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9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship and Ways for Fixing it


A toxic relationship is a relationship in which the person is hurting you physically, mentally or emotionally. In this blog, I’ll discuss the Signs of a Toxic Relationship and Ways for Fixing it

What’s in it for me?

  1. Signs of a toxic relationship
  2. Ways to help you in a toxic relationship
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently asked questions

Signs of a toxic relationship

You’ve to become perfect for your partner

According to your partner, you should fit in the perfect image like perfect clothes, perfect behaviour, how do you communicate with your partner because of this you’ll not do the things which you find perfect. 

You’re becoming perfect for your partner only and not for yourself. You’ll be told what you should do and then only he/she will accept you. He/she will not accept you as who you are right now. In the starting, if you do what your partner is telling you to do to become perfect but in future, it will create major problems.

See if the other person is also changing for you or not. If you’ve some weaknesses then you can improve and not just for your partner that you’re improving. If one is improving and the other is enjoying then it’s a sign of a toxic relationship. Both should have equal input in the relationship. They both should try to improve their weaknesses. You should discuss with your partner to improve weaknesses and if he/she is not trying to improve then say bye forever to that person

No proper communication.

If you want to be in a long term relationship then it’s important to see how your partner is communicating with you. There are introvert people’s also who don’t talk much but you’ve to see if he/she is only talking less with you or with others also. 

If he/she is sharing every detail in deep with others and with you he/she is shy and trying to show off that he/she is shy and trying to hide things with you. If your partner is hiding things with you it means your partner is not trusting you then it’s a warning sign.

There is no encouragement of passions

Everyone has their life purpose. There is something that they like to do. They are passionate about their life. You’re in a relationship with a person and that person is not encouraging your passion. 

When you talk with that person about the things which you like do and he/she is not supporting you and because of this, you’re not growing in your life. Your growth has been stopped, you’re not making any progress in life so this is also a sign because you’re not getting any support for your life purpose

You’re always being criticized

Nobody is perfect in a relationship. No one till now is 100% perfect. All have some flaws but sometimes whenever we are involved in a close way then these imperfections look big and we blame the person, criticize them. 

If we are facing difficulties in accepting the flaws or the person is making you feel worthless and you’re feeling de-valued so that person is very critical so this is a very important sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. 

Nothing being returned to you

Your self-love is beginning to decrease and you’re feeling worthless or rejected so that relationship is going in a wrong track If you’re giving up everything to help your partner and nothing is being returned to you then you must leave. You should move on and not to text or call that person.

Learn to be comfortable with yourself. If you’re not leaving a toxic relationship then it will damage your mental, health, social health and emotional health. So try to leave from this toxic relationship as soon as possible.

Once you realize your relationship is toxic and that person is hurting you then you’re allowed to walk away from that person. Just because you truly love that person doesn’t mean that you should stay in a relationship, see if anything is being returned to you or not. 

There are many other persons out there for you but you’re only putting your efforts in that person from which nothing is being returned to you, so tell your partner that you’re ending this relationship

If the relationship doesn’t motivate you.

You always get stressed in the relationship. In a good relationship, both will motivate each other in their respective career paths. If you’re motivated then you’re in a good relationship otherwise you’re in a bad relationship

Difference in social and mental status

Social status and mental status should be the same. If one is highly intelligent and other is not then the relationship won’t work. Because of the difference in social status, it will create misunderstanding between each other. 

The one with high social status will always talk about big things and will live a healthy lifestyle but the one with low social status won’t touch that status of a high-status person so this relationship also won’t last in which there’s a difference in the social level or mental level.

No emotional support and only emotional blackmailing.

By emotionally blackmailing like if you don’t do this then I’ll leave you. In this case, also the relationship will suffer and it will create many problems. The relationship in which emotional blackmailing is there then there is no future in this relationship. If you won’t leave in this type of relationship then it will create big problems. The faster you come out in this relationship the better it will be for you

Time pass

You’re only in a relationship for time pass and showing off to your friends and others. You’re in a one-sided relationship in which the other person is not interested in you, only you’re interested. This relationship will make you sad in future so stay away from this type of relationship. 

It’s not necessary that a beautiful present will make a beautiful future but calculating present will make future beautiful.

Ways to help you in a toxic relationship

Toxic people thrive on control. And they exercise this kind of obsessive control by oppression and criticism. Toxic people also have a way of choosing kind, generous people with an open heart. Because these are the ones who are least likely to abandon the relationship.

Even the strongest among us can find ourselves in a toxic relationship. But the longer you stay in such a destructive relationship. The more you are likely to become less confident. And the more wounded version of the person, you used to be. So, if you find that you are in such a destructive relationship. Please take heart, you can overcome it. Here are a few ways that’ll help you. 

Self introspect

The first way is to self introspect and ask yourself. What is it that is keeping you in this relationship? Is it love or is it a habit? Are you scared and lonely? And you feel that this relationship is the only way that you can get attention But obviously, you’re looking at the wrong place. Relationships are meant to make us feel complete and not deflated. 

Gather Courage

Secondly, once you have done the self-introspection, It’s time to gather the courage and let your partner know that this relationship is over. As far as possible, a state in objective terms How this relationship is affecting you rather than blame your partner. Be strong in your conviction. But also be prepared that you may feel drawn back to the relationship

By the way, your partner responds He or she may even try to make you feel guilty. But know that you have come to this decision after a lot of soul searching and introspection. 

Reach out to your true friends and family

Thirdly, after you leave someone. You may start to miss him or her, and that is normal. You may miss the feeling of being desired and wanted. And think about all the intimate moments that you have to spend together. Instead of being a part of your life. These moments had become your whole life. 

You had forgotten how to live for yourself. Reach out to your true friends and family who love you and want to help you. please don’t feel that you need to jump into another relationship right away. 

To feel worthy People who have been in a toxic relationship. Often continue the same pattern in all their future relationships So unless you want to continue in this same pattern.

Work on yourself

You need to work on yourself. Stop looking for someone out there to give your life meaning. Engage in activities that you love to do or you always wanted to do. Do something, do anything. Just get the energy moving. Very soon, you will find that you have found your true inner calling, That will finally pluck the hole in your heart. 

Getting over the initial phase after leaving someone is the most difficult part. But once you’re through this phase life becomes so much easier Let this experience make you a stronger and a kinder person. The pain will not last forever. It’s better that you work through the pain rather than try to avoid it. In which case, you limit the chances of the pain coming back later to haunt you.

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself. That you’ll never let anyone treat you so badly again. Because you deserve so much better.

Finally, having moved on. Please don’t keep tabs on your ex. Mostly breakup happens because the relationship is toxic. Flow with life and don’t look back A beautiful future awaits you. Full of love and grace. 


Choosing a wrong partner puts you in a toxic relationship but there are some ways that will help you in a toxic relationship as I have discussed in the blog.

Try to work on yourself and keep yourself busy by engaging in different activities and also try to cut off all forms of contact with that person so it will be easier for you to move on from a toxic relationship.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can a toxic relationship ever get better?

Yes, it can, but it is highly unlikely. Most of the toxic relationship break apart but in order to get better both partner have to make efforts

2. How to leave a toxic relationship?

Don’t engage with the person. Cut off all forms of contact with that person. You’ve to take a step right now, the more you’ll stay in a toxic relationship the more you’ll get hurt

3. Why leaving a toxic relationship is hard?

If the relationship is truly toxic relationship then that person won’t let you go easily. He/she will text you or call you multiple times if you don’t answer so block them immediately

4. What a toxic relationship does to you?

A toxic relationship will hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally

5. What is a toxic person

A toxic person is the one who is unsupportive and will doubt you



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