Future Technology: 10 Technologies That is Going to Change Our Life.

Remember those days, when we used a camera with a reel to take a picture. we used a noisy typewriter to write anything. Remember, we used an STD telephone which cannot be moved, to make a call. But the scene has changed now. Today we can take a photo, we can type letters, also we … Read more

Is Plastic Ban Is The Last Hope To Save Earth?

Plastic Ban is an initiative took by the government to enforce a state to make strong rules against manufacturing, storing the single-use plastic products like Polybags and Styrofoam. This rule is made by Indian government 2 October 2019 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, For plastic-free India, I just want to tell you the great … Read more

What is Atomic Mass | Mass of all atoms

Basically atomic mass is depends on the total number of protons, neutron and electrons of an atom. An atom consist of three basic particles – proton, neutron and electron. The nucleus (center) of the atom contains proton and neutron which have charges respectively Positive (+) and neutral (no charge) charge. The outermost area of atom … Read more

Structure of Atom – Important things about atomic design

After knowing about atom and it’s discovery you are thinking that what is the shape/what is the structure of an atom ? Right ? And what is inside of an atom ? Well by my first article you understood that atom is little bit complicated but It is also complicated by it’s inside. Me and … Read more

What are Supercomputers: A Complete Explanation

This era is the era of information technology and we cannot imagine this world without computers. Hence, Computers have become an essential part of human life. We can get any information and knowledge through computers. Although, computers have made our works easier and faster, but the computers which we use in our day to day … Read more

What is Quantum Computer and Quantum Computing: Explanation

Today the computer has become the crucial equipment for everyone. Whether it is for research or space exploration, it is completely impossible without computers. In the past few decades, we not only have reduced the size of computers, but we also have enhanced the power of computing. For example, the processing power of today’s mobile … Read more

Commerce Vs Science – Which is Best for your future?

Hello, guys welcome to our new blog, so today we are going to talk about an interesting debate, argument, fighting topic commerce vs science – which is best? Well has its pros and cons but today we are going to discuss this and take this conversation and our understanding in beat so that we can … Read more