Earning money by Selling Books, ebooks, online courses, Stock Photos (Passive Income Guide)

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You can sell different things online like books, e-books, online courses, stock photos, and many more things. There are different online platforms available for selling Books, ebooks, online courses, and stock photos.

These type of things does not give you one-time income but provides you passive income. Whenever a person buys a book or online course or the photo you captured you earn money so as long as your image, books, or course kept selling you will generate income.

I used to capture images and upload that on Instagram but recently I got to know that I can list my photos on websites like Shutterstock which provide you money whenever your listed image is being downloaded.

I got to know that many people used to generate a large amount of money by doing this so I also captured some images and listed them on the website and some of my are being approved and now I am waiting for someone to download that images.

What’s in it for me?

  1. E-book
  2. Selling books
  3. Selling E-books
  4. Book vs E-book (which is better)
  5. Online Courses
  6. Stock Photos
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs


Most people know what is an e-book and how is this beneficial but let me tell you about this. An E-book is a digital form of a book that we can access from our devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and now from TVs also.

Some devices are made only to read e-books and called an e-book reader like kindle from amazon. E-books are a good choice over a normal book and have many advantages but e-books have many disadvantages. We will compare books and e-book in this blog.

Selling books

You have to publish your books and e-books to generate money from them. So if you want to sell your books you have to find a publisher and you have to show them the manuscript of the book and if he approves it then you have your books selling in the bookstores.

Also, you can publish your books on your own but it is a very difficult task. It is also very difficult to make the publisher approve your books. Sometimes they don’t even prefer to read it if it does not come through an agent.

Selling e-books

E-books can be sold the same way as Books but you can also self publish them. Many e-book selling platforms like kindle allow you to sell your book on that platform and you just have to make an account. If you want to self publish your e-book. You have to first decide why you want to publish a book and I suggest don’t publish a book just to earn an income or passive income, you should publish a book if you want to share your knowledge with others, you can also write books in any genres.

Now after you wrote a book you should get feedback from others. After that, you should choose a good book title. And you should hire a good book editor after that you have to design a good and appealing cover for your book and after this much, you have to publish your book on any platform.

Book vs E-book (which is better)

A book is a written and printed work consists of pages and it is bounded by covers.An E-book is a digital form of the book.
Pages made out of trees are used to make books and eventually a large number of trees are cut down every year to make books.As it is a digital form of the book so this does not need any physical pages and it is stored in your device. So we can save a lot of trees by choosing e-books over books.
You can not carry books everywhere as it occupies space and book can be heavy too.sYou can carry as many e-books as you want because they occupy space but in the memory of the device.
Sometimes books are being sold out and you are not able to purchase them.As they present in the digital form so there can be an unlimited number of copies that can be generated.
You will have to find a place to store all your book and it takes too much space if you have too many books.You have all your books on your device only so you do not have to worry about physical storage.
Books can be read for a long time.Watching a long time at a screen can affect your eyesight.

Both e-books and books have advantages and disadvantage and it is up to you whichever you prefer.

Selling online Courses

Courses which are available online can be called as online courses, You can buy and access them online. People nowadays prefer online courses more than to go anywhere and do a course and yes because online courses are always handy you can access them from your laptop, computer, smartphones and smart TVs too.

You also get a wide range of variety in online courses and you don’t have to search for the courses you just have to login into the website and search for your desired course and the course will appear instantly in front of you it is very rare if you are not able to find a course.

If you have any skill or knowledge and you want to share it with everybody who wants this knowledge you can also make an online course and you can also make passive income through this by selling online courses.

Selling stock photos

Stock photos are publicly available photos that anyone can use for their use. Some websites give stock photos for free and some websites are paid, but also they have quality and quantity both. Websites like Shutterstock are paid and you can pay to download and use images. For selling stock photos you have to capture and list your photos on different platforms.


We learned about how books, e-books, online courses are being sold. How you can generate passive income from them. There are some benefits of both books and e-book, which we discussed in this blog.

We discussed different platforms for selling books, e-books, online courses, and stock photos. Now it’s your choice which field you want to choose for earning passive income. Now here are some frequently asked questions.


Where can you sell books or e-books?

For selling books you have to publish them with a good publishing company then you can find your books selling in book stores. For selling e-books, there are many platforms and you can choose any of them like kindle and many more.

How to generate passive income through online courses?

Passive income can be generated by online courses. You can upload your course on youtube and then you can earn money passively.
Also, you can upload your online courses on many platforms like udemy, edx, etc. There you can earn money whenever anyone will download your course.

Where can you sell online courses?

For selling online courses you can upload the videos of your course and then you can earn money by monetizing your videos and You can also list them on a website that sells courses there is a lot of websites that sell courses.
You just have to list your course and whenever anyone will purchase your course you will get money. And it is a great way to generate passive income.

How to sell stock photos?

You can also sell stock photos on these websites and this helps them grow their collection and helps to generate money. Shutterstock has a website called contributor and here you can list photos and videos captured by you and then they approve it.

They have different criteria for approving your photos and After it got approved, you can see your content on their website. Whenever anyone downloads that images or video you will be credited with some amount. And I think this is a good source of income by just selling stock photos.

Is it good to sell stock photos?

Yes, it is good to sell stock photos and it is a great source of passive income.

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