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Self-Improvement: 9 Awesome Ways to Improve Yourself

Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Yes you want to, that’s why you’re here. But don’t know how to begin your Self -Improvement journey & what Self-Improvement plans you need to make? Well, read further to get your answers.

No matter, whatever the reason might be for you to choose this Self-improvement journey whether- You wanted to become the best version of yourself, You wanted to improve your social skills or You wanted to become confident or you.

From this blog you will surely get your answers that how you could improve yourself in any aspect of your life & how to do it step-by-step.

 Now, here’s a list of what you’ll get to know in this blog:

What is Self-Improvement?

Self-improvement is the self-realization that you are not satisfied with your current version of you in any particular field or aspect of life & you have the urge to change that scenario by putting conscious efforts.

Why Self-Improvement is necessary in our life?

The thing is when human stops learning new things they stop growing in their life. There’s no limit to human capability, the more he works on himself, the more he gets polished, the more he makes himself capable to achieve more in life in many aspects of life (Intellectually, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually).

There are many different benefits of self-improvement out there, but I’m telling you according to my experiences.


Become Self-aware-

The more you involve in this improvement journey, the more you’ll get to know yourself. You’ll get to know why you behave in a certain way in a particular situation, why you have that negative thought all the time, why you got nervous at that meeting, etc. And if you found your weakness, then you know which area of your life needs to get fixed. Just like software needs to be updated with time, the same way our life also demands an updated version of ourselves to deal with new challenges.

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Improvement Habit-

Once you start to achieve something in your life, success becomes an addiction & by achievement, I don’t mean by the success that you need to become a big entrepreneur or something, even overcoming your bad habit is also an achievement.

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The most important habit you need in your self-improvement journey is how to get disciplined. Discipline is what makes you consistent in any field of life in which you are working on. This is one of those habits which is not easy to master, but once you got your rhythm, your life can change upside down for good.

Time Management-

Managing your time is one of the aspects which can change the course of your self-improvement journey, if you can manage to use your time wisely & productively as a habit on a daily basis then you will be far ahead on your life than anyone is in their life.

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What are the best ways to improve yourself?

best ways to improve yourself infographics

Self-improvement itself a very broad topic, if you ask anyone everybody has their perspective towards self-improvement, some wanted to improve their overall confidence, some wanted to become the best employee of their organization, some wanted to excel in public skills, some wanted to become a best singer or dancer, some wanted to change their physique, some wanted to become the best teacher.

Here are the 9 ways to improve yourself in any aspect of your life-

1. Accept your shortcomings:

accept your short coming for self-improvement

First, you need to tell yourself the truth & accept the situation that, yes you’re behind in whatever the aspect might be, it can get changed, you just need to put hours & hours behind it to master it. So let me tell you how I start my improvement journey to improve my skills. Whenever I initiate doing something I always ask three questions from myself,

Why? What? & How?

1. Why I having this urge to improve? Or Why should I improve?

2. What should I do to improve myself?

3. How I’m going to improve myself?

Whatever aspects of life you choose to improve, begin your journey by asking yourself these questions. But if you roam around like headless turkey, & you start your improvement journey without any clarity, by telling yourself I wanted to improve myself but without any planning, soon you’ll lost your motivation & you’ll stop pursuing it.

2. Initiate:


Now you have your goals & know what to achieve & now what’s next? In between that interim your brains come into play & somehow convince you that why don’t you enjoy today, you can do that work tomorrow & if you listen to your friendly suggestions of your brain then today becomes tomorrow & tomorrow becomes another day & so on.

 So to avoid this cycle you must initiate what you wanted to do in the first place by putting conscious effort. Daydreaming & making plans is ok, but you got to execute to make it happen in reality.

3. One Habit At a Time:


One of the reasons is that people give up too early on their dream of improving themselves is they wanted to improve instantly by trying to practicing every new habit at once.

 If you try to overwhelm your brain by numerous different tasks at once like by saying from tomorrow I’ll wake up at early morning hours, will start doing exercise, will read books & spend the rest of the by doing productive things only.

By putting conscious effort you will do this routine for 1-2 days & then your brain & body will give up & after 1-2 days you’ll lost all the motivation that you had in the first place.

So instead of doing this pick one habit at a time & work on it first, like pick waking up early first, master that habit & then move to the next one.

4. Don’t get Self-Critical:


When you start to build a new habit or begin doing any new task, you may miss a day or two & it happened with me too. When I was trying to build the habit of waking up at the early hours & when I was not being able to wake up early after 2-3 days then I criticize myself & it didn’t do any help, in fact, it demotivates me to wake up at the early hours & I thought maybe it isn’t meant for me.

So when you didn’t able to continue that newly formed habit or you didn’t be able to give your best on a certain day, then don’t waste your energy by criticizing yourself instead of that put that energy to do well in the future towards building that habit or to do well on learning that skill.

5. Consistency:

improve yourself consistently

To make your newly forming habits as a daily routine it requires consistency. The more you do it, the more it’s getting easier for you. There will be days that you don’t want to do it, because you are tired or you’re not in your prime state.

At that time you need to remind yourself why have you started it. Keep track of your progress by having a journal, write it down your whole day experience in it. By being consistent & putting hard work soon you’ll reach to the point which you are seeking for.

6. Have Like-Minded Social circle:

Always being self-motivated is tough all the time, so if you have friends that share the same ambition then include them as well in your journey.

The more people there are, the more motivation you get to pursue your habit, because you’ll feel that everyone is doing it, so I also need to do it. If you don’t have your circle of friends who shares the same ambition, then welcome to my group.

 What I do in my case is I get inspired by finding that public figures those who are already living it online & I learned from them by listening to their podcast, videos.

7. Better than yesterday:

small steps towards improving yourself

Let’s be practical that you cannot improve your whole life in a single day. You need to take one step at a time to improve your life. Don’t strive for perfection just focus on the day which you are currently in & try to become better than yesterday & by doing this for a longer period of time you will reach to that level which you have wished for.

8. Deal with Your Fears:

deal with your fear

Now you have built your habits, you get disciplined & now it’s time to execute it in the real world with confidence. There will be people who are better than you in every field, but you’ve worked hard on that habit, project, skill now it’s time to execute it without being fearful.

9. Believe in Yourself:

believe in yourself

Lastly, feed this point & gulp it down without doubting it for a second is- You can do anything. You can learn that skill, You can get disciplined, You can solve that complex problem in your life. You just need to believe in yourself & then work for it.


Self-improvement is all about having self-awareness & have the urge to improve yourself by putting conscious efforts. If one continuously persists enough for a longer period to improve their skill with lots of hard work, by being disciplined & doing that work every single day no matter what, then sooner or later he/she will get rewarded.


Q. Difference between Self-improvement & Personal development?

Well, both are inter-related, Personal – development is all about the skill-set or character you acquire & you are not satisfied with the level you are in & you want to enhance it more by polishing your already acquired skill-set or character to thrive professionally & socially.

Ex-like if one knows basic swimming, but wanted to learn different styles of swimming e.g., butterfly strokes or others.

Whereas, Self-improvement is more related to the deeper you, the mindset requires to build a new skill-set.

You analyze your every action; like- Why you give up so early when things don’t go right? Why you always get demotivated so early? Why you get nervous at that meeting? & you wanted to get a better version of yourself by working on your weakness.

Q. Difference between Self-help & Self-improvement?

Both are the same. But if you remove self from self-help then it means you need someone help to fix your problems & self-improvement means you wanted to fix your problems by yourself by advancing your skills.

Q. How to improve yourself everyday?

To improve yourself you must follow this steps:
1. First accept your shortcomings
2. Then set goal what to achieve?
3. Make plans that how to achieve that goal
4. Break that goal into smaller task
5. Do that smaller task day by day to achieve your goal.


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