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12 Signs You’re in a One-Sided Love and How To Get Over It?


Are you in a one-sided love and would like to know how to get over it? In this blog, I’ll discuss the signs of one sided love and some ways to get over it.

When we fall in love with a person and that person don’t love you or you’re in doubt whether that person love me or not so this is called one-sided love

What’s in it for me?

  1. Signs of one-sided love
  2. Things to do in one-sided love
  3. One-sided love: How to get over One-sided love
  4. Dealing with one-sided love: How to handle rejection
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently asked questions

Signs of one-sided love

1. Efforts

You’re only putting efforts to talk with them, to meet them but from the other side, there is no effort they’re putting for you to talk with you or anything.

2. Not caring

Your lover is not caring for you. They don’t care about you what’s going on in your life. Your lover doesn’t know that you love them and they don’t have any feelings for you so why will they care for you. They are busy in their life

3. Don’t spend time

They don’t like to take time for you or they don’t spend time with you. For example, if you’re in school/college or office and you like to spend time with you lover but they will not take time and spend time with you so it shows that they don’t love you and so it’s a sign of a one-sided love


For any work like academics, job or anything, you trust them that they will do your work and you think that they can’t do anything bad with you but they break your trust and doesn’t do your work

 5. Incomplete communication

Many communications with them remain incomplete because they don’t have any feelings for you. You’ve feelings so you’ll like to talk with them, communicate with them and make bonding with them but the communication remains incomplete as they are busy or they go out with their friends.

6. Different social life

Both have a different social life so it’s also a sign of one sided love as you and lover’s social life don’t meet

7. You love her/him

Rather than making use of them, you love her/him. Mostly we trapped in this attraction and we thought of use and throw, you’ll spend some time with them and will complete your physical needs and you’ll leave them but you don’t have a feeling like this, you only think about love so this shows that you’re in a One-sided love

8. Never like bad habits

You don’t like any bad habits about your partner, it only makes you feel sad. They have any bad habits and if they do this in front of you then you don’t like this and you think that this is wrong, they don’t have to do this or they should quit this habit but you don’t tell them about this so it makes you hurt. You’ve feelings that you’ll change bad habits of your lover after coming in a relationship so it confirms that you’re in love

9.Not with your friends

They will like to spend time with their friends more than your friends. They don’t have any bonding with you so why would they spend time with your friends. If they love you then, of course, they’ll spend time with your friends but it’s not that case

10. Spend more money

You always spend money for them like in the restaurant, canteen or in any case. You love them so you’ll always pay money for them

11. Love doubt

You’ve doubt whether that person loves you or not and you try to check that they have feelings for you or not. In some case, you’ll get friend zone in a one sided love

12. Apologize

As you don’t want to hurt them so you quickly apologize for your mistakes whether it’s a small mistake or big

Things to do in one-sided love

1. Be friends

Become friends with your lover rather than just staying in a one-sided relationship. By becoming friends with them you’ll get to know them very well and understand them better

2. Express love soon

In a one-sided love, express your love for them as soon as possible so that you’ll get to know whether that person also loves you or not

3. No dreams

One-sided love is very dangerous and soon will make you depressed. So don’t dream in one sided love. Don’t create any virtual world in your head.

4. Don’t force him/her

Love is not a forceful thing. When you get to know that your lover doesn’t love you back or they are in any relationship then don’t force them to love you back. By forcing them then it will create many problems so it’s better to end the one sided love.

5. Be optimistic

Become optimistic in one-sided love. When your lover tells you that he/she don’t love you but still you’ve hope that in future they will fall in love with you. So try to get out of this and find another person.

One-sided love: How to get over One-sided love

You’re really crushing on someone and they just don’t feel the same way I know it can be dreadfully painful. 

One-sided love triggers the feeling of rejection and when we get into that feeling of rejection we take something really personally you’ve got to stop taking this personally when we like someone we’re crushing on someone we love someone we put them up on this pedestal and all of a sudden we make their opinion of us more important than our own opinion of us please get them off of that pedestal, please do not make their opinion determine your Worth and value.

You’ve not been rejected stop taking this personally. You trust that maybe this person wasn’t the best for you you’ve not been rejected so get out of that mindset and second of all you really never know why someone isn’t choosing you they may have their own emotional blocked up they may have standards and expectations that you don’t fit into and they’re just more in their head and not opening their heart or maybe and here’s just a blunt truth they’re just not that into you and not everybody’s going to be into you. 

You are not into everybody, imagine if the entire world was into you that would be overwhelming. you’re not lovable doesn’t mean you’re not likeable because unrequited feelings of love and life can also show up in friendship you may really want to be friends with someone and you don’t feel like they’re choosing you to belong in their circle that’s a great go find your tribe find the people that do accept you that are into you 

Dealing with one-sided love: How to handle rejection

Love is blind we all know. But if we fall in love with the wrong person at the wrong time then it will be going to hurt. Most of the people at some point in their life fall in one-sided love and it can’t be controlled. It’s our natural instinct to find a potential partner. Social media and movies have overhyped love. 

When our feelings increases then it’s difficult to control, all the time we think about that person, stalking their social media accounts. One-sided love is only good when it’s healthy. When there’s no expectation then one sided love is the most beautiful thing in the world. The problem occurs when you need them badly but they reject you. 

Don’t try to change yourself because of them. You are who you are and they are who they are. They are not extraordinary that you put your goals aside and only focusing on them. They are just a normal human being like you. If you want to get out of this one-sided love then the first step is acceptance. A no means no, don’t try to please them. 

If you’ll move on then you’ll realise that they are not the only one you’ll love. Self-love is the ultimate solution. The more you’ll take care of yourself, the lesser you’ll think about that person who doesn’t care about you. Focus on your goals, You are meant for much bigger dreams


One sided love is that love in which we are giving 100% but there’s no return from the other person but still you love them and as time passes by our love increases, the love is real. Love is always one sided, if there’s love from both side then it’s luck. Real love is one-sided

Frequently asked questions

1. Can one-sided love be true love?

Yes, one sided love is true and real

2. Is one sided love painful?

Our expectations hurt us. If you love them without expecting anything in return then it’s never going to be painful

3. How does one sided love kill you slowly

One sided love kill you slowly when the person you love starts liking other people

4. Can one sided love last forever?

Yes it will last forever if the love is true and real

5. Can a relationship work if only one person is in love?

No it’s not possible because the other person is not interested in you as the love is one sided



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