 days and gave a thorough demo about the product. Regarding the model we purchased, the door compartments for large cold drink bottles are moved up so you don’t have to bend to fetch them.

There are user-friendly settings for summer and winter seasons. The compartment to store ice cubes is movable, which helps increase freezer space when required.

It also has a convertible freezer section which can be used as a refrigerator if required. Cooling is fast. Haven’t got the electricity bill to comment about the energy consumption. But the rating tag says it will consume 243 units in a year. All in all, happy with the purchase so far.

By Mayank


The fridge is actually very small. And the door bottle rack is loose they keep falling.

 By Puja Priyadarshinee

5)Product is good

But Wish I had brought a convertible one, as the upper chamber is big and we cannot store any other items in it, it freezes quick

By Souman Sh

6)Worst product and service

This is the second time the installation and demo not conducted by Samsung even after 10 days of delivery.

Then I have installed product on my own and found some problems and now could not return as 10days are already over.

Must say soon Samsung is on the path of Nokia and this company will pay the price of not delivering the best product and service.

 By S. K. Biche

7) Good delivery

Delivery was on time. The cooling is good. The led cooling controls on the front panel is very easy to operate. The best feature, the Fridge operates on the home inverter. The colour of finishing & design is great.

 By Vishnu JK


Samsung 253l 3-star frost free double door Refrigerator is an excellent Refrigerator.and it saves a lot of energy bill due to 3 star rating.

Just go for it and you won’t be disappointed

 By Karan


Not electricity consumption as  rating 195* units per year

but consumption is 700 per year

 By Rupesh Kumar  



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