Affiliate marketing is the key to financial freedom provided we are ready to make a change. Know about ShareASale Affiliate program.

One such affiliate program is ShareASale Affiliate Program. Now affiliate marketing is not for everyone especially not for daydreamers.

No doubt affiliate marketing can put your account on autopilot but the flight has to take off. Are you ready to take off your flight? If yes, then the affiliate website I am about to tell can help you.

The ShareASale affiliate program has been in the market for over 20 years and indeed is one of the best available. Affiliate payments are made every month on 20th and the tools provided by ShareASale itself are very beneficial. Know all about starting an Affiliate business.

What you’ll Learn:

  1. What is ShareASale?
  2. How to join ShareASale?
  3.  How to use ShareASale?
  4. ShareASale Power rank.
  5. Commission Rates?
  6. When and how does it pay?
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQ

Let’s take a glance at ShareASale in detail and how you can take advantage of this program in generating some extra cash for the month.

The blog post will cover ShareASale in details, consider all its aspects and help you conclude whether the program is good for you or not.

What is ShareASale?

It is an affiliate marketing website that has been in business for over 20 years now.

It offers good commission rates and has an affiliate network in which various merchants have signed up and affiliate sellers like you and me help them generate sales and take home the commission.

Image is showing Shareasale affiliate program benifits

It has almost products related to every niche. Have you selected your niche yet?

Learn how to select niche and all about blogging.

If not then select one because ShareASale is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. With merchants offering high commission rates, a right strategy can help you earn big with ShareASale.

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How to join ShareASale?

Why would a company offer you a chance to make money unless you provide them with something?

Most affiliate programs have one thing in common, they need to be sure that if they give you a chance to be an affiliate you sure as hell bring them some sales.

The same is the case with ShareASale, you need to have a good performing website.

How to create a good performing website! That story is for some other day!

Consider you have a website or a high fan following on Instagram and Facebook then you are ready to make some cash.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Create a username

    It includes creating a username, password and your country. Make sure you select a username and a password that includes a minimum of two Upper Case, two Lower case and two special characters. But make sure to remember it!

  2. Add your website

    It includes adding your website. Make sure you add a website that is well maintained, has enough content because your application will be accessed based on this website. There are a few questions related to your website, answer them and move on to the next step.

  3. Enter email address

    This step asks you whether the domain you provided is linked with your email address. Make sure you choose yes and enter the correct email address since it will help in fast approval. If you have a big Instagram or Youtube channel, you can add the link of it too!

  4. Information of the website

    This step includes adding your personal information. Your name, address, other personal details and description of your website or websites. Make sure you describe in the best possible way to increase your chances for approval.

  5. Add payment details

    Enter your payment details

How to use ShareASale?

ShareASale is a vast website which has a lot of merchants to choose from. After getting approved our next step is how to start earning.

So once you log in after getting approved you will see a page as shown:

On this page click on merchant from the top menu and select search merchant.

Once you click on search merchant you’ll be directed to a page where a list of merchants is visible to choose from. You can sort and select merchants as per your niche.

Compare their commission rates and choose the one you’re interested in. Click on a button Join Program and apply for their affiliate program wait for the approval.

Approvals are either manual or auto

Manual approvals mean that the merchant will process your application, decide whether to add it with your affiliate program on the other hand Auto approval means that as soon as you apply to the merchant you automatically get approved and are ready to generate a link.

Once a merchant approves, you will see an option of get link.

Once you click on it, you can customize it either in the form of text or banner as per your preference.

Place the link or banner in your website and keep rolling!

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ShareASale Power rank

Among the many tools offered by ShareASale, Power rank is one of the best tool available that can help you decide and make a better decision on which merchant to choose.

The Power rank ranks the merchants as per their specific algorithm and the better the Power rank the better it is a merchant to do business with.

This feature is very essential in helping you create a certain business.


Here’s an example, Consider you see a merchant ABC under your niche with a 75% commission rate.

You might see an opportunity of big income but if the rank of the merchant is low due to poor quality of products or services,  your audience might start losing trust in you since you are suggesting them low-quality products.

You might pull sales once but the next time you won’t be able to pull any sale, hence the Power rank option enables you to choose good quality merchants.

Commission rates

The commission rates on ShareASale vary from merchant to merchant. Ranging from 3-4% to 35-40%.

ShareASale has a balance between physical and digital products. But digital products seem to offer high commission rates as compared to physical products. 

No matter what your niche is, you’ll find merchants with good services and high commission rates.

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Payment method

Payments by ShareASale is trustworthy.

They are made every month on 20th without fail but it only offers two payment methods:

  1. Payments by cheque: Payments made by cheque usually take a week to reach your address. You’ll receive payment but it will take time for the money to get into your bank account.
  •  Payments by Federal Express Deposit: This is rather a faster method of payments but speed comes at a cost. You can receive payments directly in your bank account using this method but it charges $20 as transaction fee.

The minimum balance required to receive the payment is $50.

It can be changed in settings and once you reach the mark you’ll receive the payments on the following month!

But what if you started earning in July and added $30 in your account, so you won’t receive the payment on 20th of August.

But the money won’t go anywhere!

If you make $60 in August. So your total becomes $30+$60=$90. So you’ll receive the payment in September.


ShareASale is a trustworthy company. The affiliate network that it offers has helped over thousands of people to make a healthy income.

It might be a chance for you all you need is a little focus and a genuine approach. The signup process is very easy, approval might take time but once approved your journey to make handy cash starts.

Choosing a perfect merchant can help you earn very good. Once you choose your merchants, focus on strategies that would help create a sale.

Let’s be honest Affiliate marketing is all about sales, the more sales you make, the more you earn. Initial might be tough.

But no journey beings with flowers, your focus and commitment can out your account on auto piolet all you gotta do is work!

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1. Is ShareASale safe?

ShareASale has been in business for over 20 years, it has more and more positive reviews. It payments are made on time, all your money is safe with them. Hence it can be concluded that it is safe.

2. Can we start without a website?

No. ShareASale asks for a website during the signup process. For ShareASale, your website is your portfolio. No matter how you sell products once you get approved but during the signup process, you can use whatever way to make sales, be it Google Adwords, Instagram ads, Instagram page or even Youtube.

3. What offers does ShareASale offer?

ShareASale offers a vast variety of products. No matter what your niche is, you’ll find products related to your niche.

4. How much does ShareASale cost?

As an affiliate it costs nothing. The signup process is free.

5. Does ShareASale offer a referral program?

Yes, ShareASale offers an affiliate program, once you start earning big you can suggest it to your friends and whenever they make a sale you’ll get a share.



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