Hair is the crowning glory of a human. But it becomes a huge cause of worry when we face hair thinning or hair loss and desperate person inside the men pushes them to even shave their head. Usually, our parents witnessed hair thinning and hair loss during mid 30’s and after 40’s. But now it has started shadowing on children from early 20’s.

So, if a person is facing extreme hair loss, is their something they can do about it? Let’s find out.

What to know about shave head

What is the reason for hair loss?

Before finding a solution of any problem, you need to understand the problem. Finding the root cause of the problem mostly presents you with the solution. Next step is to opt the solution and find the results whether it has been working or not, because it is not always likely that you reach the solution of a problem using a correct map.

Hair loss has very many reasons on its own. Some them may be:

  • Insufficient and unhealthy diet
  • Too much pressure and tension
  • Fast food
  • Lifestyle
  • Genes
  • Age
  • Health

Let’s discuss one by one. Today in a fast-moving life we are bound to have fixations and limitations. Fast moving life leads to fast pace solutions to the uprising problems which further leads to unhealthy standards and compromises. It is a cascading effect which rolls like a snowball, ending in shaving our scalp

Insufficient and unhealthy diet

Insufficient and unhealthy diet is the biggest factor that is fabricated by you yourself in marketing the doom of your hair quality within your body system. This is something you can always set right and get rid of one big factor of those receding hair lines.

You can find 10 superfoods for best hair growth here.

Too much pressure and tension

Too much pressure and tension lead to denaturing of protein in your follicles which leads to reduced strength of your hair. It has to be kept in mind that taking a lot of tension will not only affect your mind but your body too.

Tension is a physical quantity whose repercussion are also physical which are very well visible not only on your face and body but also your hair

Fast Food

Fast Food are the backseat culprits when it comes to hair. They meddle with your balanced diet and place obstacles in the course of the nourishment of your scalp. They have oxidants and free radicles which damage your hair.


Lifestyle here will also be counted as a separate factor because it has a lot to do with your mind and the bioavailability of whatever you consume. Consuming protein but in a horrible state will be of no use to your hair.


Genes are the biggest star in the entire fiasco. This factor can not be controlled by you. It is something you are born with and cannot be altered with any amount of resources and efforts. It is the reason people across the globe vary in colour, texture, shape, volume of hair.


Age is the end resulting of all the cascading early on. As you age, all of your hormones play their part and the resultant effort drives the direction of the look on your head.


Health is a factor because if you are dealing with any kind of disease, of which hair fall is a major symptom of, you have to take an altogether different approach.

Is there something you can do about it before shaving our scalp?

After you have figured out the problem of hair loss, you go through a map of dos and don’ts and reach a conclusion as to which part of my routine has to be altered in order to get those gorgeous hair strands popping out of each and every follicle present in your head, or as a matter of fact, the entire body.

If you find a disease that you know your hair fall is a symptom of, you obviously get a proper treatment corresponding to that disease. Age is also an inevitable factor. Genes are something you can do nothing about.

But diet, tension, lifestyle, these are something we have build it out of choice. You can harmonise your diet that suits your hair stamina and compliments to what your scalp falls short for. Tension and lifestyle are the cornerstone of the same pillar that hold on to the same roof you aspire for.

Some habits or rather I would say certain routines would go a long way, to practice home remedies on weekly basis, altogether enwrap your lifestyle for the productive good.

What happens when you shave your head?

Now comes the part where we contemplate the idea that is there an option to shave our head to help hair regrow thicker and denser. Does shaving the head actually has something to do with hair regrowth or is it just a widely popular myth.

There has been over more than a million researches done on the quality of hair, thousands of experiments done and papers written and not even one of them has linked the two mutually exclusive activities.

There is no scientific fact or study and no proof that suggests that there is any connection between shaving your head and quality parameter or growth parameters of the hair. So, what does it mean?

People have been doing the practice for long with absolutely no benefit and no visible effect. Well the answer is much more subjective than it is supposed to be.


When a person shaves his/her head, the entire scalp is much more exposed to environment which is not otherwise. This doesn’t explain a lot but in minute amount of cases it has just been noticed with absolutely no proof in hand, that the amount of vit D consumed within the exposed scalp through sun, has led to better results of its effect. Since Vit D is a vital nutrient for the hair, it is believed that the exposed scalp has made more account for the bioavailability of that nutrient in the name of hair.

Dandruff is also a major reason for hair fall. When you shave your head, it passively becomes a quick, effective and an easy way to get rid of all the dandruff currently present and reboot the process to take care of your scalp.

The hair is like a drop shape on the roots. It is thicker on the surface of the scalp than it is on the tips. After the shave, when your hair starts to regrow, it feels thick on the surface. Therefore gives an illusion of thicker hair.

Also, since we paint a reference picture in our mind where we just compare the current look with the previous look, along with the sense of belief that shaving help hair regrow, it all collectively gives a psychological satisfaction that our regrowth is increased and gives a feeling of denser hair.

Is it a good option to shave our head/scalp to regrow hair?

Since there are multiple causes for the losing of hair in a person, no single answer can justify the regrowth of hair. Also, there is no solid proof to state that it works to shave your head to have a better growth of hair.

There are lots of solution that are proven to solve the problem of dandruff. They are considered much better and effective than getting bald with lower chances of revival. Alterations in your diet are enough to provide sufficient amount of Vit D required for your hair to grow.

Lastly if you still have a bug in your mind and want to try it out, you can go shave your head as it has zero downside and is harmless. You can check whether it works for you or not and get your psychological satisfaction.


Hair loss is a deeply sensitive subject to the one who is suffering from the problem and relates to it. People get deeply disturbed with the problem which leads them to take steps which might not even work believing to the myths hoping there would be some kind of truth in it.

There are number of ways you can fight the problems that are in your control and if not helpful then one should learn to embrace the way he/she has been created by the nature.

To shave your head gives some passive understandable effects which might be able to help your hair grow better but our very own science failed to find any link between the two.

When all the steps taken will run its course and not much will be left in the wallet, shaving the head can be used as the last token left in the bag which might be able to give some kind of positive support.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can shaving head increase hair growth?

There is no scientific proof to support the theory. Shaving of head and hair growth are totally mutually exclusive to each other.

Should we shave our head?

Shaving isn’t a sure short answer to anything, but it is one of the easy and quick ways to get rid of most of our dandruff.

Does shaving your head gets rid of bacterial and fungal infection?

No. There is no link between the two. However, exposed scalp can give a better view and support for better analysis of any hidden disease.

Is shaving your head good?

Shaving of head is totally a personal choice to opt a kind of look and it is completely harmless.

Does shaving head leads to getting cold easier and headache?

Shaving of head does not take the roots off. And the size of hair has nothing to do with headache. But since air contact is easier on the bald, you might feel a little cold.



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